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Dick DeVos Plays Major Role In Michigan’s Continued Growth

The state of Michigan is going to forever be linked to the work that the DeVos family has undertaken over the better part of the past fifty years. Dick and Betsy DeVos are two of Michigan’s most prominent political names thanks to their work as lobbyists, GOP donors, and now politicians at the highest levels of the United States government. Dick DeVos is the heir to Amway and the former President of the company while Betsy DeVos is currently serving as the Secretary of Education for the United States of America. While the DeVos family may be gravitating toward Washington D.C., we’re better served looking at the past thirty years of hard work they have put into making Grand Rapids a destination city for middle America.


Grand Rapids in the ’90s was a booming city with potential but with that potential, there was also some risk. In 1991, there was talk around town that a new convention center was to be installed in the downtown area of the city. Convention centers play a divisive role in most communities as they can be thriving sources of income or millstones that drag the entire city down and into the reality of tax burden. Dick DeVos opposed the construction of a new convention center from day one and he pointed to how Detroit had struggled in the wake of being abandoned by the Pistons and Lions, two professional sports teams that had once called convention centers in Detroit their home.


Dick DeVos would take his protest of the convention center construction one step further as he became a leader of the Grand Action group, an organization of business professionals who are committed to making Grand Rapids thrive through intelligent investments. The Grand Action group would eventually win out over the convention center job and they would go on to become integral donors and supporters of a variety of high-profile developments in the city. Among these many developments was the erection of the Spectrum Health System children’s hospital, funded in large part thanks to a $12.5 million donation from Dick DeVos himself.


Nowadays, Dick DeVos is working on the FAA Management Advisory Council as one of seven new civilians added to the committee. Dick DeVos was integral in getting the Gerald R. Ford International Airport new routes that would help the airport to thrive as a destination in the Midwest. Dick DeVos also helped to establish the West Michigan Aviation Academy back in 2010.


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The Art Of Emotional Intelligence Exhibited By Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie, CEO of Papa John’s shows emotional intelligence when apologizing to customers. He went further to say that regardless of context, racism and insensitive language will not be tolerated within Papa John’s. Ritchie also makes it clear that Papa John’s is a company made up of over 120,000 people in locations around the world and ties the company to local communities and people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

In addition to a sincere apology, Steve Ritchie discusses a plan of action. He promises to be be transparent and he said “we want you to hold us accountable.” Papa John’s will have the senior management go to a number of locations to personally speak to franchisees and employees to get their feedback to move the company forward. Ritchie also is bringing in neutral experts for cultural, diversity and inclusion practices to see where Papa John”s is doing things right and wrong. Once areas of improvement are identified, clear goals to better the company will be put into place and acted upon.

Ritchie says he is going to lead the effort of improving Papa John’s and wants to regain trust. He does acknowledge it will take time but says he will work hard to regain it. Steve also thanks customers for their loyalty and makes it clear that it is an honor to serve their customers in his letter.

The sincerity of Steve Ritchie’s letter stands out. He has a clear understanding of the need for sincerity and a direct apology. Showing that he values employees and the people in the communities they serve is a very important effort as well, allowing him to connect to employees and hardworking people within the communities that Papa John’s serves. To be clear, Ritchie states the actions Papa John’s will take to address inclusion and diversity and said he is leading the effort, making himself accountable and going beyond that to ask that he be held accountable.

OSI Group McDonalds In The Food Industry

The largest food processing company in the world is the OSI Group. OSI Group has grown ever since it was founded and is now a multinational company that offers food, custom and farm solutions to its customers around the globe. OSI Group produces a vast number of food products such as meat patties, hot dogs, pastries and sandwiches.

OSI Group has always partnered with other food retailers around the world to create quality food products and services for their customers. The McDonalds franchise is one of the companies that OSI Group has worked with from the minute it was founded. Both companies have now grown to become world food retailers with franchises in almost every state. McDonalds franchise was opened in 1995 by Roy Kroc who was just an entrepreneur at the time. Roy Kroc at the time made an unofficial agreement with Harry and Arthur to supply the franchise with meat products. Harry and Arthur were the sons of the founder of OSI.

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This gave birth to OSI Group McDonalds. Roy Kroc was finally able to purchase McDonalds to belong to him, and he became its chief executive officer. Roy Kroc finally made the OSI Group McDonalds agreement official, and OSI Group became the official supplier to McDonalds. McDonalds was already opening chains of restaurants around America and OSI Group McDonalds was tasked with the responsibility of delivering meat products to all the chains. McDonalds wanted consistency in the delivery of products and sufficiency. OSI Group McDonalds, on the other hand, had to consider the long-distance travel that was involved in the delivery of food and how it affected the food products. They had to ensure that the food products reached McDonalds while they were fresh.

Once the technology was advanced, OSI Group was able to incorporate flash-freezing into its delivery system to ensure the products reached the McDonalds chain while they were still fresh. This new technology also helped OSI Group grow its relationship with McDonalds and expand into the newer market. OSI Group was made the official core supplier of the McDonalds franchise, and they have their warehouse that produces products for McDonalds.

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