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The Chainsmokers Wax Philosophical on New Sound of ‘Sick Boy’ Single.

If you’ve spent any measure of time with your hands on the dial of your car radio you likely have heard The Chainsmokers at least a couple of times. The Chainsmokers are a DJ/Pop duo comprised of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. Pall is the primary producer of the bunch while Taggart has picked up vocals for their work since the two became mainstream. The Chainsmokers first launched into musical fame back in 2015 when they released their hit single ‘Roses’. Ever since then, life has been coming up roses for both Pall and Taggart. This past year The Chainsmokers have found immense success with tracks ‘Paris’, ‘Closer’, ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ and finally a collaboration with Coldplay, ‘Something Just Like This’. The Chainsmokers are doing things differently than any other pop duo around and for that reason, we are going to dig into their work a little bit.

The Chainsmokers are currently preparing the world for consumption of their next single, ‘Sick Boy’, which has already landed in some serious charting territory. ‘Sick Boy’ manages to fit right in between EDM and traditional pop radio but there is something distinctively different about the track. ‘Sick Boy’ has a darkness to it that prior Chainsmoker vehicles simply haven’t had. The reason, as it turns out, was completely intentional. Taggart said of the darkness in ‘Sick Boy’ that much of their inspiration came from anger and the thirst for reinvention. Taggart said, “Watching yourself become a caricature of who you are’ was one of the driving forces behind their continued musical evolution.

For The Chainsmokers, ‘Sick Boy’ breaks a nine-month layoff from releasing a new single of their own. It isn’t traditional for the group to take so much time off. In their own minds, they like to stay as current as possible with pop culture and the world around them. However, the break seems to have served as a much-needed reinvention. With ‘Sick Boy’ climbing the charts we can tell that it won’t be much longer unto the EDM/Pop duo are back on top with another hit record.

Why Dr. Clay Siegall Decided To Launch His Own Company To Combat Cancer

After Dr. Clay Siegall graduated from high school he attended the University of Maryland. He had a strong interest in animals and so he pursued a degree in zoology. During this time a family member was diagnosed with cancer. He saw first hand that oftentimes the treatment of cancer is pretty crude and can be just as damaging as cancer itself. His family member almost died from the chemotherapy. He decided that there had to be a better way to treat cancer and that he would be part of the solution.

Dr. Clay Siegall went on to attend George Washington University in Washington D.C. He graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in genetics in 1988. His first professional position after graduating was at that National Cancer Institute which is part of the National Institutes of Health. He says that while he worked here, from 1988 to 1991, it was partially an educational experience and partly professional research and development. He says he learned a lot during his three years of working for the federal government.

Bristol-Myers Squibb hired him and he moved to Washington State to work at their Pharmaceutical Research Institute. He worked there until 1997 but he chaffed working in their research and development department. He says that he had two issues, one of which was a lack of autonomy. He also really didn’t like that he had a number of patents but he didn’t personally see anything out of them. The executives of Bristol-Myers made bank off his patents but he saw nothing of any material benefit.

In response, Dr. Clay Siegall partnered with a business associate and launched Seattle Genetics. He chose to stay in the Seattle area and so opened his office in a suburb called Bothell. His company works to cure cancer using antibody drug conjugates which have shown enormous potential in targeting individual cancerous cells while not harming healthy cells at all.

In order to make money, Dr. Clay Siegall says that his company releases their own proprietary drugs. They also license their technology to other companies in order to bring in additional income so that they can continue their research and pay employees.

Talkspace Helps Those With Psychopath Coworkers And Bosses

Some people spend their workday wondering if one or more of their coworkers is a psychopath. There are six warning signs you are. First, they appear very charming at first. Over time they start to instill doubt in you which is when you find out they’re a psychopath. Psychopaths are also control freaks and narcissists, two more warning signs.

A psychopath is quite good at lying without a shred of remorse, so if you know someone is lying but they just don’t seem to care that’s is a very concrete sign you need to get away from them. Another warning sign is that they always avoid taking responsibility for anything. Finally, they are people who will take extreme risks without even remotely thinking through what the consequences of their actions will be. These people are terrible at investments and they won’t think anything about using illegal shortcuts to succeed.

People who deal with psychopaths, particularly their boss, have a new option to talk through this with a therapist in New York City. Talkspace is an app which connects people and therapists together over their devices. It’s mostly back and forth text but in the chatroom there is also an option to send photos, video, or just audio as well. If you find the therapist isn’t the right one for you it’s also easy to switch to another one within the app.

Talkspace is also much less expensive than traditional therapy. It can be as little as $128 a month which gives users round the clock access to their therapists (although, of course, the therapist won’t instantly respond all the time). Traditional therapy sessions run anywhere from $80 to $300 a session so the savings are significant. Talkspace is particularly suitable to writers who can easily express themselves in written words as well as travelers who are often out of town.

Mighty Fortress Church Is Delivering God’s Fire Filled Message and Changing Lives

The Mighty Fortress International Church is winning souls for God. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and led by the anointed Bishop Thomas R. Williams as senior pastor and First Lady Sabrina R. Williams, this church is on fire and welcome anyone who is seeking to know Christ better, or who desires a clearer understanding of the bible. If you are interested in being around like-minded people, then you are encouraged to pay the church a visit. They keep their message biblical based and have something for everyone that is practical in today’s time. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at

At Mighty Fortress Chruch, they provide an inviting atmosphere and do away with customs that most churches practice. They encourage people to come as they are and worship God with the knowledge that no one is judging them. Worshipping God is the key to start every week off on the right path. They want everyone to know how God works in their lives and the blessings he provides to them daily.

Therefore, Mighty Fortress Church encourages all to come, praise God, and receive God’s holy life-changing message. They provide biblical principles for living a glorious and victory filled Christian life. At the Mighty Fortress International Ministries, they like to keep it real. They strive to tackle life’s hardest problems with honest answers. Just remember everyone is welcome no matter what race and come ready for a dynamic life-changing service. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

In the end, Bishop Thomas R. Williams is the key to why this church is a firehouse for God’s moving message. He is the senior pastor and the founder of Mighty Fortress International Ministries. He is also a ministerial graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Bishop Williams received a BA degree in Mass Communications from North Central University in Minneapolis and has received an MA degree in Organizational Leadership from Bethel University as well as Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. Bishop Williams and his wife, the First Lady Sabrina Williams have three children, rounding out their family unit and have made a commitment to serve God, family and the ministry.


PSI-Pay Gives Business Customers A New Alternative to Banking

In today’s day in age, they way everything is revolutionizing when it comes to finances, people not only in the United States, but all around the world are looking for alternatives to banking. This is where a company known as PSI-Pay comes in, one of UK’s leading regulated Fintech companies that enable businesses to have a new solution for payments regarding, receiving approvals, activity, settlement and reporting with a Mastercard. What PSI-Pay does is manage all the activities that involves the Mastercard regulated by the FCA, and makes doing transactions online secure and easy for each business. Business customers are able to have complete control over the company’s expenses, at the same time not having the worry that their information will be at risk for identity theft.

How it works is, business partners have access to PSI-Pay’s Virtual Account for their employees and customers to deposit, transfer, and withdraw funds with online merchants online instantly, for those merchants who can support their Virtual Account in real time. This allows Finance Directors to keep account of all department expenditures, and are able to manage the company’s current budget.

Utilizing PSI-Pay’s Virtual Account, this gives business customers a unique advantage being aware that they are able to have sub accounts, while PSI-Pay is operating as their main account. Some of their benefits include, making sure the business customers that choose PSI-Pay, have all spending authorised, real time management, reduced bank fees, and risk reduction, at the same time saving money on printing, distribution and mailing cost. Additionally, in case a business customer is spending an excessive amount on replacing checks for their employees, when they decide to choose PSI-Pay, it will reduce the cost in replacing those checks as well.

Their products range from virtual payment cards, online payment accounts, a physical payment card, and also contactless payments, which Kerv, the world’s first payment ring partnered up with PSI-Pay creating their very own first payment ring that is actually released to the global market. In 38 million locations worldwide, customers who use Kerv will be able to use a credit card, debit card, bank transfer, and PayPal to fund their account. Flexibility is one of the main components any business is focused on, and this is exactly what PSI-Pay provides. Their best financial year was only just 3 years, and they continue to keep achieving success in the financial industry today.

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Rodrigo Terpins Achievements in Sports.

Rodrigo Terpins is considered among the best in both talent and skill in rally driving in Brazil. Rodrigo races as a career and spends much of his time racing. The art of rally driving is not that easy as it seems at it requires a person to be disciplined patient and dedicated. Rodrigo is part of Bull Sertoes Rally.

Rodrigo Terpins family is a veteran as his father is president of Latin American Jew Congress Michel Terpins who is the brother is also a rally driver. Michel Terpins is the mentor of Rodrigo, and they are both on the same team of rally drivers in the country. Rodrigo was born in Brazil and spend much of his childhood around cars thus the desire for rallies.

Rodrigo is a part of T5 Partioacoes where he has the role of senior director in the company. In the lifetime of Rodrigo has been able to run and expand the company while also being able to plan and coordinate rally competitions in Brazil. Rodrigo is a former student of St Hilaire where he learned management and cooperate governance that enables him to run the company efficiently. Rodrigo worked as the president of Loja Marisa before getting to join T5 Participacoes. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Rodrigo has an executive position, but he continues to strive to maintain his racing career. Rodrigo is full of passion to the game has led him to win numerous competitions through the rough track. Rodrigo attributes his success to hard work and determination to achieve success. Rodrigo has succeeded due to the support he gets from his co-driver. Check out mundodomarketing

Rodrigo would not be where he is currently without the help of his partner who is skilled at a professional level. Rodrigo has many supporters who come in numbers when he participates in rallies to offer him support. Among the rallies that Rodrigo has won is the T1 prototypes. Rodrigo will begin to be named among the rally legends in Brazil. Rodrigo Terpins is currently a household name in many towns in Brazil including Goias and Minas Gerais due to his professional driving and success he has in the previous years.

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Ricardo Tosto: The lawyer to pick in for representation

The legal profession in Brazil is one that attracts the attention of a high number of young scholars. Lawyers are viewed as top class professionals who attract a very good pay rate. While this is true, it takes effort to become a lawyer. The Brazilian legal industry is regulated, and people have no option but to follow the set-out procedure of becoming a lawyer. It is not a profession where you can just wake up one day and decide to join. Yes, you can join but through the set-out conditions. Brazil has a huge number of lawyers and to get your name out there takes efforts.

Brazil has the highest number of lawyers in the world. It also has the highest number of law schools. It is estimated that over one million lawyers have graduated from various universities. However, not all of these laws graduates have had a chance to go to the law school. Any graduate who has not gone through the law school does not deserve to be called a lawyer. A qualified lawyer must sit and pass the bar examination. After the examination, anyone is at liberty to represent clients in a field they specialized on or just any other as long as a client feels that such a lawyer can handle their case.

Only serious individuals get a chance to go through the whole process. Anyone who is not willing to dedicate their time to the process cannot become a lawyer. Lawyers who have gone through the whole process will be keen to uphold their reputation. No one will take all the years involved just to end up messing up the profession. The good thing is that the regulatory body does not stop following up on clients after graduation. One good lawyer that clients can consult is Ricardo Tosto.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a leading lawyer in business related litigations in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto specializes in commercial law, civil law, and bankruptcy and election law among many other fields.

Ricardo Tosto gained his degree from Mackenzie University. Ricardo Tosto then proceeded to law school and later interned in a number of law firms.

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OSI Industries Acquires Local Area16 Food Plant

OSI Industries; Leafing Food Professionals

OSI Industries food giants are proudly based in Aurora, Illinois with over 50 years expertise. Their combined industry experienced has caused them to be leading providers in the food processing market. Their customers receive a significant amount of daily supplements and nutrients from an OSI Industries Inc diet. They have been able to quickly and easily adjust to a stabilized food industry under government food regulations. There competitors were not able to transition as easy and later received sanctions and fines. OSI continues to be a food service giant with wholesome meals going out daily.

OSI Industries Recent Acquisitions

The OSI Industries food group has far since decided tie make advancement improvements on their international business portfolio. They quickly put in a bid to maintain one of the largest food processing plants in the EU food market. OSI is willing to build their portfolio with other international leaders. They will be a proud part of the Flagship Europe group and process their food condiments and frozen poultry. OSI Industries is responsible for a great diet fed to millions of people nationwide. You have the option of eating from a process food provider, trusted throughout the network.

OSI Industries Acquires Tyson Foods

OSI is well known for empowering the communities get serve with economic stability. They were one of the first to stand behind a employment initiative to help a global network. As a result of their efforts, they made a successful bid for a local area Chicago food plant. The deal was able to retain hundreds of jobs for several potential dislocated workers. In fact, they’re offering an opportunity for many unique job opportunities on their website. OSI also offers a diverse work environment with plenty of room for growth.

OSI president, David bald was a recent nominee fir the prestigious Global Visionary Award for his effort towards global job growth. Visit the OSI Industries web portal for more details on key executives, food contents, growth expansion, and more. Join the popular OSI good group or fees your family the top brand with OSI.