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Reporting Violations To The SEC Is A Whistleblowers Job And It Keeps People Safe.

Nobody wants to be a tattletale, however, when we are talking about security violations that are significant and could hurt consumers, someone needs to blow the whistle and alert the SEC. Keeping consumers protected from harmful acts is the duty of everyone, not just the consumer protection agencies. Perhaps that is why Dodd- Frank Wall Street Reform act got an overhaul. This act helped to establish a new program tat helps whistleblowers stay protected and even get incentives for helping to report violations of the federal laws.

The Securities and Exchange Commission or the SEC as they are often known, have a program that will let people report violations by using an attorney. This SEC whistleblower lawyer helps to keep the whistleblower’s identity safe and allows them to feel good about turning the tables on the people who are violating the laws. The attorney helps the whistleblower get what they are entitled to and, because the whistleblower is not out in the front waving a red flag, he or she does not have a target on their back by the company they are blowing the whistle on.

Look at it in this light, every big company has countless attorneys working for them. When you report a violation on your own, you don’t have the money to have a big team of lawyers on your side. As a result, the company attorneys can make a case against you and try to get the infraction removed. When you have a SEC whistleblower lawyer on your side, that lawyer knows what to say and how to say it in a way to make your case against them stick.

The SEC depends on whistleblowers for valuable information about people and companies who are not living up to the ethics standard and more. These people that might not be on the up and up are putting people at risk and the SEC needs to know about it. This new whistleblower program helps to make is much easier for the whistleblower to come forward, without standing in the lime light and putting himself or herself in harms way.

Let’s face it, you need the service of an SEC whistleblower attorney to help keep you protected. If you have information that the SEC needs to hear about a security violation, it is finally safe for you to get an attorney and speak your mind and take a stand. The community can stay protected thanks to whistlblowers and this new act.

Norka Luque: Voice of Reason

Venezuelan native Norka Luque is a talented musical artist who delivers the message of belief, miracles, and positive outlook through song. She made her debut in 2011 and is on a fast pace to becoming an international superstar.

With encouragement and support from her parents, Norka Luque began taking piano and voice lessons at the age of eight. Subsequently, she was cast to perform in one of Luis Miguel’s musicals featuring music by Shakira. Thus, the seed for greatness was planted. Later, she moved to France, where she studied business administration and worked in the banking industry. On weekends, she performed at nightclubs singing lead vocals for the band “Bad Moon Rising.” These performances served to fuel her desire to become an international singer.

As Norka’s passion for music grew, she decided to move to Miami. The decision proved to be one of her best. Once in the U.S., she started singing in dance clubs. Word of Norka’s melodic voice traveled to Grammy-award-winner/producer Emilio Estefan, Jr., who had to check it out for himself. Pleased with what he heard, he took the singer under his wing produce her music.

Luque’s company, Norka Music Production LLC released her first single, “Can I do it Tu”, earning her a nomination for the Lo Nuestro Award for Female Pop Artist of the Year. Her second single “Milagro,” (which translates in English to miracle) remained number one in Venezuela for 14 weeks. Afterward, DJ Ralphi Rosario and El Cata remixed the song helping to reach a larger audience and earn the number 11 spot on the Latin Music Billboard.

Luque’s inspiration comes from an assortment of musical genres, but she credits her attendance at a 2007 Ricky Martin concert for solidifying her choice to pursue her dream. Other musical influences include Shakira, Beyonce, Aerosmith, Nirvana, George Michael, Alesso, Bob Sinclair Sia, Jay-Z, and Queen. Luque describes her music as a “fusion of rhythms, with some R&B, ballads, tropical, rock and pop.”

In 2014, Norka took a break from the stage. Now, she is ready to return with her latest single, “Tomorrowland,” produced by Fito Blanko. “Tomorrowland is not only the launch of a new topic, it is the re-launch of my career, my health, my optimism, and positivity, she said. “Tomorrowland is my new land, [or put differently] land the tomorrow.”

Twitter: @norkaluque

The services of IAP Worldwide in disaster management

IAP Worldwide is a world leader company in providing logistics, facility management, and technical experts. The company has been offering these services to a broad international market that covers over 25 countries. Customers in the private and public sectors get to enjoy the services provided by will trained and experienced technicians of this company. The goal of offering these services is to leave customers fully satisfied. All problems are in the capacity to manage since the firm is well prepared for disasters and other calamities.

Being in the forefront to provide reliable services is not easy without competent and dedicated workers. The selection and employment plan used by IAP Worldwide is unique. The team of experts is made up of many individuals who have their best areas of expertise.

All put together to form one perfect team that finds solutions to any problem that the customers are looking for professional help. Further training is done to keep up the best practices and skills that suit this market. The team practices professional skills while at work.

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IAP Worldwide has enjoyed many years of success since its establishment over 60 years ago. The initial project that led to the formation of this logistics company was to supply the US Army in Saudi Arabia with military equipment. After showing exceptional competency and reliability, the military entered into the partnership with the business to do all supplies and procurement works. The contracts paid have amounted to over $247 million.

Besides the role in military supplies, the firm has other side activities that are mean for all customers. During emergencies, the company has facilities used to generate electricity during the mission. They offer transport vehicles to humanitarians when visiting disaster-stricken countries. The corporate responsibility has ensured that many rescue missions turn up to be successful since supplies are sufficient during the whole mission.

More developments have taken place within IAP Worldwide in efforts to expand their market and meet more customer needs. The company has acquired DRS Technologies Inc., which deals with telecommunication and aircraft maintenance.

The two units that were purchased are expected to bring success in military rescue operations. The state and other security organs are planned to benefit from these expansions that are taking place. IAP will use the unique and superior expertise from the acquired units to improve their service delivery. Customers will enjoy better and reliable services in their international markets.

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Revolutionize Your Dull Dry Hair With Wen By Chaz

Bustle magazine online has written a recent article on one testimonial from a young lady of the results of WEN by Chaz on her hair. The participant admits to having thin hair that is prone to fall out in the shower. She had used various other products that range from being pricey to cheap products. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for and pricey hair care products don’t always work. She even tried her local beautician with little to no results. She admits that after seeing an infomercial for Wen by Chaz she has decided to use the product for herself.

Wen by Chaz is very reasonable priced on Amazon and if you follow the instructions that are easily listed on each bottle it can last you for a few months. It comes in a variety of aromas and sizes that are guaranteed to give you the TV-worthy strands that you desire. Moreover, their all-in-one designed shampoo and conditioner works on all types of hair. Get the free flowing locks that you’ve always wanted for your hair for a fraction of the cost of other hair care treatment products. You will gain the confidence that you’ve always wanted with healthy and stronger hair.

This particular participant used the Sephora marketed cleansing conditioner according to the instructions and noticed changes in her hair after one week. She said that she notice far less breakage in the shower and advises that you use Wen by Chaz according to the instructions for the best results. Wen by Chaz customers love the all natural ingredients found in their products along with a wonderful aroma. You finally have a hair care solution that is accessible to everyone. Wen by Chaz works and has thousands of testimonials that swear by their all-in-one hair care products that are designed to strengthen hair. Check their website

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Adam Goldenberg – The Unlikely Genius in the Fashion World

Adam Goldenberg has always been a prodigy of sorts within the business world. Adam Goldenberg founded his first company called Gamers Alliance when he was only fifteen years old. He then sold Gamers Alliance to Intermix Media for an impressive sale in 1999.

That same year, Adam Goldenberg decided to quit high school and actively take on the role at Intermix as Vice President of Strategic Planning. The following year, Adam Goldenberg was promoted to CEO and became the youngest CEO of a publicly traded company. While Adam Goldenberg was at Intermix he met Don Ressler, who had sold his self-built business called to Intermix in 2001. Both Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg were determined to start another company and left Intermix in 2005 when it was sold to a new owner.

Their first business attempt together was to found Intelligent Beauty. This brand was successful; however, it led Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler to attempt to conceptualize anew sort of consumer shopping experience that could exist solely online. The idea behind this is that if fashion was going to engage a prospective consumer online, that it needed to be social and fun. Thus, they hired designers and style consultants with the objective of creating a platform that was personalized. The results of these efforts was JustFab, which was a community were members could select from handbags, shoes, and accessories tailed to their individual taste each month for only $39.95.

The way that JustFab’s business model has become so successful is that it does not just sell shoes and handbags. What it does is teach women how to be fashion savvy through style selections and outfit pairings. With this model, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have essentially changed the online fashion landscape into an experience that is analogous to what a consumer can receive in the store. This is remarkable because the consumer actually receives better style recommendations and hot looks from JustFab than they do in the everyday department store. It will be remarkable to see how JustFab transforms the market in the coming years since they not only selling retail clothing, but they are also providing confidence, style, and insight to their consumers for a flat subscription fee of only $39.95 per month. Reference: