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Misconceptions and Truths About George Soros

With the advent of social media and the flood of information that comes along with the Age of Information that we live in now, the boundaries between facts and the absurd are getting blurred.

A frequent favorite victim of fake news is George Soros.

The name George Soros has been slandered and maligned and has often been demonized, mostly by people from the far right. For them, George Soros is the ‘boogeyman’ who uses his billions to push liberal agendas and meddle in politics. Some have even hinted that George Soros is a puppet master that controls the strings attached to American presidents. These claims, of course, are part of the absurd.

The fact is George Soros started from the bottom and it took him years of studying and developing a strong sense of understanding investments to reach the top. With that, once the investor was able to reach the top by investing in successful ideas and becoming one of the most impressive investors in the whole world, he used and continued to use his wealth to give back to the people. The man is a philanthropist and someone who is continuously dealing with charity and donations through is philanthropic work and fund groups that fight for civil, migrant, human rights, as well as freedom of speech.

George Soros has generously given more than $12 billion to support these groups in recent donations, and has given $18 billion to Open Society Foundations, an organization that fights for the rule of law and accountability of government officials who abuse their power. However, the total sum of the money that George Soros has already given to these Open Society Foundations is much higher, as it is a big chunk of the net-worth that the investor has today. All in all, George Soros fights for the marginalized people who are victims of corruption and tyranny.

George wasn’t born with a silver spoon. He faced many challenges in order to arrive to where he’s at now and that’s why he understands the feeling of the small people who are often marginalized by their own governments that was supposed to protect them.

George knows this feeling too well because he was born to a Jewish family in Hungary, in 1930, and he has first-hand experienced the Nazi oppression when the forces of Hitler invaded the Hungarian territory and Budapest, George Soros’ homeland. After the war, George was able to move to London where he waited tables to fund his education. He went to the London School of Economics where he learned how to make a fortune in investments and finance.

Nowadays, George Soros is a retired investor, but he continues to invest in new ideas every now and then, mainly to keep his wealth high enough to be able to constantly donate to the Open Society Foundations and keep funding organizations that support people in needs.

The main targets of the donations of George Soros, for some time, where the Jewish communities, mainly at the critical times when they were facing a lot of censure, but he has supported all sorts of causes and goals and to know more

Sentient AI – Multi-variate Testing

The applications of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing and website experience are widely discussed in the recent years due to the revolution the technology could create in the sectors. Though not all works in digital marketing can be improved or automated using AI technology, a significant proportion and efficiency of the total work can be enhanced by it. Similarly, website experience is another area that got a great boost with the introduction of the technology. Interestingly, multi-variate testing is an area in both digital marketing and website experience sees tremendous changes with the implementation of AI technology.

Multi-variate testing is a type of multiple A/B tests conducted on a particular web page or campaign at the same time to arrive better content variations. It uses multiple variables to find the most suitable combination. It is widely used to improve the performance of websites as the tests would help the site owners to identify what options or changes can help the site to perform optimum. It can even be tested to find out the options for maximizing the conversion rates. The option is also helping the site masters to come up with the most responsive website design with proper layouts, texts, landing pages, background colors, and more.

It is increasingly used in digital marketing areas such as pay per click campaigns and search engine optimization. Multi-variate testing helps the digital campaigners to set effective campaigns based on the proved results for better conversion rates. The campaigners are also helped by the system to ensure that each of its customers is getting the right offers and content to convert them to sale easily. While coming to AI into the testing, it helps the marketers even to test the user-generated data or content and find out which content drives the best customer engagement.

Some E-commerce platforms have even started including user-generated contents to product pages based on the test results. The AI systems have significantly reduced the period of multi-variate testing. Instead of months, campaigners can complete the tests in few days and make the changes in their digital campaigning or apply the website improvements more efficiently and quickly. It can also help the marketers to improve the site copy and ensure a personalization for maximum input. It is also estimated that the technology would significantly reduce the workload of all the marketers and streamline the process for more targeted results.

NeuroCore: Brain Performance Center

Depression can be perhaps one of the most destructive emotions that a person can face. Depression affects many people form kids, teens, adults and our elders. This emotion can stem from work, a childhood trauma or a past incident that affected the way we see the world.

However, depression is an emotion that is created by the brain and what we have learned in the last few years as it pertains to neurology and the brains structure is that the brain can change. Visit to know more about Neurocore.


Here at Neurocore we have created and designed many tests that all help a person to change their minds and shift their things in a positive direction. The brain is an ever-evolving manufacturing machine that can produce what we tell it to produce.

Depression and the negative thoughts that many people tell themselves on a daily basis is a result of the negative feelings they keep telling themselves.


The Neurofeedback test that we give to our patients are rewards that reward our patient for thinking good thoughts and having better control of their thoughts. This test is designed to help those who want to change their negative thoughts and how they feel about themselves in a more positive direction.

This test is designed to build repetition. Continually thinking negative and learning how to shift those thoughts will become a part of the way you believe now. This method that we use is based on something that neurologist call neuroplasticity.

Meaning that the mind is very malleable and hence can change, and function in a way that is much more efficacious to us in the long term. Read more at about Neurocore.


To learn more about our other services, as we not only focus on depression but there emotive states that are damaging, visit our website to learn more about our services.

A mind is a tool that we can use to build a better life it is not us who are the tools. Change the way you think and the way you see life and experience life will also change and change for the better.


Achievements of Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe happens to be a very successful person from the United States and has been on the first line pursuing success. She is always committed to pursuing great things in life and has always been motivated by her desire to achieve in life. In fact, her name is very famous in the dating world. All those people who have ever used these dating apps have at one time or another learned about Bumble.

Whitney happens to be a co-founder of the famous dating app called Tinder.It has been a very rough journey for her until she launched her favorite Bumble app. She has been able to prove to the other world that one can achieve despite many challenges.She has worked towards making sure that she achieves in technology and have worked with the intention of improving the situation status squo. Her motive has been able to make the company the leading in the industry. Currently the app is at position four among the most popular apps in the industry. She is passionate about success in the industry.

Whitney Wolfe happens to have a very proud life in the Salt Lake City, Utah. That is where she was able to grow up and spend her life. Her father was a famous property developer in the country while the mother happened to be an awesome housewife. She was proud of her mom who used to stay at home and made her have a very healthy life. Her parents always made sure that she achieves in terms of success and have always dedicated their time to success. Whitney after completing high school was lucky to get a chance to join Southern Methodist University. She was able to specialize in international studies in her career. This made her develop a lot of passion in the marketing career.

Whitney Wolfe was able to join the business industry at just age 19 while still on campus. BP oil spill introduced her to business at only 19 years. She wanted to help the people who had been affected. It was a great motivation and worked with a celeb who helped her launch a serious project which she used to raise a lot of funds in the sector. The company became so successful and they were able to assist so many people to get the bags. They were able to change the lives of so many people achieve their dreams in life.

About Whitney Wolfe:

Real Estate Investment with Todd Lubar

According to an experienced realty investor and businessperson, Todd Lubar, to succeed in the business world is not an easy task. Moreover, it is paramount to associate oneself with optimists, pragmatists as well as people whom standup to you and challenge you. In addition, he is the senior vice president of Legendary Investment. Todd Lubar has been engraved in the real estate industry for more than two decades as a businessperson and an affluent entrepreneur.

For a number of years, Todd Lubar has been classified as among the top 25 originators for mortgages in the United States. Besides his interests in the construction and real estate industries, Todd Lubar has also been involved in other sectors, including mortgage banking and entertainment. With a strong urge to help his fellow Americans make sustainable investments, Todd Lubar decided to found TDL Ventures. On a critical scrutiny of the investment industry in the nation, Todd decided to come up with a rigorous program, which would break all the impediments that make them unable to access loans. For more details visit Crunchbase.

According to Patch, Todd has always been critical when it comes to obstacles, which make the common person not access funds for investments. As an entrepreneur, thus, he has all the ideas to make life easy and investments possible. He notes, however, without an effective execution and implementation of the ideas, one cannot be productive in the society. On a regular day, Todd takes breakfast with his family and proceeds on to check his emails before going to the office. Moreover, he posits that following the news, as well as what is happening in his sectors of interest is what makes him a successful entrepreneur and businessperson.

On completing his degree, Todd Lubar made his career debut at Crestor Mortgage Corporation where he served first as a loan originator. While working with the institution, Todd has a chance to learn and practice more about conservative, sustainable mortgage banking. Interestingly, Todd Lubar is an outgoing, enterprising person. As such, while still in the company, he had the opportunity to create networks with successful insurance agents, CPA’s, real estate agents, financial planners among the professionally influential persons who have proved valuable in his lifelong career. He started his company, Legacy Financial Group in 1999. Notably, all his establishments are aimed at making it easy for people to have a secure, better future through investments. Check out his page to see more.

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