The Work of Serge Belamant

A native of France, Serge Belamant has been making an impact on the business world for quite some time. Belamant has more than three decades of experience in engineering and technology. Belamant and his family moved to South Africa during his teenage years. The experience changed his life and put him an track to become an extraordinary business man.

Serge Belamant attended Highlands North High School for boys. It was during this time that Belamant was exposed to a new world. He was able to learn to speak and write English. He became active in a variety of activities which include Rugby, chess and athletics. He was so good at chess he represented Southern Transvaal several times finishing as high as 6th in the South African Chess Championships. Soon after high school Serge Belamant made his way to college. He attended Witwatersrand University where he studied a variety of subjects which include engineering, computer science and math.

With his training at Witwatersrand, Belamant was now prepared for the business world. Immediately after college he joined an engineering firm called Matrix. This large civil engineering company gave Belamant the opportunity to work with a variety of computers and develop a number of computer applications. Later Belamant worked with CSIR where he was the head of the computer section of the PWV. Serge Belamant was the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at Net 1 UEPS Technologies, Inc. His experience includes more than thirty years working in security, artificial intelligence and transaction processing systems. He has a number of patents on inventions that he has created. This list of patents includes tools for verifying a a transactor’s identity, financial transactions that require a pin, secure financial transactions. Belamant’s inventions have impacted the financial world in a powerful way. Despite a long career in the industry he appears set for even more impactful moments in the years to come.

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The Life of Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger graduated from Southern Methodist University with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in business, with a focus on finance and marketing. After college, he mainly centered his attention on the oil and gas industry and as he gained more experience in the field, he was able to take on top executive positions within those companies that he went into. For instance, from 1986 to 1993, he worked for several Texas companies, like Gulf Coast Western, which was a company that his father had founded. During his time in Gulf Coast Western, he served as the CEO and the President and Director for this company. Through his experiences with running these companies, he was able to gain the skills and knowledge that he needed to start his own company, MedSolutions Inc.

MedSolutions Inc. was essentially a holding company that focused on transportation, disposal, and waste management as it relates to the healthcare industry. Through Fleeger’s management, the company grew to become a regional leader in the space and he became the CEO, President, and Chairman of his company from 1993 to 2007. Because of the company’s growth under Fleeger’s leadership, Stericycle Inc. eventually bought MedSolutions Inc. from Fleeger for about $59 million. This essentially showed Fleeger’s competence when it comes to running and growing a successful business and it solidified his skills as a CEO and Chairman of the company.

After the deal with Stericycle Inc, Matthew Fleeger went back to becoming the CEO and the President of Gulf Coast Western and he formally went back to the oil and gas industry. Through Fleeger’s leadership and knowledge about mergers, partnerships, and running a successful company, Gulf Coast Western would be able to continue to grow and possibly become one of the key players in the oil and gas industry. Additionally, Fleeger had also been involved in the tanning industry, where he was able to raise the revenue of two companies, Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan, to about $100 million. The successes that these companies took on essentially reflected how adept and skilled Fleeger really was when it comes to running a business.

Matt Badiali: The Investing Geologist

There are many financialists out there, using their knowledge to be successful in the investment industry, including Matt Badiali. What makes Matt unique to most other financial advisors out there is that he actually has a background in Geology, not finances. His degree in college was in Geology and he actually spent many years traveling the world to see various geological locations. One of the biggest interests for Matt Badiali was natural recourses and commodities. According to Matt, his background in Geology is why he is such a great investment when it comes to the natural recourses market. Understanding how these recourses are used around the world and their rate of exchange in different markets go a long way in making profitable investment decisions.

Even though Matt Badiali specializes in natural recourses and agricultural commodities, he is always on the lookout for good, safe investments that can be profitable not only to him but his readers. With the market for electric power on the rise, Matt Badiali is always uring investors to start getting involved and paying attention to it now. One day, electric power will inevitably surpass the traditional sources of power, including most natural recourses.

Matt Badiali has been helping others when it comes to freedom checks as well, trying to put the word out there that they are a convenient way of adding to one’s monthly revenue. Not too long ago, Matt also shared a video that was in response to the various people saying that freedom checks are scams, proving they are indeed a legit way to invest and make money. Every single investment that goes into the industry helps the natural recourses market expand, which in turn makes freedom checks more profitable and safe to invest in. Freedom checks are backed by Master Limited Partnerships, which is basically companies in the gas and oil industry. Only if the company in question portions off revenue to their investors can they be considered to be apart of Master Limited Partnerships and offer freedom checks.

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Leadership Style Is All About Simple Changes

Every team needs a leader. A leader keeps a team together and works to the best of his ability to approach a goal collectively. A leader is someone who has to possess empathy and intelligence because these two characteristics complement each other, and makes a great leader. Effectively managing a team requires even greater skill.


Take it from Paul Saunders, the founder, chairman and Chief Executive Officer of James River Capital Corp and other affiliated companies. He was the Director of Managed Accounts and Commodity Funds for Kidder, Peabody and Co. Due to his passion and leadership qualities, he became the President of KP Futures Management Corp. in 1986, which was an alternative investment department for Kidder, Peabody and Co. A leader is someone who seizes a potential opportunity and in 1995, the efforts of Paul Sanders and Kevin Brandt acquired the business from for Kidder, Peabody and Co. and James River Capital Corp. became an independent investment firm. Paul Saunders has held his position ever since.


To hold a leadership position for so long, it takes effort and simple methods to lead your team. Many studies have been conducted by companies to figure out the best leadership strategies. According to research, just small and simple changes can help to improve your leadership style. Learn more:


Give All The Support You Can


The leaders at Facebook believe it’s important to “support” your team instead of “leading” them. Giving orders and waiting for them to be followed is a recipe for disaster. It critical to make this mentality shift, support is what needed by the team and it will automatically change your way of approach to interact. The one-word switch from lead to support will change your perception of yourself as a leader and these small changes can make a great impact.


All Opinions And Ideas Are Important


Team members often hold themselves back, this is where a leader should step in and make sure it doesn’t happen. A good way is to ensure that everyone at team meetings gets a chance to express their opinions and ideas. A great way to bring this into practice is to have a list of names with all the members who are attending. The next step would be to mark those who passionately and consistently participate. It will help you analyze the members who are more quitter and gradually ask for their input. The key is to not to be pushy because you don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable, the idea is to make all members feel their opinions are equally wanted and valued.


Be Encouraging and Be Open To Growth


Based on the results of recent studies, 85% of the employees tend to withhold important feedback and information from their employees in fear of getting in trouble by coming up with an issue. Employees eventually choose not to do it and this because of the lack of transparent and open communication. This leaves little to no room for collaboration, engagement, and innovation with your employees. A leader should be approachable and accessible for everyone. Google through research has discovered the importance of “psychological safety” which needs to be created by the leaders for their employees. It will guarantee that employees won’t be afraid to come to you with a problem, challenges they might be facing and even improvements they want to suggest. All a leader needs to do to create “psychological safety” is by always having a welcoming and encouraging and appreciative response.

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OSI Food Solution Has Been Running Off An Impressive List Of Accomplishments The Past Two Years:

OSI Food Solutions currently sits in the position of being one of the world’s most successful and internationally successful food processing and distribution firms. The company has been steadily building over the course of more than one-hundred years and has become increasingly prosperous in its fortunes since the 1970s when the company began major growth globally. Though OSI has been steadily growing its business role model since that time, the last couple of years have been noteworthy in their own right in terms of successes that OSI Food Solutions has achieved. The company has seen some truly significant growth since 2016 and has also achieved some impressive awards along the way during that span of time. All of these reasons clearly demonstrate why OSI is one of the one-hundred top food firms in the USA.

In terms of impressive awards that have been won, OSI Food Solutions has won the 2016 Globe of Honour which is a particularly noteworthy accomplishment for the food processing giant. This award signifies a firm’s commitment to environmental sustainability and is presented by an organization known as the British Safety Council.OSI Food Solutions pulled off an impressive accomplishment in its Spanish operation. The company was able to improve the working infrastructure in the Toledo plant and this upgrade has seen the company doubled its chicken production in that location.This is a significant business accomplishment due to the fact that the region’s demand for chicken was dramatically increasing on a yearly basis and this move assures the fact that OSI will be able to meet this demand.

Acquisitions have also come to be symbolic of the success of OSI Food Solutions has accomplished these last two years. The company acquired the old Tyson plant in the area of Chicago, Illinois during the 2016 calendar year which was a great thing for processing strengths in that region. The dual acquisitions of Baho Food and Flagship Europe in the European market was another impressive set of accomplishments that OSI has made a reality during the 2016 campaign. The former is based out of the Netherlands and the latter out of the U.K. Both are the business ideal fits for the kind of business that OSI does.


The Damac Properties Boss, Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani’s entrepreneurial career started pretty early in his life. Growing up, the Damac owner spent his after school time with at the family’s business. This early exposure to the dynamics of the business world would later play s very crucial part in developing his career in business. The experience at the family business, selling watches and other imports from China, Hussain Sajwani realized his risk-taking approach which is quite important for any entrepreneur. He was granted a government scholarship which sent him to study in the United States by the government of the United Arab Emirates. While pursuing his studies there, Mr. Sajwani made money by participating in the real estate business, selling Timeshare Apartments. Mr. Sajwani acquired a bachelor’s degree in economics and industrial engineering from the University of Washington. After school, Sajwani spent his time gaining more experience while helping others succeed. He worked in finance for a large company for two years, an experience that was valuable since he was involved in the daily financial transactions of the business. Not long after that, he realized that he would make more money from his own business ideas.

The next step that real estate entrepreneur Hussain Sajwani took was in 1982 when he opened his first business. The catering business grew rapidly and became a market leader serving over 150000 meals and managing over 200 projects in a day. Though the business was lucrative, catering a bigger market comprising of the middle east, commonwealth independent states and Africa, Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) realized how profitable and fast-paced the real estate market was and wanted to a part of it. He started the DAMAC properties to grab the real estate opportunity. The company started small with projects like developing small hotels. The DAMAC owner was inspired by the forward thinking of the UAE’s founding fathers.

It has not all been fun and games for the Damac owner. One of the biggest risky moves that he had to make was making Damac Properties public. The decision required the restructuring of the entire business in order to be in line with the financial requirement and regulations. In the fifteen years of service, the Damac owner has developed the most powerful team of leaders as well as a network of powerful business people.

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Waiakea Water: The Latest Star on Your Hawaiian Agenda

Bottled water has taken over the water drinking habits of many people. That also includes bottled water that is merely filtered tap water. It is difficult to understand the reason for paying for bottled tap water rather than filling up your personal go-cup from your tap at home.

Waiakea water is very different This water is Hawaiian volcanic water. It is naturally filtered through thousands of feet of porous volcanic lava. The Muana Loa Volcano is a pure natural source of this pleasant tasting water. The Waiakea water ph is 7, which is much lower than many of the brands on the grocery shelves which range from 7.6-8.2. Volcanic water also adds some essential minerals to its content. These include magnesium, calcium, potassium and silica. The essential elements in the water can lead to healthier hair, nails and skin as well as a stronger bone structure.

The company brand includes many other features. As well as healthy water the company prides itself and having a very low carbon footprint. They have developed a rapidly degrading plastic bottle using recycled plastic. These bottles will deteriorate 98% faster than your average plastic bottle

The company has been the recipients of rewards to socially responsible companies as well as feature stories due to their involvement in charities and their social platform. For every gallon of Waiakea water sold, clean water and sanitation projects are put in place in both the impoverished areas of Hawaii as well as Africa and other countries around the world. This is so much more than just a bottle of water that may not be more than filtered citay water.

A company that has been branded as not just for profit, but also to aid communities to access clean drinking water is remarkable. Leaving a small carbon footprint by packaging in renewable plastics and environmental friendly materials has gathered the interest of not just the public consumer but also the business world,

The pure source of Waiakea Water has a healthier composition, goes through a natural purification process and is a company that cares about the future.

What Factors Can OSI Group Attribute To Its Century Of Success?

The last century has seen OSI group morph from a butcher shop in downtown Chicago to one of the most revered food processing and distribution company in the world. During this time, the meat company overcame numerous challenges that threatened the progress and sustainability of its brand. The company CEO and Chairman, Sheldon Lavin, attributes this to several operational attributes that the company has continued to cherish and live by. These include:

Dedication to customers

A few factors have remained steadfast in OSI operations since its establishment and topping them all is the company’s unwavering dedication to its customers. The meat processor values its customers and always strives towards improving the quality of their products. Even after the change of ownership and management with Sheldon Lavin take over, he worked towards cultivating and further strengthening this dedication and commitment to the provision of superior quality products that exceed customer expectations.

Read more: OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago

Continued innovation

Adapting to technological changes and use of redundant factory systems remained one of the biggest challenges facing the OSI group. It not only played a role when the meat process lost a meat supply deal with McDonald’s but it pushed the operating costs up, eating into would be profits. It explains why Sheldon made modernization of the company through the adoption of advanced factory systems a top priority after taking over the company leadership. This has played a huge role in turning around OSI group fortunes.

Able leadership

OSI group recently featured on the list of top food processing and distribution companies around the world. It also ranked highly on Forbes list of top 100 companies in the United States. The company’s UK branch has also been honored with the prestigious Globe of Honor award from the British Council severally in appreciation to its environmental conservation efforts. These fetes and commendations have only been made possible by the able company leadership under the stewardship of the current OSI Group chair and CEO Sheldon Lavin.

Bottom line

In the face of challenges, OSI has always leaned on the continued innovation, dedication to customers, and able leadership for an anchor. These all-important pillars can, therefore, be said to have played a key role in not only pushing the company agenda and vision forward but also contributing to a century of success in the meat industry.

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What ‘End Citizens United’ is all about

There has been much legislation written and then snuck right by us. These things are often deceptively named so that ‘we the people’ have no idea what is really going on behind the guise of helpful legislation.

This is one reason you should care about what End Citizens United is doing. The legislation, in this case, gives corporations the same rights as a person. This helped make it unlawful to put the public interests before those of your stockholders. Follow the organization on Twitter.

End Citizens United is helping to bring this travesty to the forefront and elect people to facilitate righting this wrong.

As defined by ‘Politifact’ “End Citizens United is a Democratic political action committee that supports a constitutional amendment to nullify the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision”

In USAToday’s section ‘on politics’ article titled “Democratic PAC End Citizens United names ‘Big Money 20’ targets for 2018”

They published the names that the PAC calls the ‘Big 20’ These are politicians who End Citizens United claims represent special interests and not the people they were elected to ad locate for. These names are as follows:

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas

Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada

House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin

Rep. Mike Bishop of Michigan

Rep. Rod Blum of Iowa

Rep. Mike Bost of Illinois

Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado

Rep. Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania

Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen of New Jersey

Rep. Duncan Hunter of California

Rep. Will Hurd of Texas

Rep. Darrell Issa of California

Rep. Tom MacArthur of New Jersey

Rep Pat Meehan of Pennsylvania

Rep. Erik Paulsen of Minnesota

Rep. Rob Pittenger of North Carolina

Rep. Dana Rohrbacher of California

Rep. Peter Roskam of Illinois

Rep. Claudia Tenney of New York

Rep. Mimi Walters of California

Support this group as they are looking out for us. Putting corporations ahead of people and human rights need to go. That’s what End Citizen’s United is all about.

Ultimately putting corporations, legal entities ahead of individual humans strikes right at out right to pursue happiness. This group is working to fix this very important issue.



Contributions of Matt Badiali in Mining Sector

Matthew Badiali is currently working as a senior analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing. Matt is a talented geologist who also has various skills in writing, research, business analysis, marketing, finance and also public speaking. His passion and enthusiasm for creating new things have always guided Matthew Badiali in coming up with ideas that have assisted several investors especially those working in the mining industry. He has also worked as a geologist and analyst for Stansberry and Associates for more than a decade. While working at Stansberry Company, he was able to create the Stansberry Resource Report which is one of the most popular natural resource investment publications in the world. The report was focused on finding all the ideas that can earn more profits for investors in the natural resource sector.

Important Concepts of Matt Badiali in the Mining Sector

Through his career, Matt has traveled to several parts of the world. Most of the countries that Matt has visited are those that are rich in natural resources. According to Matt , you can only be sure about the activities going on in a mining site you invest in by being there in person. Matt has a bachelor’s degree in earth science that he attained from the Penn State University. After graduating from the Penn State University, he joined the Florida Atlantic University where he graduated with Master of Science in geology. After attaining his master’s he spends over four years at the University of North Carolina while he was wo9rkimng towards getting his Ph.D. until 2004 when he introduced to finance by a friend. Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Are Real After All.

Since his friend had a Ph.D. in finance and he wanted to develop methods of helping young investors to make superior profits. That is when Matt Badiali joined him in order to place input through all the knowledge he had in science. This also worked perfectly for Matt Badiali has a passion for creating new ideas and working towards making them real. Over the years that Matt Badiali has worked in the mining sector and Banyan Publishing, he has been able to assist several investors.

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