OSI Group Relishes a Top-Notch Brand in The Food Processing Industry

Rising from an idea to a global corporate business is a dream held by many business-starts-ups from any parts of the world. OSI has expanded to live the dream of many such companies that admire to reach that world-class status and to have a more significant share of the American Economy. The company has always recorded an upward trend in their profit margins owing to the hard work and dedication of its well-qualified employees.

OSI Group is a food processing company that has skyrocketed in the food industry due to its dynamism the use of technology and consistently advancing to take care of their customer demands and needs. OSI Group took the challenge to manufacture a consistent, affordable and customer-driven product that could withstand the long-distance transportation. Thanks to the inventor of flash freezing-cryogenic food processing, a technology that freezes food through the use of liquid nitrogen.

History of OSI Group

OSI Group started as neighborhood butcher shop in Chicago in the early 20th century operated by a German immigrant. In the mid-century Ray Kroc, the mastermind of McDonald’s restaurant signed an agreement with the sons of Otto Kolschowsky, Arthur and Harry to be the supplier of fresh ground beef to their chain of business. The tender for meet supply boosted the company’s growth curve and its marketability.

A global Growth

Owing to the great services and quality meat offered by the company, they managed to gain the trust of McDonald’s Restaurant which then became their primary and loyal customers. With the consistency of quality supply and the ever-widening range of MacDonald’s restaurants, it opened new ventures in the United States and the international markets like China and Europe.

Value addition in their protein products has landed them an additional mileage in the industry. That is the transition from sausage to pizza and hamburger patties. Merges and acquisitions have also been its order of the day evidenced by the recent addition of an affiliate of Tyson foods in Chicago that operated as a food processing firm and a storage warehouse in 2016.

More About OSI Group

OSI is one of the largest global food processing company that provided the best for client base internationally. It has created employment for 20, 000 personnel at their 65 branches in 17 countries. The company ranked at number 58 in the Forbes list of largest private companies with sales of $6.1 billion.

Freedom Checks Are Waiting For You To Invest In

Did you know the US is well on its way to ending dependence on foreign oil and also looking to see mass production in natural gas and shale drilling? Part of this is thanks to President Trump’s tax cuts and plans to lower regulations on energy and natural resource companies, and both the companies and their investors are looking to take advantage of over $30 billion in projected profits. This is particularly good for those own freedom checks which are really poised to take off with some people telling financial newsletter and investment strategy advice company Banyan Hill that some could receive payments from these checks of greater than $100,000. Even better is that there’s no age restriction on these. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

Banyan Hill, the leading publication site on freedom checks wants everyone to understand first that they are not scams unlike most other so-called money-making programs that try to sell people on promises of getting rich quick. They got their name from Banyan Hill editor Matt Badiali who took note of gaining freedom from foreign oil, and the fact you can have the dividends of these investments mailed to you in the form of checks.

Basically, freedom checks are like most regular securities that you buy into or trade on exchanges, but there are a few important distinctions they have. The first is that they are based in master limited partnership (MLP) companies. These are natural resource companies that have special registration requirements, but among other things they pay investors very high dividends. As explained earlier, MLPs are in a strong position in the market right now because of the tax cuts and profit margins expected to go way up. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

But the second distinction of freedom checks is that they have a tax exempt status due to their functioning as a return on capital and not income. So when you receive returns on these checks in the mail, you can take joy knowing that money is all yours. Finding freedom checks is usually not too hard so long as you know what they’re listed as on the various trade websites, and Matt Badiali has more information on that on Banyan Hill’s website.

View: http://creditorweekly.com/index.php/2018/07/02/curious-about-matt-badialis-freedom-checks/


Whitney Wolfe’s Latest New Feature for Bumbled

Whitney Wolfe is the woman behind the app that is changing the world of the dating industry. There are countless apps out there that provides a way for women to feel empowered once again. Wolfe has been working on making Bumble the app that’s going to change the dating world. The women who are tired of dealing with seriously crazy men on dating apps can use Bumble and not have to deal with this problem. Bumble makes it possible for women to be the first person to send the message instead of the man. Visit on her twitter for latest updates.

The match must be made first, and in order for the match to be saved, the woman must send the message within 24 hours. The man must then send a message to keep the conversation going. From here, a conversation and a possible date can come forward. Having the woman be the first person to send a message helps eliminate the chances of the man thinking it’s alright to send a derogatory message.

Whitney Wolfe has recently made a big change to the way the app operates. The new Snooze feature provides users the chance to save matches without having to be on the app. The Snooze feature allows for users to send messages to their matches saying they aren’t using the app at the moment. Whitney Wolfe wanted to make this a possibility because she knows that some people have a certain set of dates already and some don’t plan on swiping for a whole lot longer for awhile. If you are looking to use an app that gives you the option to give it a rest after some time, Bumble is just what you need. Their newest features make it worthwhile.

Some people thought of this app’s new feature to be considerate of those who don’t want to be on the app but also judged the idea, but the truth is that Wolfe wants you to keep using it and get the breaks from it when you need it the most. Whitney Wolfe wants you to feel comfortable enough to take a break when you need to.

Learn more: http://www.forbes.com/profile/whitney-wolfe/


Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s Role At The Institute Of Ismaili Studies And At Sussex Healthcare

Dr. Shafik Sachedina was born in 1950 in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzanian. He went to Guy’s Hospital medical and dental school, University of London. Here he graduated as a dental and oral surgeon in 1975. He then set up his practice in England. He has since acquired a passion for entrepreneurship based on the healthcare sector.

Dr. Sachedina is the joint chairperson and founder of Sussex Healthcare. He started this company to care for and provide help to the aging community. Apart from his role at Sussex Healthcare, Shafik is also actively involved in matters concerning The Aga Khan in France.

Currently, Dr. Shafik Sachedina serves as the Head of Department of Jamati Institutions at the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan. In this capacity, Dr. Sachedina is in charge of organizing the activities of the Ismaili community’s establishments in the major areas where the institution exists. He is also in charge of interfacing with the Aga Khan Development programs and foundations of the Ismaili societies in Asia.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is also a sitting member of the Institute of Ismaili Studies Board of Governance. The Aga Khan is the chairperson of the board. Other sitting members of the committee include Dr. Aziz Esmail, Mohammed Keshavjee, Naguib Kheraj,Dr. Shafik Sachedina led a delegation of the Aga Khan Foundation to meet with the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister; Mikhail Bogdanov. They discussed more on the current situation in the Middle East. Their deliberations lay more emphasis on the developments in Afghanistan and Syria.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina praised Russia’s principled position and its consistent urge to quickly and peacefully resolve conflicts in the region. He also applauded Russia for waging an unwavering fight against extremism and terrorism. Together with Mr. Mikhail Bogdanov, they discussed the problems Syria is facing. They emphasized the importance of establishing a constructive negotiation between the opposition and the Syrian Arab Republic government. This would promote a political solution to the crisis facing the country. Their solutions are supported by the UN Security Council Resolution 2254. Dr. Sachedina has volunteered in various capacities. He was President of the Ismaili Council for two consecutive terms.

Find more about Shafik Sachedina: https://ismailimail.wordpress.com/2016/05/17/ismaili-imamats-diplomatic-corps-senior-officials-of-the-seat-of-ismaili-imamat-personal-representatives-of-the-imam-akdn-resident-representatives/

End Citizens United Finds Hope in Texas

Beto O’Rourke challenges Senator Ted Cruz for the Senate seat in the November election in Texas. O’Rourke supports the policy of ending the campaign finance rules that came from the Supreme Court decision in the Citizen’s United Case. O’Rourke does not accept Political Action Committee funds and his success to this point has been both surprising and a tribute to grassroots fundraising.

The contrast between the candidates in the Texas Senate race mirrors the broader question of the voice of the people in US politics. O’Rourke is the challenger, a relative newcomer with progressive ideas. He does not accept PAC funds and appeals to small donors for his support.

Senator Cruz is a model of the big money establishment candidate and politician. He reaches out to PACs and other dark money sources and has amassed a large amount of funds from the so-called mega-donors and PACs. Cruz promotes the influence of money in elections that campaign reform advocates oppose. Senator Cruz has low personal popularity polling numbers in Texas and across the country; he supports policies that benefit big business along with conservative ideals. Read more about End Citizens United at politifact.com

– A Trail of Polling

The early polls in the Texas race showed large percentage leads for Senator Cruz. The trend in the polls have shown a steady increase in support for O’Rourke to the current time when the race is close, and in some polls, statistically even. End Citizens United’s polling agrees that the lead has shrunk, and the momentum favors Mr. O’Rourke and his grassroots organizing and fundraising.

– The November Elections

The outcome is uncertain, and the uncertainty represents a victory for grassroots fundraising and organizing. Unlike early predictions, political experts agree that the race will be close and that Mr. Cruz is in a tough re-election battle. The experts also agree that this is a battle of the impact of political funding. Organizations like End Citizens United play an important role when endorsing candidates and funding grassroots campaigns. The test of popular participation versus corporate-type funding is on display in the Cruz – O’Rourke Senate contest. Many observers agree that there is already a victory for the policy of ending soft money in politics.

Visit: https://www.indeed.com/q-End-Citizens-United-jobs.html 



Rodrigo Terpins: The Brazilian Race Legend

When it comes to evaluating rally drivers in Brazil, the name of Rodrigo Terpins appears on the list of the best drives. In fact, Rodrigo Tenpin’s fame did not come as a surprise since Rodrigo Terpins has spent most of his time training and perfecting his skills. He has employed patience, discipline, and experience to climb up the ladder of success. Rodrigo Terpins is a member of the rider of the bull Sertoes Rally Team. He grew up fixing cars, and hence his passion for rally started at a young age.

The fact that Rodrigo Terpins came from the home of competent rally champions influenced his rally career a lot. His brother Michael Terpins is a known race car driver and a mentor to him. He has accumulated several trophies in different rallies in Brazil. He is a replica of a natural talent brought up in Brazil.

Rodrigo Terpins is a senior director of T5 Partipacoes. Rodrigo has dedicated his effort to the company thus growing it and enabling the company to plan some of the most significant rally competitions in the country. His management skills and corporate governance developed when he attended Saint Hirare University.

Before joining the T5 Company, Rodrigo Terpins served as a president in Lojas Marisa. However, his executive position did not surpass his passion for the race track. He has great love and passion for sports. As a result, he has successfully maneuvered different terrains while in various competitions and winning a lot of awards thanks to the support of his co-driver. Check out mundoraiam.com


Rodrigo Terpins success has come mainly due to the influence of one of his friend who is a very skilled race car driver. Within the course of his career, Rodrigo Terpins has established a strong fan base. Most of them usually turn up to cheer him during competition. Rodrigo Terpins has been a champion in many races including T1 prototype rally.


Rodrigo Terpins has gained a lot of reputation in Goias and Minas Gerais city where they have nicknamed him a racing guru. Rodrigo Terpins is indeed a Brazilian Rally legend.


Click here: https://www.terra.com.br/noticias/dino/a-paixao-pelo-esporte-esta-no-sangue-de-rodrigo-terpins,9250f37d3118207a89e8e2bf6ca1f437z5w3b7ck.html



Mrs. Betsy DeVos: A Reformer with a Noble Cause

Betsy DeVos has been at the forefront of positive change sine her time at Calvin College, when she was known as Elisabeth Prince. In addition, her husband, Dick DeVos, is also actively involved in political and educational reform. He was a candidate for the Governor of Michigan in 2006. In 1989, the DeVos’ established the Widnquest Group. This consists of multiple companies that focus on innovations in manufacturing, technology,and clean energy. Mrs. DeVos is the chairman of the Windquest Group, and she is also the chairman of the Alliance for School Choice and the American Federation for Children (AFC). In addition, she also dedicates her time to numerous national and local boards that includes Kids Hope USA, Mars Hill Bible Church, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, and the DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center.


Mrs. DeVos participated in an interview that discussed her feelings on educational reform and educational choice. Mrs. DeVos is a believer in using vouchers and tax credits to provide students with the opportunity to attend their school of choice, which could include magnet, private, or charter schools. Mrs. DeVos explained that students shouldn’t be confined to attending a school based on which zip code they live in, and she also believes in using technology to enhance digital learning. According to Mrs. DeVos, homeschooling is an ideal way that parents can take control of their children’s education, and digital learning enables homeschooling and virtual schools with the ability to have the same educational opportunities as those in a traditional classroom setting. When asked about the progression of educational choice, Mrs, DeVos explained that she is optimistic because presently there are an estimated 250,000 students in 33 private schools that are publicly funded in 17 states as well as the District of Columbia. Her devotion to educational reform is the primary reason she was appointed to the position of United States Secretary of Eduction by President Trump.


Mr. and Mrs. DeVos were heirs to family fortunes, and they have contributed to numerous charities. In 2015, the couple donated $11.6 million, and Forbes predicted that the family has donated a lifetime amount of $1.33 billion, which is nearly a quarter of their estimated worth of $5.2 billion. They want their donations to give every student the right to pursue the American dream through freedom of educational choice, and the power couple will continue to work toward educational reform.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on Facebook.

Timeless Brand, Timeless Excellence: OSI Industries

Worldwide food distribution is an operation that requires consideration and strategic vision. To be considered as one of the best food suppliers for many decades is nothing short of amazing in itself. OSI Industries has set a standard for what it means to be successful over a lengthy period of time. What has made OSI Industries so successful? With humble beginnings at the turn of the 20th century, Otto Kolschowsky was a member of the German immigrant experience in Chicago. Two years after arriving in the United States, Otto Kolschowsky opened a meat market to serve the German community he was apart of. This was the beginning. His business did great and he later expanded into wholesale. Due to his success as a businessman, he later renamed his company Otto & Sons in 1928.

Although the United States has had 2 two major wars, Otto & Sons continued to thrive as an industry leader. The humble beginnings of OSI Industries. The sons of Otto, Arthur and Harry, made a strategic agreement with Ray Kroc. This was before Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s. This agreement was to be the first supplier of fresh ground beef. Years later when Ray eventually bought out the McDonald’s brand and became the CEO, the relationship with Otto & Sons would only flourish as well. Having the association with one of the world’s famous fast food restaurants proved to be key to the long-term success of OSI Industries.

This would prove to be a stroke of genius as the years to come were filled with continued expansion and growth. Global expansion was next on the list as OTTO & Sons became the industry standard for food production. One of the main components of OSI Industries is to have state-of-the-art facilities that are current with technological advancements. In 1973, the first major plant was dedicated to McDonald’s. After that, the global presence of OSI would soon follow. Having transitioned over time is what allowed OSI to remain a benchmark in the food supply business because not only is food produced, but ways to better produce the food are enacted as well. Truly a symbol of success today.

Precise Medicine, Precise Investor: Mr. Paul Mampilly

Known as the world’s savviest investor, Paul Mampilly has continued to show just why he is the go-to person for investment advice. Besides retiring before the age of 45, he was able to grow hedge funds with knowledge of the markets. Recently, Mr. Mampilly has given another gem of advice by stating that it is time to invest in precision medicine.

Paul Mampilly gives out free investment advice on the Banyan Hill Publishing website, and this is where most investors glean investment ideas from. In a recent edition, Paul labeled precision medicine as one of the biggest breakthroughs in history. By stating this, many understand that Paul Mampilly has done his due diligence before making such a bold statement. Statements like these are what has led him to such high regard within the world of investing. In this recent edition, Paul says that precision medicine will change how doctors treat Parkinson’s disease and cancer, among other ailments.

By recognizing the fact that the approaches to how treatments will be altered, Paul Mampilly has shown how with the advancement of treatment methods that precision medicine offers, doctors will be able to analyze a patient’s genetic profile and apply treatments quickly. By understanding who the leaders in precision medicine are, it is simply a matter of investing that will lead to gains in the market. Precision medicine is soon to be the industry standard with continued research and application by various medical institutions. Paul Mampilly has made his claim. Precision medicine is the way to go.

With a massive Wall Street presence and being highly regarded as the leader in investing, Paul has made returns in the hedge fund world. With his critical acclaim, The Templeton Foundation invited him to participate in their famous investment competition. As expected, he blew the competition away with his methods of investing.

Paul Mampilly switched things up by allowing average Americans the opportunity to gain wealth through the same methods he once kept hidden for wealthy individuals in the investment arena. Being featured on many networks and contributing to mainstream investing through publications, Paul knows what it means to serve and help others make wise choices in the markets.

Dr. Saad Saad in medical practice

Dr. Saad Saad is a accomplished and inventive pediatric surgeon who has spent all his career serving his patients with great care. He appreciates that his role is to ensure that the patients live a life free of medical conditions which hinder their activities. As a pediatric surgeon, he deals with children and young adults. His career spans over 40 years. He started practice when he moved into the United States 47 years ago. He first sought certification as a board certified doctor. He received the certification a few years later, and now he started practicing as a fully approved doctor. This approval opened doors of opportunities for him. He got job offers from all over the world.




In the 1980s he accepted an offer to work as a private doctor for the Saudi Royal Family at the King Faisal Hospital. They had chosen him because he exhibited all the qualities they would have wished for in a doctor serving in Saudi Arabia. He was an American board-certified doctor and was fluent in both English and Arabic.




In the Middle East, Dr. Saad Saad served for four and a half years. He helped in treating many medical conditions that required surgeries. He had the opportunity of also serving people of diverse economic statuses while at this facility. The poor people who had complex medical conditions were brought to this facility to receive treatment from him. His reputation as a doctor was boosted by the opportunity he had while serving in the Middle East. The royal family only go for the best practitioners, and this was proof that Dr. Saad was exceptionally knowledgeable in his field.




After his tenure in the Middle East, he came back to New Jersey where he went on with practice. Apart from the people he has treated in the facilities he has been working for, Dr. Saad Saad has provided medical services in various medical missions supported by humanitarian groups. He has been to missions in Palestine and United States. He has attended eight missions in Palestine.




Palestine is the birthplace of Dr. Saad. His family immigrated Kuwait where he spent his childhood. He attended Cairo University in Egypt where he graduated with honors in medical studies. He attended internship in England and then sought residence in the United States.




Dr. Saad has served all patients who have been brought to him with dignity. He has never discriminated against anyone because they belong to a different community as him. He has upheld the highest standards of medical practice throughout his career. He acknowledges that all human beings are equal and they deserve to be treated equally. The lesson about equality was taught to him by his mentor in medical practice. Learn more : https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/