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  • With a comprehensive approach to his style of music it is resoundingly clear that music has been his personal journey toward self discovery. A melodic oasis of sorts which saw him define his style outside of his family and mainstream fetishism, the result of which is a sound and style like none ever before heard or experienced.

    Candid about the obstacles faced on his journey toward self and music, Gomes shares that these are but moments in his life which have since earned him the accolades he has been adorned with by both his peers and audience.

    A sonic absorption of energy from the townships of Pretoria to night clubs in Paris, Gomes emphasises that the one and only relatable language spoken in these spaces is music. Familiar with early mornings and late nights, personal sacrifices have seen him carve sketches of his legacy. Unlike many mainstream dj’s and producers, his nouveau and eclectic sound is both effervescent in its contemporary relevance and ageless despite his youth. Here is an artist intent on discovering the ingredients for the perfect serving of wholesome music, the result, a timeless flavour to coax and flirt with our musical palates.

    Sensual, freeing, colourful, new, euphoric, trance inducing, these are the nuances to the sound that Julian Gomes has introduced the world to.

    He was told to be different, and different is what he was.



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