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Make Sure Your Lip Balm is Safe to Use

It’s been said that you should not put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your mouth. That’s even more important when it comes to choosing lip balms, because not only are you putting the product on the outside, you will most certainly be putting it on the inside. We lick our lips unconsciously most of the time, lip balm or not, so we ingest whatever we put on our lips.
It just makes sense to choose a lip balm that’s safe. Evolution of Smooth, EOS is one of a very few lip balms that’s completely organic, free of petrolatum products and hypoallergenic, too. That means they’re safe for the outside as well as the outside of you. Check their products on and Target.

Evolution of Smooth is made from shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil, all of which are safe for ingestion and will protect your lips naturally and safely.

There are several other organic lip balms, but some contain ingredients that are still debated as being helpful or safe. The only one that is well known and trusted and probably safe is Burt’s Bees Natural Lip Balm, but there is a problem because Burt’s Bees products use of beeswax. Since the bee population is declining, this may not be sustainable in the long run.

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Lovaganza Announcement Is Bringing More and More People Together

A recent announcement from the people at Lovaganza is catching the attention of people within many different circles. The group has announced an official date for their Lovaganza 2020 event. The group is going to be setting up simultaneous performances May to September 2020, within eight flagship locations. And these aren’t limited to one country or even one continent. It’s all being specially planned to be the global event of 2020.

The event was initially planned for 2015 on But anyone with even a remote interest in communications technologies is probably aware that the past handful of years have brought some pretty big changes to that sphere. Lovaganza has noticed it as well. And they decided that if the event was worth doing that it was worth doing as perfectly as possible. So they’re taking a little extra time to incorporate the latest technological breakthroughs to make the event both amazing and cutting edge.

But people don’t need to wait until 2020 to start getting into the hype for the event. Lovaganza also created a traveling show of sorts that will begin touring in 2017. They’ll begin by highlighting some of the new technologies that will be used during the show. This includes advanced glasses free 3D viewing technologies. They’ll also be giving people more in depth information about what the festival is and what the group as a whole is working to accomplish. This will also transition into a full trilogy of movies that are centered around the group and their goals.

And these goals are one of the most important things that Lovaganza hopes to communicate to people. The amazing performances will, of course, be the main draw. But it’s equally important that people recognize why it’s all taking place. And that they understand where the proceeds for the event are going. The people involved with Lovaganza are all working hard to get some solid basic human rights set up for people all over the world. These include what almost everyone would consider fairly self evident, like clean drinking water for children. But it also seeks to ensure that everyone has the tools needed to make the future a brighter place. So things like proper education for children is also high on the list for the group. The performances will serve to attract both attention and funds for the humanitarian efforts of the group. And it should help people all over the world by bringing people together to have a good time.

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Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Shaygan Appointed as the CEO of Coriant

Coriant is a major player in the optical transport industry. They have recently decided that they knew some fresh ideas in their company. Kheradpir will succeed Pat DiPietro in this position. According to lightreading article, DiPietro will now be a vice chairman under Kheradpir. In addition, he will also revert to his role at Marlin Equity Partners. He was the operating partner at the private equity company.

Marlin Equity Partners is the company that created Coriant. It did so by combining the optical units of Tellabs, Nokia and a bit of Sycamore Networks. DiPietro is the man who played a major role in this. He has mostly been successful in this role. However, Kheradpir is not new to Coriant. He has been working with the senior management for a while now. He was acting in the role of Operation Executive for Marlin.

Coriant claims they chose Kheradpir due to his experience in the industry. He has 28 years working in the related industries of technology, telecom, and finance. In addition, he has earned recognition among industry players for his effort.

DiPietro was quick to give his approval of the new appointment. He hopes his leadership and guidance will help Coriant to grow to the next level. Since they started working together, he has played a positive role in the company, according to DiPietro.

About Shaygan Kheradpir
He is the Chairman and CEO of Coriant. The country has a footprint in over a hundred countries throughout the world. The company is currently involved with 9 out of 10 of the top CSPs (Communication Service Providers) in the world. Shaygan is a renowned leader with over 28 years of experience as a CEO. His successful career began at GTE. Later on, he moved to Verizon. He helped to transform the company during his time there.

Shaygan has been quite successful in his career. He helped to transform Barclays a modern banking giant during his time there. In addition, he has been responsible for the creation of many patents in different sectors. He is a Ph. D holder from the University of Cornell. He plays an advisory role to the US government in the technology industry.

Although Shaygan is a great leader with a lot of experience, he needs to be aware that the going will be tough. The industry is full of competition. He should expect that his time at Coriant is going to be tough.

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