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Receive Free Gold Information Kit by Visiting US Money Reserve

How many new websites give you something free for visiting? Not many. US Money Reserve is a unique website because it will give you something free, just for visiting.


“Increasing Gold Knowledge”


Unlike a used car salesman whose only goal is to complete the sale, the owner of US Money Reserve – former US Mint Director Philip Diehl – wants to educate all visitors. Maybe, that is why the firm has more than 500,000 customers and growing.


The new US Money Reserve website has numerous resources for its customer base. You can visit the “Education Center” and read about the #1 reasons for purchasing gold coins. There is also a section for “Gold IRAs.”


“World Peace & Gold Standards”


There are many assets, which can form the basis for your economy. In fact, the word for “money” in French is “silver.” The Incas had extensive silver mines, so silver was the asset of their choice. Indians also favored silver coins as a store of wealth.


As the British built up their empire, they established the Gold Standard as a way to make international trade uniform. The Gold Standard was effective in creating stability. It used a well-respected medium of exchange for all transactions. People trusted gold.


The United States left the Gold Standard under Richard Nixon, preferring the Petrodollar instead. Ever since, inflation and recession have diminished the purchasing power of paper currency. Isn’t your grocery bill higher today?


“Free Gold Information Kit”


When you visit the improved US Money Reserve website, you are likely to get a pop-up window for your “Free Gold Information Kit.” There is a simple form to fill out. Just type in your Name, E-mail Address, Phone Number and Street Address.


This information kit discusses topics, such as “Proof Gold,” “Diversifying with Gold” and “Why US Money Reserve Is Trusted By Over 400,000 clients.” Once you have filled out the form, click on the blue and white button to “SEND IT.” This kit is like a door prize.


Your business is appreciated by US Money Reserve. You are the reason why they are in business. Once you gain knowledge, you can share it with your friends and family. Shouldn’t everyone have valuable gold in their financial portfolios? Yes.


So, if you like free, you will like the US Money Reserve website. They hope this is the beginning of a very fruitful relationship.

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USHEALTH Group: 50 Years of Providing Incredible Customer Satisfaction

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a company based in Fort Worth, Texas which has more than 50 years of experience in the healthcare and insurance industries, serving over 15 million customers. This company has many subsidiaries, including the National Foundation Life Insurance Company and the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America.

As one of the country’s most trusted choices for healthcare, USHEALTH and its family provides a commitment to giving its customers innovative, custom-made plans geared towards families, small business owners, and self-employed individuals. USHEALTH provides accident and disability insurance, life insurance, specified disease/sickness insurance, in addition to health, dental, and vision plans.

USHEALTH caters to customers who live on a limited budget or have concerns about meeting high annual deductibles. They offer a wide variety of plans and products that give their customers the ability to receive first dollar benefits throughout a wide-ranged network and providers. The company is expertly knowledgeable about giving those customers first dollar protections without losing the coverage of a fully comprehensive plan.

The company also offers a wide range of plans for disease/sickness or accident coverage, understanding that each customer’s needs are different. By providing their customers with choice, they can give tailor-made plans to cover their unique needs, while still giving them a reliable, affordable, and flexible plan. In the midst of a healthcare world where low customer loyalty reigns, USHEALTH is determined to give each and every customer ultimate happiness in their choices. Their customer commitment has earned them a spot on the Top 50 North American Call Center list and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

USHEALTH is run by a team of highly trained and knowledgeable executives that always take the company’s mission and vision to heart. The President and CEO of USHEALTH is Troy McQuagge, a man who has been in the industry for more than 30 years and has been with the company since 2010. Sitting by his side is Executive Vice Presidents Konrad Kober, Patrick O’Neill and Cynthia Koenig, Senior Vice President Virgil Meier, and Chief Marketing Officer Brian Clark.


Three Major Benefits of Using Dating Apps Such as Bumble

Many people worldwide still use organic dating. Online dating, however, is taking roots with more people and especially the younger generation depending on it. This has prompted developers to come up with more online dating sites and apps such as Bumble by Whitney Wolfe.

Although the two forms of online dating provide a favorable platform for people to mingle and find compatible partners, dating apps tend to be more popular. One can say it is because they are easy to use and offer convenience. However, their benefits span widely than for the two reasons.

Minimizes Pressure

Not all people are courageous when it comes to meeting new people, not to mention the introverts who will shudder at the thought of meeting other people. Online dating apps give such people an opportunity to interact and connect without physically meeting freely. By the time two people decide to meet, they already have a connection and feel like they know each other.

Saves Time

With bills to pay and personal needs to take care of, you might have a tight schedule that you don’t even have free time to meet new people. With a dating app installed on your phone, you can look for people you share interest while on the bus headed for work or when on a quick lunch break.

Offers Variety of Options

Once you create a profile, you are matched with several people depending on your specifications. From these, you can choose to connect with the one that interests you more. When Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble, for instance, she wanted to give women the power to start a conversation with men. Similarly, there are apps where men have the freedom to strike a conversation first.

About Whitney Wolfe

Born and raised in Salt Lake, Whitney Wolfe founded the popular online dating app, Bumble. The app is majority owned by European dating company, Badoo. She also co-founded another dating app, Tinder but later resigned her shares. Bumble, where she is also the CEO received a lot of appreciation upon launching in 2014, and by 2015, it had reached 15 million users!

Whitney Wolfe majored in International Studies from Southern Methodist University. She dived into business at age 19 while still in college. She used to sell bamboo tote bags. He would donate the gains to people in areas affected by BP oil spills.

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Fabletics is Taking the Online Shopping Experience to New Heights

While Amazon has enjoyed being the top dog for many years in the online retail world, Fabletics is starting to command a space once owned by the retail giant. The reason Fabletics has climbed so far so fast in the women’s workout apparel niche is simple, they are taking the road less traveled. To better understand why women are raving about their online shopping experiences, let’s take a closer look at what makes Fabletics so different.


Before we even discuss why this company is exploding in popularity this year, we need to start with co-founder of Fabletics, Kate Hudson. When her name became associated with the clothing at Fabletics, women took notice. To get people excited, the company offered first time buyers their choice of anything at the site for $25 and it shipped free.


Soon after those women received their merchandise, they rushed back to the website to take advantage of a VIP member ship offer. To achieve this status, you need only fill out a Lifestyle Quiz, and then you are considered a VIP of Fabletics. Now unlike Amazon, who only reward their members with 2-day shipping at the cost of $70 annually, all VIP members of Fabletics get free shipping on all orders.


To sweeten the deal, all VIP members at Fabletics are locked into a price-point of $49.95 on future orders. It doesn’t matter if the yoga pants sell for $101 or the workout sets for $150, they pay only $49.95 per item. Each VIP member will also be assigned a Fabletics shopper who matches your quiz results to new apparel in the store, and loads one piece in your cart each month. If you like the selection, have it shipped. If not, nothing ships or you can shop on your own.


Fabletics has mastered the art of reverse showrooming. What that means is that they welcome women to shop the retail shops, and if you see something you like but don’t make the buy at that location, it gets added to your online cart for future consideration. Fabletics isn’t hung up on your buying at either location, they just want to improve the overall shopping experience. Now you can try stuff on at the retail setting, then go home that night and browse colors and styles exclusively online based on the selection you made in the store.


Don’t just take our word how great this company is, here are some third-party impartial reviews left by women across the web.


Kimberly at Krazy Lady coupon, “I was getting tired of having to renew my Prime membership at Amazon each year. At Fabletics I am treated like a real VIP with free shipping for life. That’s how you treat a lady!”


Donna at Trust Pilot, “The selection and quality are incredible. I only will shop at Fabletics any time I need workout apparel.”


Wendy at A Foodie Stays Fit, “I must have saved a few hundred in shipping over the last few months. I love the ease and functionality of the website.”

FreedomPop Is The Popular Acquisition Rumor Of Today

The staff at FreedomPop are willing to help customers save money on all their cell phone plans, and they have created a better wifi network for all home and office customers. This FreedomPop review is a look at how the company is now the target of many acquisition rumors. They are the popular company that young people wish to use, and they have a business model that is far beyond what others are willing to do.


#1: What Does FreedomPop Offer?


The company is a cell phone and wifi provider that is building a large network in America and abroad. They have moved into Europe, and they are searching for ways to move farther. The company offers free cell phone plans to their customers, and they are looking for ways to help their customers acquire proper phones for their needs. The company sells smartphones to match their services, and they are willing to give customers a cheaper paid plan where necessary.


#2: How Does Their Business Model Work?


The business model at FreedomPop helps keep costs low by growing a volume business with better service. The services that are offered through the company are much cheaper than others, and they are often free as the firm understands customers are not always able to pay. They have created a simpler form off communication for the disenfranchised,


#3: How Would Another Company Use Their Services?


Other firms in the industry are hoping FreedomPop may become their cheaper partner. There are many people who are using their service today because it is cheaper, and those who are most-interested in offering a cheaper option through their own company may want FreedomPop as their partner. The network that has been grown by the company is valuable in its own right, and many companies may improve their own service given how strong the FreedomPop network.


#4: The Company Is Expanding Rapidly


Global cell phone companies are interested to see the company grow at astounding rates, and they will find it quite possible to use the network from FreedomPop to expand. They will have more places to go with their customers, and they may move to markets that only FreedomPop was considering.


Every cell phone company in the world must use FreedomPop as an example. They are willing to help customers lower costs, and they are seen as a fine option for those who are mot willing to spend much.


A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide Opportunity

Traveling Vineyard is a relatively easy direct sales company to be a part of that is known worldwide. With their training and support, you can be working your own direct sales business in no time at all. Yes, that means you will be the CEO of your own direct sales business with Traveling Vineyard. However, you will never be alone because we will be there to help you along the way.

When you sign up to become a wine guide, you’re assigned to a leader near you. They are there to assist you with any question and guide you as your business begins to grow. Also, you will have access to the training modules that we offer in the tasting room that teach about direct sales, the wine, and how to build your team. What’s more, they hold an annual Harvest Conference where you will be able to enhance your direct sales skills. Plus, meet other successful wine guides.

A benefit to starting your own Traveling Vineyard business is that you’re the boss. By being the boss, it allows you to set your work schedule and choose how many hours you wish to work. Another advantage is their excellent training, support, and tools that can help you to become successful in direct sales. Plus, you will have a great opportunity to meet some distinguished talented individuals.

On social media sites like Facebook, we display wine tasting opportunities to offer to others that are interested in direct sales. There are wine tasting events, a chance to communicate with other direct sales wine guides, and more. Here are a few of home wine tasting ideas with the calendar month:

* For February have everyone where red and promote a red wine tasting for around Valentine’s day.
* For March have everyone wear their famous Irish attire and give a prize for who shows up in the best outfit.
* For April have a wine and bread tasting for the pass over.

There is no experience necessary to become a wine guide with Traveling Vineyard. Our wine guides come from all aspects of life from a young adult to the retiree. No matter if you’re a single parent, stay at home mom, retired, or enjoy sales this opportunity is for all who enjoy working in direct sales. If you have been in direct sales before, you have already lots of training under your belt. Traveling Vineyard is a substantial business opportunity for all. Contact us online to begin your career as a wine guide.

How Technology has Transformed the Transport Infrastructure

Transit experts came together during the 18th Williamson County Growth Summit to offer their contributions on how to tackle traffic which is the biggest challenge facing the County. The experts also discussed the role that technology plays in transport infrastructure and how it had changed the transportation industry in Austin and all over the world. Those present in the summit panel included Mike Heiligenstein, Leandre Johns, Joseph Kosper, and Jared Ficklin. Mike Heiligenstein said that inventive technologies like applications for ridesharing and vehicles without drivers could transform the face of transportation. Mike added that the Austin region should invest in expanding its capacity for transportation by construction more and smarter roads.


Mike added that building more roads that are smarter is the only way to serve the demands of a fast expanding population like the County of Williamson. He said that the county had done an exemplary work of structuring its infrastructure over the past fifteen years, but more still needs to be done. Leandre Johns works for Uber Technologies, Inc. He said that the commuters in Austin require first and last mile solutions that will be able to get them on and off the public transit. Johns stated that ridesharing firms such as Uber would nicely fit that mold.


CTRMA (Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority) is an independent agency that belongs to the government. It was started in 2002. The aim of the organization is to enhance the transportation system both in Travis and Williamson counties. The Mission of CTRMA is to implement new transportation solutions so as to reduce congestions and come up with transportation options that improve economic vitality and quality of life. A 7-member Board of Directors oversees the CTRMA. The County’s Governor appoints the Chairman.


Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of CTRMA. He has a distinguished profession in the infrastructure development in Central Texas. Mike was selected by the Board to be the leader of the agency after CTRMA was officially launched in 2003. Mike has worked as an elected official in the County of Williamson for more than 23 years where he represented the citizens of Central Texas. Mike has been involved in lead efforts to expand transportation infrastructure, water, and wastewater. CTRMA has a program that expects to acquire assets worth $4 billion by 2020 under the leadership of Mike Heiligenstein. Mike was chosen as the President of the International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association by the National peers in 2014. He also serves on the Advisory Council at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute.


Why the EOS lip balm is just the best

A few years ago, purchasing a lip balm meant scanning through several drug stores in the supermarket to purchase a simple tube of ChapStick. The stick felt very clinical and more like a drug you would place with your lips with an active ingredient. You will get all the cautions about heavy usage of the lip balm and its effect. You would never dare to go wild with your lips as its Cherry flavor and mint was somewhat overwhelming.

Fortunately, the EOS lip balm was introduced. It came as a solution for anyone that wanted a stress free lip balm that could be placed in any amounts. Since it was introduced, the EOS lip balm has taken famous supermarkets and Target stores with a big bang. Beauty editors today rave about its prominent flavors such as the grapefruit and the honeydew. But why has the EOS lip balm managed to beat its competitors ChapStick and stayed ahead of the competition. Fast company product in their article tries to explain this.

EOS lip balm are popular since they are easily recognizable. They first offer a colorful and round pod that sells for less than $5 and come with an array of flavors. The product itself is friendly to use as it is 95% organic. It made of shea butter, jojoba oil, vitamins and is paraben-free. Many people that have used the product have been left with nothing but positive Amazon reviews and praise for the exemplary product. You will go to multiple online stores and find sentiments where people indicate how they love the product.

The evolution of the EOS lip balm ( has simply taken the world by storm. It has an innovative lip salve. It is unique, original, has an adorable sphere and its packaging is with vibrant colors.