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Earn Money as a Wine Guide With Traveling Vineyards

Established in 2001, Traveling Vineyards offers a unique work-at-home business opportunity for men and women who love socializing and wine! No experience is necessary, although a small $99 fee is required to cover costs of a success kit. This kit contains several bottles of wines, tasting glasses, brochures, catalogs, and more. Traveling Vineyard provides training and ongoing support for all their guides, as well as the chance to attend conferences in various parts of the U.S. While not required, these conferences are very informative help ensure success.

How Does it Work?

As a Traveling Vineyard guide, you’ll invite friends, family, acquaintances, and others into your home to sample wines and discuss them in various capacity. There’s lots of education, plenty of tasting, and always fun going on. When the party is over, the leader takes orders of wine and you earn free wine and great commissions. Guides earn 15% to 25% commissions on their sales.

Benefits of Working as a Wine Guide

When you work as a wine guide, you are your own boss. You are in control of the hours that you work, the number of parties you hold each week, and the people that you invite to your parties. Since ongoing training is provided, you’re always well-prepared to host parties and earn the money that you want and need. And, of course, no one can forget that these home parties provide opportunity to learn more about wines from different parts of the world. It’s all in a day’s work to learn more: click here.

Is This the Right Opportunity for You?

With a well-established history and plenty of satisfied guides on the team, Traveling Vineyard is a company worth investing your time into. If you enjoy being the life of the party and delicious wine, this is a unique opportunity to make extra money or even a full-time income. It’s fun, there’s lots of growth opportunity, and there’s wine! Can you really think of a better way to spend your time as you earn money?

Vital Ideologies Rocketship Education’s CEO Adopted Throughout the Institution’s Initital Decade of Operations

Rocketship Education CEO and founder Preston Smith created the organization in 2007, having since learned a number of important strategies, behaviors, methodologies, and traits associated with educational success in low-income areas Rocketship serves.

New ideas for educational success don’t always have to be rolled out. Spending money towards the development of such programs, as Rocketship developed and decided not to roll out a few years ago with their flex model, without results is better than implementing them without a net benefit. Smith decided not to unveil it at all eighteen locations because of quality control issues, despite select schools performing well with the program.

Special needs students are regularly included in normal classroom activities, with most developmentally disabled students spending at least 80% of their time at school in these environments. Every Rocketship facility houses multiple special education teachers, although limited exposure in these settings encourages students to feel better about schooling.

Rocketship Education employs parents as volunteers in evaluating candidates for positions as instructors, sending feedback to administrators each week about their students’ teachers, and lobbying nearby school systems to meet high standards of education. If these standards aren’t met, parents are encouraged to enroll their students in the best possible public school – this ideology also holds Rocketship accountable, as parents are explicitly instructed to transfer their students if the school fosters subpar education.

Most people don’t have to think when answering the question, “Do low-income areas have bad schools?” Impoverished regions’ economies don’t possess enough resources to provide top-tier, or even moderate quality, educations to their students. This causes a cycle of poverty and general lack of success in students’ future careers. Preston Smith realized this need when founding Rocketship Education, today spread across eighteen low-income boroughs of metropolitan areas packed to the proverbial brim with residents. Despite instructing students hailing from poor backgrounds, the school’s overall test scores are almost always higher than their urban educational facilities’ peers, consistently among the ranks – if not exceeding that of – expensive, private schools. RSED’s status as a nonprofit charter school helps their locations obtain significant financing, propelling their students’ success year after year.


Desiree Perez, the Toughest of All Negotiators, Targets To Seal A Deal with the Universal Music Group Soon

2018 will mark the end of the ten-year deal that brought together Jay Z’s Roc Nation and Live Nation. The deal that was signed in 2008 is said to have been worth $150 million, meaning that it is still among the most lucrative deals within the global music industry. The deal involves music recording, with Live Nation owning artist’s rights. Many refer to the deal as the 360 Deal. Live Nation is not expected to renew the deal, with some claiming that the firm is considering quitting the recorded music business altogether. However, the good business relationship built over the last decade is not ending anytime soon. As indicated by Live Nation, not extending the 360 deal will usher in new and more lucrative deals between the company and Jay Z.  Related article to read on

The Next Move

As the curtains close on the 360 Deal, the focus now shifts to who will fit in Live Nation’s shoes. Roc Nation’s Tidal app requires funding to continue competing for a space in the music streaming sector that is largely dominated by Spotify and Apple. As such, Jay Z has been making contacts with the bigwigs in the industry, with the Universal Music Group strongly linked with striking a deal anytime soon. These speculations were fueled further by revelations that Desiree Perez, a top executive at Roc Nation, had accompanied Jay Z to meet UMG’s Sir Lucian Grainge at his office in Santa Monica.

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Apparently, it will not be the first time that UMG and Roc Nation do business together. The former manages a small stake in the in Roc Nation as of today, meaning that a new deal will be more of raising the stake. The top management at UMG is yet to comment on the prospective deal, but sources indicate that the firm is keen on owning a bigger stake in the fast-growing music firm.

About Desiree

As the leading negotiator for Roc Nation, Desiree Perez has cut a name for herself in the music industry. She is part and parcel of the Hova Circle of influence together with her lover, and Jay Z. Desiree is the executive attributed to the sealing of Rihanna’s Samsung deal.  check

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Aloha Construction’s Industrial Growth

The Aloha Construction Company is a family owned business that serves the locals of the state of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Having started as a small construction company, Aloha Construction has grown over the years to become a leading industrial general constructor. That they have been able to achieve with the aid of their team of experts that entails; managers, team supervisors, claim specialists, inspectors, office staff and installers. The company’s growth can be accredited to their quality work which must be very high given the tremendous growth the Aloha team has experienced over the years.

The Aloha Construction’s Service Areas

The Aloha Construction Company offers its construction services all over the state of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. In its initial operation the construction company covered a relatively small area of Illinois compared to what it handles today. Some of the areas where the Aloha Company has completed projects include; Barrington, Round Lake, Port Barrington, North Barrington, Palatine, Vernon Hills, Mundelein, Lincolnshire, Mchenry and Wauconda. With its industrial growth, the company is now able to offer its services to even more areas such as Cook and DuPage counties through their lake Zurich location. They also have a Bloomington office, which has enabled them to serve residents of Peoria, Washington, McClean, Champaign and Tazewell counties.

Aloha Construction’s Growth Numbers

The company has been able to deliver on numerous projects within the above areas in which they operate in. The growth in area coverage has consequently increased the company’s growth in project numbers. The Aloha Company boasts of eighteen thousand completed projects within the above mentioned areas among others within Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Before 2013 the company had completed projects more than five thousand projects but less than seven thousand.

All in all, the Aloha Construction Company has worked over the years to gather experience and improve on their service quality. Their unique services within the construction industry not forgetting their wide range of the same has enabled them grow to serve a larger group of people from different parts of the state of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

OSI Group: World Leader in Providing Quality Food Products

The American company OSI Group, is a international leader in contributing quality products and custom solutions concerning the food industry. OSI Group mainly involves themselves in the meat packing industry. It is famously known for having high quality meat distribution around the world.

OSI Group, alone, has created tens of thousands of jobs and careers. Their people oriented business sustains many families all across the United States, and all over the globe. OSI Group is responsible for not just offering many jobs, but also taking care of the people who take the jobs.

Connections to most popular food services, makes one consider where OSI Group stands as a global food distribution leader. OSI Group has distributed food to places such as: Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks, Subway, and many others. Many people have eaten food from OSI Group, and may not even known it.

The company’s recent purchase of Baho Food, has given OSI Group a much greater influence in the continent of Europe. Baho Food is a Dutch food manufacturer that distributes food to over 18 European countries, while also maintaining plants across the Nederlands and Germany. The OSI Group wants to also have the ability to distribute their food in more areas in Europe, than they did before.

OSI Group has also, recently, bought a food plant from the company Tyson. Their decision was due to their continuing growth. This plant was purchased to compensate OSI Group’s growing gains. Tyson had seen no future for the plant and it’s workers, but OSI Group did, and quickly turned the plant around to have one.

There exists many reasons for why OSI Group is so great and is one of America’s Top 100 Food Companies. OSI Group has brought many advancements in the food industry, when concerning profitability and jobs. It has also provided great tasting food all across the globe.


OSI Industries Expands

OSI Industries recently expanded their enterprise by purchasing Baho Food, Tyson Food Plant, and Flagship Europe. OSI Industries is known internationally for superior products and custom solutions for the food industry. Founded in 1909 in America, OSI industries quickly gained a reputation for excellence. They slowly grew throughout the past century in size and reach. Now worldwide, the company continues to expand its reach across the globe.

OSI Groups recent purchases highlight its commitment to worldwide service. The first company it recently acquired was Baho Food. Baho Food is a private Dutch company involved in the manufacture of meat products and other food items with production facilities in Germany and the Netherlands. The second purchase was Tyson Food Plant. Well-known in America, Tyson’s products are known for their great tasting meats. The third acquisition was Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe is a UK-based food supplier committed to quality. The three companies will add even more value to OSI and better solutions to its customers.

By purchasing these three businesses, OSI Industries shows its desire to grow on a global scale. Using the latest technology and best food products, the company OSI has the tools necessary for logistics on a large scale. Companies can expect OSI to be prepared for almost any project or idea, even one that reaches across continents. That is why OSI continues to expand its global presence. By purchasing companies and facilities across countries, they can streamline processes and create better solutions for their customers regardless of where they are located.

About OSI Groups:

Desiree Perez, the Rock of the Roc Nation.

It can be tough for a woman to not only succeed but thrive in the producing world. Strong entrepreneur Desiree Perez has shown the entertainment industry that hard work will lead you to success. As a producer and talent manager as well, she has cemented her spot as one of the top women in her craft.

As the force behind bringing Samsung into the fold for promoting Rihanna’s Anti Tour, this 25-million-dollar deal help drives Rihanna’s reputation as an A list superstar. Des Perez still stands in Rihanna’s inner circle, helping to influence her business and financial deals as she shoots to become one of the world’s most famous entertainers.  More to read on

In 2008, Roc Nation was founded and has risen to become one of the most important entertainment companies in the entire world. There’s nothing Roc Nation can’t do, with services working with songwriters, producers, and recording artists with issues in management, public relations, and brand management, music publishing promotions, concert and tour production. The heart and soul behind this is Des Perez, with her experience and sharp negotiating skills, the artist working with her become her main priority.   Check for additional.article.

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A powerful name in an industry full of big names, Desiree Perez has carved out her place.  Her name may not be the one the public sees in lights, but because of her hard work, compassion and shrewd business sense, she’s the person who Roc Nation and all of her other business ventures can turn to when they need that special touch. Tough but passionate, Desiree Perez will continue to guide her clients to the top.  Continue reading about her on  And for updates on her timeline activities, visit her page.

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Start Your Business Doe Deere’s Way

Starting a new business can be a very rewarding experience, but it can also be terrifying as the person takes their ideas and moves into their new journey. Some people do not know where to start, what all steps are involved, what should be considered. And some people just need a little reassurance that successfully starting a new business can be done. Concerns can be lifted with inspiration and advice from those who successfully tread the waters and created their businesses. And Doe Deere, owner of Lime Crime cosmetics, is a wonderful inspiration for what to do in order to start a new business and help it take off.


Doe Deere and her company, Lime Crime, show that a passion for makeup can turn into a rebellious and fresh cosmetics line that is taking the world by storm. Doe Deere started Lime Crime in 2004 and it has rocketed since. Focusing on intensely bright colors, being certified vegan, and animal cruelty-free, Doe Deere made sure to let her passion show through in her work and people love it. Each nail polish, lipstick, eye shadow, and more are bright and beautiful. The name, Lime Crime, was chosen by taking Doe Deere’s favorite color and adding Crime, since the colors in the line are so bright it is teased they should be illegal to wear. Learn more:

Not only is she passionate, but a successful business owner who loves mentoring others and even offers advice through her Instagram. And is often found seeking to help others find their own voice so that they can follow their passions. Those starting their own business can look to her for inspiration and ideas of how to get their business ideas up and running.


Just like Doe Deere and her passion for colors, people can take their passions and turn them into business ideas. Not all passionate ideas make into great business ideas, but it is the perfect place to start. And the owner who is passionate about their work will allow their love to show through into the business. People will enjoy seeing the passion and it could be what really brings the business into the spotlight. The key is to take the passions and compare them to the current market trends, see where they will fit in the best, where is the need that people are craving for, and what will allow that passion to really flourish.


The next step is to set up a business plan. Look into the market where the passion fits, see how others in that market work. This plan is something that can be looked back onto at any time so that the business can keep moving forward. It is also necessary with many businesses in order to get the financial assistance they need in order to get started. Learn more:

Once a business plan is made the next step is to take a moment to consider a few things. The initial startup of a business can be difficult, although the reward of owning a successful business later can make everything worth it. Time, money, and lots of determination are needed in the start. There could be times when there is no pay, the days are long, and there is little money. But staying determined about a passion can help the new business owners to weather through these hard times so that the new business can arise from the dust and shine for the world.


The journey may seem difficult or hard at first, or perhaps it is only exciting to see where a passion will lead a life, but either way there are steps that can be taken to help prepare a business for a successful lift off. And having a good role model and inspiration is one of the keys. Doe Deere is a fantastic, rebellious, and passionate business owner who has learned the ropes and has proven that a person can turn their passion into a business idea followed by a fantastic business. Learn more:


What Has Dallas Gained By Being Federal Reserve Branch?

In 1914, Dallas was chosen as one of the Federal Reserve branches. This increased the city’s prestige, economic activity and allowed it to influence both national and international monetary policy. How did this fit in with the November 2016 Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference?

Federal Reserve Note Dallas

Dallas residents can be quite proud because their city is proudly displayed on 1 out of every 12 American dollars. The City of Dallas represents the Eleventh Federal District, which includes Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas. This is considered to be the energy center of production in the United States.

The Texas Bankers Association (TBA) was instrumental in encouraging the Fed to choose Dallas over New Orleans. The truth is that New Orleans had been very important as a primary port for cotton export and refining. The TBA encouraged the dredging of Houston for international transport and it has replaced New Orleans over time.

Dallas gains prestige, Federal Reserve workers, influence and access to capital as a branch. It is not only involved in important economic decisions for the nation, but for the world. Many nations depend on the Fed for guidance on monetary policy.

Treasury Notes Management

The Fed and US Treasury have a very close relationship. In fact, the US Treasury officially has the authority to determine which currency will circulate in the country. Over time, the Fed has gradually gained more influence. If you examine your dollar, you will see the Fed seal on one side and the US Treasury seal on the other side.

NexBank can assist with institutional services, like US Treasury Notes. US Treasury Notes are a form of currency for the largest organizations. You can work with NexBank representatives to buy or sell these securities. Dallas has gained global prestige as a Fed branch.

The lady behind Roc Nation’s Success

Desiree Perez, the most trusted and close business ally to Roc Nation’s owner and hip-hop icon Jay-Z for over two decades now. She’s the Chief Operations Officer at Roc Nation and a long track record of being the leader of SC Enterprises. Desiree is married to Juan Perez popularly known as OG who is the head of Roc Nation Sports, a constituent branch of Roc Nation.

Dez, as she is always referred to by her close friends has seen Roc Nation through its highs and lows and now that the company is among the most successful music recording labels in the US. Roc Nation has produced songs for prominent artists such as Shakira, Fat Joe, Meek Mill and Rihanna.

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Those who know her, term Desiree as the most skilled negotiator that they couldn’t even compare her to Cookie, Empire’s iron lady. New York Daily News referred to her as the ‘ Babe Ruthless.’ Word is going around that she helped Rihanna pocket the mega deal with Samsung.  For Desiree’s recent timeline activities, click

Her role in Roc Nation cannot be ignored. She is among a management group called Hova Circle of Influence that includes Jay Brown, Chaka Pilgrim, Jana Fleischman and TyTy Smith. The members of this group are tasked with steering Roc Nation and its other wings in executing tasks such as labeling, management, and publishing.  Hop over to for a related article.

At this time when Roc Nation is considering its ties with Live Nation, Dez excellent skills come in handy. Live Nation signed a $150 million deal with Roc Nation that was to run for ten years. Now that this timeline is nearing, Roc Nation is considering otherwise opportunities which include selling shares to Universal Music Group.  Interesting article on

Although the deal is coming to its conclusion, Live Nation is reported to be interested in keeping ties with Roc Nation’s boss Jay Z. They are reported to have had a successful touring relationship with Jay Z, and they won’t let it go quickly.  To know more of Desiree’s on-line activities, visit her page.

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