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OSI Group is an Exemplary Worldwide Food Product Company

OSI Group is a premier global supplier of food products in the world’s leading food service. OSI is based in Aurora Illinois, with plants all over the world. There are 65 facilities, and 200,000 employees in 17 countries. OSI group offers many advantages such as: Custom food solutions, efficient and trustworthy supply chain expertise, innovative research, and unsurpassed food safety. They also offer a commitment of sustainability. OSI Industries have been delivering quality food products for over a hundred years.

OSI Group acquired two companies in Europe. Both of these companies help OSI have a broader presence in Europe. Baho Foods is a Dutch manufacturer of convenience foods. Baho also has 5 subsidiaries in Germany and the Netherlands. They service customers in 18 European Countries. John Balvers, Baho’s managing director and his team will remain a part of the company. Flagship Europe was acquired from Flagship food group in Denver Colorado. They supply poultry, pies, sous vi de products as well as sauces and dressings.

OSI bought the Former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago Illinois in June of 2016.OSI feels that purchase of the facility enhances their capabilities to meet the needs of their customers. Click here to know more.

To compete for the Globe of Honour, an organization has to achieve the maximum of 5 stars in the British Safety Council’s Environment Management Audit Scheme in a period of a year. The organizations also has to demonstrate to an independent panel of experts that they have excellence in environmental management throughout every aspect of the business. There were 18 organizations worldwide that were presented with a Globe of Honour in 2016. OSI Group received one of the 18 Globe of Honour awards from the British Safety Council in 2016 for their exemplary management of environmental risks.


Options for Jay Z as Live Nation Deal Comes To a Close

Jay Z had signed a major ten-year deal with Live Nation in the year 2008 for approximately $150 million, and it is set to end next year. The 360 deal triggered the immediate actions of Jay Z and his business partner Desiree Perez initiating a meeting with Sir Lucian Grainge who is the chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group sparking interests that UMG could buy a stake in Roc Nation. The speculated move could enable Jay Z access more resources to develop new artists and improve his streaming service, Tidal. There are rumors inside the UMG indicating that they already have a distribution deal with Roc Nation that sees them get a percentage of the earnings at Roc Nation.   Check for additional article.

Desiree Perez and her influence at Roc Nation

Des Perez, as she is referred to by her associates and close friends, has been a close associate with Jay Z for almost twenty years, and she has proved to be a qualified leader in running the businesses with Jay Z. Her well-known attributes include her ability to crunch numbers and her aggressive attitude in dealing with other companies especially when negotiating. She is one of the biggest shareholders in Roc Nation due to her ability to negotiate huge deals for artists in Roc Nation like the Beyonce Formation Stadium and Rihanna Samsung deal. For Dez latest tweets, follow her on twitter@desireeperez01

Desiree Perez is known to be a shrewd entrepreneur demanding authority in the entertainment sector. She currently serves as the executive officer at Roc Nation offering management advice to musicians signed to the label. Her experience spans over two decades successfully managing other enterprises such as SC Enterprise. She runs Roc Nation with the help of Jana Fleischman, Jay Brown, Chaka Pilgrim, and TyTy Smith. The skilled and talented management team negotiated for the Formation World tour for the Roc Nation artist Beyonce. More to read on this important link

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How Officers are Using Securus Technologies to Find Drugs

One of the more alarming things that me and my fellow corrections officers heard inmates saying was that they were able to get drugs into the jail easier than when they were out on the streets. That means that I am failing at my job if these inmates have the chance to get illegal contraband into their cells, and we have been working harder each day to try and eliminate this problem at the source.


A few of the things that we do each day to fight the flow of drugs is to meet visitors when they come to the jail to see inmates. This is when we do several body searches before they meet, to make sure nothing is coming inside the jail. We even take dogs to the cells while the inmates are in the yard and search for anything that may be hidden just out of our sight.


When Securus Technologies installed the inmate call monitoring system in our jail, we knew that we had yet another valuable resource that we could be using to stop the flow of drugs into our jail. The company is headed by Richard Smith, and he talks about how his 1,000 employees all are dedicating themselves to the objective of making the world safer. That dedication is what inspires my team to make sure we get the most of this valuable resource when we put it to the test.


Once we understood how the LBS software worked, we were astounded how quickly the monitoring system was picking up on chatter pertaining to drugs. One call revealed the hiding place of heroin in the yard. One call gave us the identity of visitors bringing drugs to the jail. We even discovered who was using drugs when the prison was dark and the inmates should have been asleep.


Smart Homes the New Venture in Real Estate Industry

Smart homes make life easier as they have features which include adjusting lighting and even detect walking patterns of the occupants of the home. Other smart homes have sophisticated high tech features such as toilets which can notice a health defect of the user and relay the data to a doctor. Today, smart homes do not make buyers and real estate agents bat an eye as their futuristic ideas and concepts have now become a norm.

There are more features to be discovered and developed despite the already existing ones. Tech innovators and investors are therefore in a competitive market which needs new systems or technologies. Several companies are always marketing new inventions as they are striving to be number one in the market and this increases the level of developments and improvements of the devices.

When home builders build new houses, they make connected homes with standard features which include:

  • Ring motion-detecting doorbells
  • Caseta Wireless smart lighting
  • Nest thermostats
  • Lutron automatic window shades

Todd Lubar’s Education Background and Career Journey

Todd Lubar started his education in Washington DC at the Sidwell Friends School. He attended his high school education at Peddie School in Hightstown, NJ. He the then transitioned to Syracuse University and attained a B.A degree in speech communication. Todd Lubar took up his first job after graduation in 1995 at Crestar Mortgage Corporation and went on to work there for four years.

During his time working at the firm, Todd realised that his passion lay in the real estate and finance industry. In 1999, he got an opportunity to extend his skills by joining Legacy Financial Group. He lent loans as a direct mortgage bank and also broker loans to external investors. For more details visit Ideamensch.

Presently, Todd Lubar is a real estate entrepreneur and has a strong passion for smart homes. He is the vice president of Legendary Investments and serves as the president of Global Ventures, LLC. Todd Lubar was ranked among the top 25 mortgage pioneers in the United States as he has experience of over twenty years in the real estate industry. Lubar has also been involved in several industries from mortgage banking and entertainment to construction.Check out his page

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Karl Heideck Redefines The Process Of Litigation

Karl Heideck Redefines The Process Of Litigation

Karl Heideck Redefines The Process Of Litigation

Litigation refers to a contest or a controversy in courts that entails sorting legal rights to be enforced and determined. It is defined as civil deeds as opposed to the administrative process or criminal. In litigation, an objective or early issues evaluation, as well as the probability of success, reflects on the responsible governance. Thus, the process involves fully developing the documents, history, competent witnesses, and prior context beginning down the path of litigation.

About Karl
Karl Heideck is well-known as a skilled litigator and attorney specializing in compliance practices and risk management. Karl has other elements that make him stand-out from other litigators. Additionally, Karl has skills in other areas such as employment law, legal writing, legal research, corporate law, commercial litigation and product liability. Karl Heideck has exercised all these practices for more than ten years.

His educational credentials explain further on his skills and experience in various areas. Karl first studied English and Literature at the Swarthmore College. He later graduated with honors after joining the Law School of Tempe University Beasley.

Litigation process
Attorneys and law firms have offered their services on an hourly basis since very few things that exceed litigation’s uncertainty exist. Due to the various responses and outcomes to every strategic move taken by lawsuit parties, it is hard to foretell at the first consultation the amount of work needed or the duration the case will consume. A law firms’ minority have enforced alternatives to the billable hour. These companies allow various alternative models of billing that allow the clients to select the one they prefer most. Also, other models of billing are divided five different phases of litigation whereby a flat fee is charged for every phase.

Litigation can be further broken down into five stages:
• Preliminary assessment and development of the case
• Pleadings
• Discovery
• Summary judgment
• Trial

Litigation, in federal courts, is governed by various federal rules such as the Federal Rules of Evidence, Civil Procedure, Bankruptcy Procedure, Criminal Procedure as well as Appellate Procedure. To most people, understanding these rules might be quite difficult, and that’s why you need to hire a professional litigator to help you in law-based matters. You will find several litigators; however, you need to choose an experienced litigator.

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