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Securus Technologies Mobile Visitation App

Securus Technologies have been a leading inmate communication brand and company, servicing the prison system for years. They have literally been the lifeline for inmates to the outside world. Securus Technologies is a well-known private equity telecommunications firm. The company’s primary focus is welcoming new and innovative ways for incarcerated individuals to stay connected with family and friends.

Securus saw a need of the people and met it by offering the new, Securus Video Visit mobile application. Securus understood that traveling can sometimes be inconvenient. This app allows family and friends on the outside, the opportunity to save gas on trips to the penitentiary, avoid possible inclement weather and save time going through the long line of security checkpoints once arriving for visitation. It also offers the option to schedule a video visitation beforehand, so that it fits your own schedule. No wonder the Securus Video Visit app has been already downloaded over 65,000 times, in less than a 6 month launch period.

Bringing mobility and technology to the corrections facility was the most brilliant idea. It redefines the idea of the “hard” prison system concept, and brings a sense of growth and transformation. The Securus Video Visit mobile application is free to download on GooglePlay. It is also available on all Apple and Android devices.

Note: Securus Technologies is not the same thing as the Securus America agency nor is it affiliated with the health supplement Securus.

Download the Google Play app here >>

Cornelsen Encourages Investors to Invest in Brazil

Any type of investment is going to take work. No one is going to build a perfect portfolio overnight, but it is possible to greatly improve your investment portfolio when you have good advice.

Igor Cornelsen according to PR Newswire has become that investment resource that I needed when I needed it most. He has allowed me to understand the ways that the stock market works, and I have been able to branch out and consider international investing thanks to the tips that he has provided.

Igor has spent a large portion of his life working in Brazil, and he brought this knowledge back to America. This alone is sufficient for him give advice to people in the United States. He knows how the market and the government works in Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen has really helped me see that it is going to be to my advantage to consider investments outside of America. He is also helping me realize that it makes more sense to actually know what the companies are doing when you are making investments. In other words, Igor taught me on igorcornelsen.wordpress to not to let my portfolio become something that is filled with surprises. It is better to stay on top of everything.

I was eager to learn more about the companies that I was investing in after listening to what Igor had to tell me. He really stimulated me to get to know about the companies and see where these establishments would be going 5 or 10 years down the road. I was planning for my retirement so I had to put in the work. Listening to Cornelsen helped me steer clear of some bad decisions.

There are a lot of things to invest in, and it is really is going to be pertinent to stay on top of the investments that are out there. I have seen some great real estate investments in Brazil. I have seen some awesome index funds in Brazil as well. All of the raw materials that are sold in Brazil gives this company a booming economy. The economy is strong, but you can still make bad choices without the research.

Igor inspired me to make these type of investments after visiting the area and getting to know the culture. I had never considered any of this before I got a hold of his advice. He has been very helpful in letting me see that the world of investing is much larger than I ever could have imagined.


FreedomPop Expanding Services Internationally

FreedomPop is proving to be one of the most outgoing mobile phone service providers in the United States. While the company is just over three years old, it has proven to be extremely desirable, with over a million customers now using the services it offers. As the company does not maintain its own networks but instead buys data at wholesale prices from Sprint, it can offer the wireless services to customers for far less. Many times, customers are able to receive the data for free, depending on their monthly usage. In order to continue its expanded nature, the company has set its eyes on Europe, in order to not only provide European residents with less expensive mobile phone services but also to create an international SIM and mobile service for travelers to save money while away from home.

FreedomPop is initially offering its services in 25 nations, most of which are located in Europe. This is going to include a $10 SIM card which provides 200 MB worth of data every single month for free. This way, after buying the SIM card, customers don’t actually need to maintain a monthly service fee to keep it active.  Currently, this is good in the 25 different nations, but FreedomPop believes it can have the access expanded outwards to 40 different nations by the end of the year (and maybe even more in years to follow).

On top of the international SIM card, FreedomPop is offering a global hotspot service. This is a Wi-Fi network that can be accessed once an individual pays $49. From there, they can have unlimited access to the hotspot.

Get Your Wiki Marketing

When looking up any definition, title, company, or even name of the person, chances are you will run across a Wikipedia page. Many use the site for research and knowledge. Others use this site for school or for business. To learn something new or because they want to share something they care about. For example, an article was written with the Times of India, Leonardo DiCaprio has fans who decided he needed a Wikipedia page himself. This shows just how popular this site is and just how much it continues to grow daily. Which has created even more advertisement for the company making Wikipedia number one.

When looking up anything in the search engine, usually, the first site to show up is Wikipedia. Very credible for the knowledge on the site. Many schools and teachers recommend the site for projects and papers due. So why would you not want a page for your own personal branding or even your business? Wikipedia is most definitely a number one rated marketing tool. You can receive several benefits from Wikipedia business page creation or online reputation of an individual by hiring the Wikipedia editing service Get Your Wiki. The best part is you don’t even have to do it all yourself. It is to easy to hire Wiki experts from Get Your Wiki and have knowledgeable Wikipedia writers take the headache out of creating a page for yourself. While they take care of everything you need, you get to enjoy the endless benefits and opportunities for one’s business or one’s online reputation.

Why not have professionals take over the stress for you? Can you imagine when you Google yourself or your company and more than one site pops up? Wikipedia will make sure you are the first to be seen. They go above and beyond in their marketing to make sure all potential customers will see you and your company leaving you with excellent reviews on your page. The talented team of Wiki editors also will update a Wiki page that’s already existing with the most accurate and current information. Looking at this site their is no way you could go wrong by having them make your life and marketing easier for you and your company.