Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management’s Partnership Agreement

Timothy Armour was named Chairman of Capital Group in July. In Capital Group’s 85-year history they have acquired a reputation for sticking to the traditional security selections and the avoidance of products that lead away from that strategy, which means that they do not deal in indexing or exchange-traded funds.

This is a multi-manager system that takes each fund’s assets and divides them among numerous investors who pick stocks or bond by doing their own research.

On October 14, Capital Group signed an agreement with Samsung Asset Management in Seoul, Korea to develop products for the Korean investors. They plan on offering Samsung a version of their 42-year-old New Perspective fund in Asia. They will also open three other global strategies that are already in existence to the Asian investors in the future.

This agreement will facilitate a $1billion expansion that will include the cost of sales and marketing, the building of a technological infrastructure that will support the growth. The long term goal is to more than double the assets in Asia and Europe, that will lead to managing $50 billion in each of the regions.

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Samsung’s CEO Sun-hoon Koo believes that the partnership will pave the way for his company to be able to upgrade their active equity investments and to implement life-cycle assets any for product strategies.

In a news release, Timothy Armour said that the broader plan for this venture is to co-design investment solutions that will fulfill the savings and retirement, along with the insurance linked needs of the Korean investors.

It seems that China was one of the to catalysis, and maybe the most significant to the selloff, with their unexpected decision to devaluate their currency, which was a shock to financial markets. Now the countries of Australia, Hong Kong, and Japan along with Europe have to deal with the potential decline in their export activity. Tim Armour believes that this market correction was not unexpected. Having periodic corrections is healthy for the market since it removes pockets of excess.

Timothy Armour graduated from Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont with a bachelor’s degree in economics. He then joined the Capital Group in 1983 and has been with then for 33 years. At the start of his career with them, he covered global telecommunications, then became an equity investment analyst, working in their Associates Program. Timothy Armour is now the Chairman, Director and Principal Executive Officer at Capital Research and Management Company where his job is Equity Portfolio Manager and their Chairman.

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Norman Pattiz: The King Of Radio And Podcasts

Norman Pattiz is an entrepreneur and a businessman with vast experience in the broadcasting industry. He is noted for starting Westwood One. This is a radio broadcasting network. He began it in 1976 and grew it to become one of the largest distributors and producers of radio programs in the nation. The company had nearly 8,000 stations under its wing at its peak including CNN Radio, CBS News, and NBC radio networks. It is the largest provider of traffic reports in the US through its subsidiaries today. Pattiz launched the Americas Arabic Language radio and television broadcasts in the Middle East. The broadcasting is present in all the countries in the Middle East. Its Farsi-language broadcast in Iran has more than 30 million listeners each week.


Pattiz was appointed by President Bush and President Clinton as a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors due to his experience in the broadcasting industry. The board is responsible for the non-military broadcasting services of the US such as Radio Free Europe and VOA. Pattiz is a member of the Board of Regents at the University of California and the Chairman of the Board of Governors of Los Alamos National Security. Pattiz is an ardent Lakers fan and has been a season ticket holder of the team for the past three decades. His long career in radio broadcasting led to his induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. He was also awarded the Giant of Broadcasting Award by the Library of American Broadcasting.


Pattiz started Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. This is a company that funds programs for broadcast TV and online distribution. He is currently the Chairman of the enterprise. PodcastOne Sales handles the company’s sales. It also has a digital audio content division known as PodcastOne. Many of the top podcasts today are hosted by PodcastOne including Neil Strauss, Steve Austin, and Shaquille O’Neal.


Norman Pattiz announced that a new podcast would be airing on Chris Jericho’s podcast network which is under PodcastOne. The new podcast is known as “Beyond the Darkness.” It will be about everything that revolves around the paranormal including aliens, demons, monsters, miracles, and ghosts. The show will be hosted by Dave Schrader who is an author and Tim Dennis who is both a radio host and producer.


Norman praised Jericho (the WWE star) for his work in the podcasting industry and how he had managed to grow his network beyond wrestling. Jericho’s network has expanded to include comedy and the paranormal as the recent addition. Jericho said that he was excited to announce the new podcast. He acknowledges the hosts as the best in paranormal broadcasting. Jericho added that he knows the fans will get a good show and that the show is destined for success.

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Human Rights Foundation Founder Thor Halvorssen Brings His Skills to Many Different Campaigns

Thor Halvorssen has spent a large amount of his adult life campaigning for the rights of others around the world who are not permitted to live a free and democratic life. Born in Venezuela into an important political family, Thor initially became involved with Amnesty International when his own father was illegally imprisoned in his native Venezuela for 74 days; Thor has not limited his activism career to campaigns he has a personal interest in, but has instead looked to develop campaigns that will have the biggest effect on as many people as possible.11)

After working with Amnesty International to head the campaign that secured the freedom of his father, Thor Halvorssen began working to help as many people as he could in being awarded their basic human rights. Halvorssen came to the attention of the public and his fellow human rights activists when he staged a protest during a shareholder meeting for Lucent Technologies, a company Thor and his fellow protestors believed were using Chinese slave labor to produce their range of products.

In his work in the human rights field Thor worked with many of the world’s best known activism groups, such as the Foundation for Human Rights In Education in a bid to make an impact on the lives of the majority of people in the world. Thor has praised the work completed by many of the world’s top groups and also been critical of a growing focus on human rights in democratic countries, which he believes allows his own Human Rights Foundation to work on abuses committed in closed societies around the world. Pointing to the work completed by human rights groups in the U.S. and western Europe into conditions in prison systems Thor explains this is important research that must be completed; however, Thor also believes the plight of people in closed societies, such as North Korea should be the focus of the majority of human rights activists around the world. Halvorssen keeps the pressure on tyrants around the world by working with dissidents crossing closed borders to bring news both in and out of countries across the globe.


These Common Mistakes May Be Damaging Out Your Hair

Dry and damaged hair is every woman’s worst nightmare. Damaged hair that is deprived of moisture looks dull and can be quite uncooperative when it comes to styling. For some women, no matter how often they condition their hair, they can’t seem to achieve the soft and silky hair of their dreams.

There are many reasons for dry and damaged hair, from too much exposure to heat to harsh shampoo ingredients. Below, we’ve listed some of the common causes for dry hair of which many women are unknowingly guilty.

  1. Sun Damage

When you are getting ready to soak up some sun, you most likely apply sunblock to your skin. Your hair requires the same protection as too much sun exposure can damage your hair and scalp. Therefore, it’s important that if you plan on getting in some sunbathing this summer, you must wear a hat that protects your hair from the damaging rays.

  1. Aggressive Towel Drying

Many women rigorously rub a bath towel on their hair after washing it in the shower. The problem is that the material from which most bath towels are made is too harsh on your hair and the friction can lead to serious breakage. Next time, try wrapping it in a t-shirt.

  1. Using The Wrong Shampoo

Many popular shampoo brands can severely dry out your hair. Sodium lauryl sulfate, the leading ingredient in many common shampoos, strips your hair of its natural protective oils that keep it soft.

Instead, switch to a cleansing conditioner like the 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner by WEN. Wen’s Cleansing Conditioner uses natural ingredients which don’t strip your hair of its natural oils.

Wen’s Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean ( is gentle on hair and cleans it thoroughly while conditioning it at the same time. Hair that was dry and damaged will become silky and manageable after one week of use. The products are available on Amazon.

If your hair is dry and dull, consider the possibility that one of these habits listed above is the culprit so that you can change your habits and once again have beautiful, soft and shiny hair. More hair care tips available on website and the Wen Facebook page.


Inaccuracies With Global Tel-Link Initiates Free Calling Features

Securus Technologies is an inmate communications network provider that regulates, monitors, and provides technical support to other provider’s. They work closely with the Public Utility Commission to ensure that integrity and state mandated regulations are met. More recently, PRN Newswire reported inaccuracies that were associated with Global Tel-Link, through a Securus fourth quarter audit. As a good faith gesture for their clients, Global Tel-Link is offering limited free calling features for their Louisiana customers. You can now talk more and pay less with innovative features that secures your inmate calling to your loved ones.


Vimeo is now a subsidiary of Securus Technologies. They offer intricate video chat features that puts your loved ones in complete control of the video and audio quality. Just a few clicks of your mouse gives you control with zoom in and out features or volume control. Video chatting eliminates the need to commute to a correctional institution. You can talk to your loved ones from any location and video chatting is compatible with most devices. Securus is committed to the highest standard of customer service excellence and is dedicated to saving their customers time and money.


Securus Technology Features


Inmate Voicemail Features


Do you want to leave a message for a loved one in a correctional facility? Now you can access their personalized account and leave them a message at your convenience. Thousands of inmate’s rely on their inmate voicemail feature for transitioning beyond the facility.


Telephone Debit Features


You can access Securus features from their 800 number or their website. You never have to leave home with a valid debit or check card, to complete your inmate services. You no longer have the need for a third party authorized agent.


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Talk Fusion: Let Your Life Start Now

A lot of people talk about when their life will start and when it will change. They talk about it in their future. They often say things like, “When I get this, I’ll be able to do that.” The great news is that whatever they are interested in, they can do it and they can do it right now, thanks to Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion, which has been around since 2007. If there has been something that has been a dream or desire throughout their entire life, there is no time like the present to go after it and make it happen, especially if this person has a family.


When they see them using Talk Fusion, they will see a whole new side of them. They will see a side of them that is happy, relaxed, and at-ease. That is because they are living the life they have always knew they deserved. There is nothing wrong with wanting and needing more out of life. In fact, it is perfectly normal and acceptable. Talk Fusion offers video chats, video newsletters, video emails, and video conferences. This is for the businessman or businesswoman on the go. They use all of this to grow their business, build it into a brand, and truly make it something special and unique.


When something is unique, organic, and special to the public, they can pick up on that and they feed off that. People in the know and people that know all about tech are well aware of all of the good that Talk Fusion has done for people. They are also aware of how Talk Fusion has adapted and changed with the times. Even with record profits and many happy customers, they always look at the product and find ways to make it even better than before.


That is why they have won two awards from the the Technology Marketing Corporation with the recent award being for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award. It takes a special company and a special product to win two awards and especially this most recent one.

Sam Tabar Takes On Some New Ventures

Sam Tabar is starting to explore some philanthropic activities. One thing he understands is that people have a right to a good life. Therefore, he wants to contribute to the cause of making sure that people are able to live a better life. However, he is taking small steps. This is one of the best ways to go about philanthropy. When one takes small steps, then he is going to be able to achieve something that is sustainable. For one thing, it is important for people to make sure that they are going to achieve something that has a lasting effect on the circumstances of the less fortunate.

According to Crunchbase, Sam Tabar has been made the Chief Financial Officer of Awearable Apparel. Awearable Apparel is a company that has children’s clothing with devices that make it easier for parents to track their children. Sam Tabar is definitely happy about this initiative. For one thing, it is disheartening when a child goes missing.

It is always a good thing to be able to keep track of the child. When it comes to making investments, it is important for people to find something that is socially responsible. When people find a company they like and is doing things for people, they are very likely to have a successful investment.

Sam Tabar himself makes efforts to be social responsible. He is also involved in another foundation that deals with apparel. He is one of the people that are involved with Thinx, a company that is dedicated to the provision of hygiene and menstrual underwear for women. Sam Tabar is showing that he is someone that cares for others.

Sam Tabar has also shown that he is very good at managing finances. His background consists of studies in law and finances. For one thing, he is someone that is very curious and knows how to profit off of his curiosity.

More Than 1 Million Bookings Per Week: Handy Inc. Grows

On Thursday, you get a call from your husband – he has invited an important business client over to your condo for dinner on Friday night. But, the home is a mess, “Who are you gonna call?” Call Handy Inc. on-demand home cleaning.

“Get Home Cleaned Fast”

The process is fast, just type in your information on the Handy Inc. website and within 60 seconds, you are good to go. The cleaning professionals can be at your apartment as early as Friday. That means, you will be able to host your husband’s clients properly.

This is not only an amazing way to handle emergencies, but a great way to help you deal with regular cleaning requirements. If someone is in the hospital, call Handy Inc. If you want to simply hit the spa, call Handy Inc.

“Replace Old Sofa”

How is your home décor? Do you want to replace those 1950s plaid sofas with something a little more modern from Ikea? Who is gonna deliver and assemble the furniture? How about Handy Inc?

It is quite easy, just visit the website for furniture delivery. The handy technicians will even assemble it for you. You can have them move it around, until it looks just right.

“One Million Bookings”

By satisfying all of their client’s needs, Handy Inc. has surpassed 1 million bookings per week. This startup is growing and quickly advancing towards profitability. Who you gonna call? Handy Inc.

Handy Inc. continues to grow, by making the right decisions. Now, it has a good cash flow due to its repeat customers. You can give em a call, when you are in a jam.


IAP Worldwide Services is a Leader in Global Logistics Management

IAP Worldwide Services is a leading logistics and facilities management company based in the United States. The company works with a number of government organizations including the United States military. For nearly three decades, IAP Worldwide Services has been able to help its clients develop and establish infrastructure in a number of different locations throughout the world. With IAP Worldwide Services, clients will be able to get a number of very important tasks done such as road construction, facilities construction and management, communications and energy systems installation and also technology management. As a result, many government and private sector organizations can count on IAP Worldwide Services to help them settle into unfamiliar areas more efficiently at any given time.

This company has a history dating back three decades. It was originally known as IAP Worldwide Services which specialized in procurement and logistics services to clients. The company would often transport materials to varying locations on a regular basis. However, its fortunes would change for the better when they were noticed by the United States Army. During Operation Desert Storm, IAP would work with the Army by transporting generators to personnel and bases in Saudi Arabia. After providing this assistance to the Army, IAP became the most trusted partner of the entire United States military. It would then help the military with a number of tasks over the next decade.

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After working with the military during Desert Storm, IAP Worldwide Services would acquire another similar company called Johnson Controls Worldwide Services. With this acquisition, IAP would become IAP Worldwide Services and offer a number of other ways to assist organizations establish infrastructure in remote areas around the world. It would expand its services to technical services, communications services and also developing roads and buildings. Over the next several years, IAP Worldwide Services would continue to assist the military in future operations as well as acquire a British engineering company. As of today, IAP Worldwide Services holds and estimated $370 million in government contracts.

One of the best things about IAP Worldwide Services is that it offers a number of employment opportunities that people can take advantage of. Individuals who are interested in working for IAP Worldwide Services can pursue jobs in air traffic control. They can also look into applying for jobs as a contract administrator and an information technology administrator as well. Anyone in the finance industry can also take advantage of job openings such as finance analyst. Therefore, IAP Worldwide Services offers a number of jobs in a variety of industries.

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Nationwide Title Clearing Unveils Online Ordering Of Titles

Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) has made property reports available to the public through online ordering. The company reacted swiftly to the many calls for action made by the public concerning the incidences of title defects. The errors were worrying as they made property owners vulnerable to fraud. However, the new move will facilitate early correction of these errors, thus avoiding the demerits associated with such defects. Moreover, the company’s management believes that online ordering will help to smooth out the hiccups that have been prevalent in the real estate industry.

Several issues cause title defects. These defects occur when an individual or entity lays claim to a property that belongs to another person. The wording of a document can cause such deficiencies. The NTC finds it difficult to ensure that every title deed complies with the standards of each jurisdiction. There are also scenarios where new titles are created when prior liens to a property have not been removed. A title is only transferable when a claim is attached to the property. Lastly, failure to follow recording and filing procedures on real estate documents is another cause of title defects.

In an effort to reduce these defects, the company has made four additional property reports online. They are the Tax Report services, Tax Status (Plus) Report, Current Owner Report and Assignment Verification Report Services. Individuals are encouraged to check them to ensure that their properties are safe and do not have outstanding property taxes.

According to the company’s chief executive officer, John Hillman, the new improvements at the company are in line with the business’s goal of providing the public with a simple, fast, and systematic process that allows them to access their property report. Accuracy of the data is crucial. NTC has enhanced its research process on actual land records to facilitate correctness of the reports. The company obtains its data from other sources such as the counties. In addition, NTC enhances accurateness of the reports through verifying data using both automated and human processes.

About Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.:

NTC was founded in 1991. It is based in Palm Harbor, Florida. The company provides document-processing services to the residential mortgage industry. It is regarded as the largest private company in this field. Some of the company’s clients are leading enterprises in the mortgage lending industry. In addition, NTC provides services to investors and servicers. The company was ranked as the 26th fastest growing company in Tampa Bay. It also featured on the Fast 50 Awards’ list.

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