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Accessibility Done Right With Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies provides essential communication technologies that bring individuals together and help them to communicate through the use of highly developed peer to peer technology. This technology operates utilizing phone and video services to bring individuals together and allow them to communicate in situations in which it would be difficult. One of the best ways these services are utilized is through the use of jail member communications. Individuals within a jail are able to easily and safely communicate with their family members via webcam or phone utilizing Securus Technologies’s advanced communication services.


Fees that Matter

The fees for Securus vary state to state. While this may seem like an inconvenience the fees, themselves sit merely at $.21 to $.25 a minute and thus are incredibly affordable for families looking to communicate with one another or for simple individual to individual communications. The payment system also offers players an option to invest in a prepaid alternative accordingly simply utilizing money that has been effectively stored on a prepaid card. Part of Securus’s goal has been to establish a system in which people are capable to invest in the services made available without having to jump through hoops in order to make a secured call. These services provide users with a unique experience that looks out to make sure they are able to afford calls and video services no matter what form they are encountered.


Accessibility Done Right

Securus Technologies continues to offer life changing one on one interactions via their technologies in the form of video and phone. Their services offer individuals with unique opportunities to be more personable without the hassle of other over complicated and expensive communication services. Through the Securus video chat app users are able to communicate with each other no matter where the other individual may be. Securus continues to innovate to allow these technologies to flourish and be highly accessible!


The Many Facets of Cassio Audi

Brazilian Investment Management is a company that specializes in numerous securities(bonds, shares, and other securities) as well as other assets, like real estate. Their main purpose is to meet the goals and advantages of their investors. An Investment Manager is a person / company that makes funds in portfolios of various securities on behalf of their clients. Cassio Audi is a famous and renown Brazilian Investment Manager who works extensively on the client’s behalf. His dedication and hard work for the good of others has made him a prominent figure in the Brazilian Investment market.

Aside from being a prominent Brazilian Investment Manager, Cassio Audi has many other talents as well. For example, .Cassio also had a career as a musician. He was the drummer of the Brazilian heavy metal band, Viper. Viper was formed in 1985 and was influenced by an English heavy metal band, Iron Maiden, which was formed by their bassist and songwriter, Steve Harris, in 1975. Additionally, the new wave of British heavy metal also has been an influence on Viper which has helped to develop a particular and unique sound. While Cassio was with the group, they produced their first demo: The Killera Sword (1985) as well as their first album: Soldiers of Sunrise (1987). This album was re-released by Massacre Records in 1992 and re-released again in 1997 by Paradoxx Music in a 2 in 1 Edition with the Theater of Fate album. According to an interview, Andre Mateos, a member of Viper, stated that the entire album was completed in a week.
Cassio Audi was the drummer of Viper from 1985-1987.

A documentary DVD about the band Viper “20 Years Living For The Night” was released in 2005.

Richard Blair provides investments and solutions to Austin Texas

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions believes that everyone should be able to pursue their own personal financial goals, and to accomplish this, everyone needs a good financial plan. So he has decided to provide sound investments and wealth solution and management services to Austin Texas. Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory firm (operating as a RIA firm) based in the same location.


Richard Blair, the founder of Wealth Solutions, has the goal of making a positive change in the lives of many people from families, to individual people, to small business owners. Growing up in a family of teachers (Mother, Wife, and grandmother) he has seen first hand just how far education can help people grow and prosper in the world. He realized that he could do the same with his own knowledge, financial services, provide professional yet also very personal help to many people. Over the years he’s grown his craft and his teachings are a big help to many.


Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory firm that’s simple and easy for clients to use. It was established back in 1994 along with his love of finance and passion for helping and educating others. in Austin Texas and has a current annual revenue of 401861. Unlike many other, investment firms of a similar nature, Richard Blair takes a far more active role in the activities of his company and the lives of his clients as well. The firm can quickly figure out the client’s situation and needs through a simple “three pillar” system.



Pillar 1: Help clients lay out their financial roadmap. Learn their strengths, weaknesses and goals and opportunities. Using this pillar, we can find out what our clients need and how best to help them achieve their goals.


Pillar 2: This is where a long-term strategy is developed for the client tailored to their liquidity and investment goals. Richard manages assets to ensure excellent quality of the portfolio and reducing potentially negative impacts to the client during negative market periods.


Pillar 3: This is where the client’s insurance needs are met including long-term care and life insurance.


Richard Blair will be there to help walk all of his clients through this three-step processs to find the best approach.


To this day, the firm continues to provide advice and assistance to all future clients thanks to Richard’s years of experience and expertise on the subject, clients can rest easy knowing that they’re in good hands.




Choosing the Best Photographer in New York City

Being able to do a wedding is one of the most exciting things you will ever do in life. A wedding is a special event and it takes a very good photographer to capture all the memories in that one day. At George Street Photo & Video, this is possible.

One of the reasons why you should consider the photographers at George Street Photo & Video is because they have the latest equipment that ensure your pictures and videos are of the highest quality and resolution. It is easy and cheaper to ask a friend or a neighbor to be your photographer but it is better to spend more on quality photos for your album.

At George Street Photo & Video, you will find a wide range of photography services. The professionals also offer consulting services to clients who want to choose the best venues or lighting.

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