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The Career of Robert Ivy and Benefits of Joining the AIA

The American Institute of Architects is a professional organization that provides a number of benefits to professionals in the field. One of the most valuable benefits of the American Institute of Architects is educational opportunities. With the AIA, architects will be able to get information about the latest trends in architecture and enhance their skills. Another key benefit of the American Institute of Architects is that it will provide professionals with a number of networking opportunities and credibility. As a member of the American Institute of Architects, any architect will have the opportunity to speak with members of field to discuss job opportunities and business opportunities. The increase credibility of being part of a professional organization will help architects get more recognition for their expertise in the field. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.

Robert Ivy is the chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects. He has been in charge of this organization since the year 2011. Under his leadership, Robert Ivy has been able to maintain the organization’s status as the premier professional organization in the architecture field. As well as helping the AIA maintain its status, it has also expanded to other parts of the world. As a result, the American Institute of Architects is now able to serve the needs of architecture professionals worldwide. Ivy continues to provide sound leadership of the organization in terms of setting its goals and policies as well as introducing new programs that architecture professionals can take advantage of. Learn more about Robert Ivy at

Before Robert Ivy became the CEO of the American Institute of Architects, he worked in the media field. His first position in the media field was as a writer. He would draft a number of articles about some of the most relevant topics in the field of architecture. After a few years writing articles, Robert Ivy became an editor where he would continue to be involved in publishing key articles about architecture related topics. During his career as an editor, Robert would eventually become an editor in chief and win a major award. During his career, Robert has won the Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition for his contributions to the writing and artistic fields. He graduated from Tulane University with a Master’s degree in architecture.


Ted Bauman Looks At Ways Of Examining Techniques That Can Improve Wages

Throughout the 19th century, many employees began to confer with large companies, and when these workers formed unions, the persons were in a position to increase the salaries of millions of employees. This thing troubled Ted Bauman when he was studying market trends.

Many businesses offered better incentives, vacations, and benefits that could improve each employee’s inspiration. Some companies also allowed labors to obtain a better rank, and specific studies have specified that these motivations enhanced the auctions of many initiatives and improved the devotion of staffs. But according to Ted Bauman, this yielded nothing. The available awards encouraged employees who mastered numerous aspects of many niches.

Ted says that when employees are motivated, they are ready to acquire new skills, assist other members of the staff, and make proposals that improve the output. Some even develop advanced techniques that lower the charges of many businesses.

Specialists argue that the sum of unionized employees significantly reduced over the last twenty years. Now, most staffs are not in a position to confer because many persons are ready to substitute them. Besides, large unions are uncommon; so many labors will not have sizable clusters that can efficiently obtain somewhat increased salaries. Ted Bauman does not entirely support this argument.

Ted Bauman Studies Factors That Influence Productivity

From 2010, the output has slightly increased in the US, but Ted Bauman believes that yield could significantly rise if incomes substantially rise. Once a business can create additional products, the corporate may decrease the price of each commodity, or the firm can capitalize in apparatus that will expand the value of each item. Therefore, the corporate can effectively rise demand, boost income and raise pays that incentivize workers.

Furthermore, the number of jobs augmented in spite of the modern equipment, so abundant experts have decided that the devices have hardly affected pays. Also due to this rate issue, the United States is not disseminating as many soybeans, steel, and other produce to the world. This, according to Ted is seriously affecting the economy of the U.S, which has been praised for many years as the world’s number one.


Paul Mampilly Says Trade Warfare Is A Golden Opportunity

Investment Guru, Paul Mampilly says to look for the silver lining in the US-China trade warfare. Mampilly points out that Chinese stocks, like Tencent Holdings, China Mobile, and crude oil giant, China National Petroleum Corporation are on the rise, and offer a good opportunity to make a profit.According to an article by Paul Mampilly, published on the Banyan Hill Publishing website, Chinese stocks can be purchased at a discount. A CNBC report confirms that this US-China trade war has already resulted in a loss of one-quarter in major stock values, knocking the country from the stock markets number two spot. During the last six months, Tencent Holdings slipped from $59.75 to the current $40.42, and with this in mind, Mampilly says if you’re searching for a worthwhile investment, at a discount, you can find what you’re looking for in the Chinese stock market.

A Look At President Trump’s Trade War

President Trump has currently set the tariffs at $200 billion, which has weakened the entire Chinese stock market. While this commercial war will probably decrease the spending power and wealth of American consumers, our economic stability will remain intact. However, Mampilly points out, China has a great dependence on trade surplus, so the trade war is diminishing it’s GDP. This is a country that is use to growing at a fast pace, but these tariffs are damaging.The motivation by Trump is the on-going systematic violation of intellectual property rights by Chinese industries.

Despite the sanctions, China reacted by announcing duties of hundreds of American products, whose imports are worth $50 billion dollars a year, such as automobiles, and soybeans.But Paul Mampilly also notes, this discount won’t last forever because China has other irons in the fire. Foreign companies wanting to be active in China can set up a joint ventures with domestic companies. Especially in the auto industry, such joint ventures are common. Additionally, China has the new Yuan oil contracts, which will give rise to their economy.We don’t knows how long this political turmoil will continue, but the experts like Paul Mampilly agree that now is the time to take advantage of China’s golden stock prices.

Compassion in Cosmetic Surgery

Dr Sameer Jejurikar is a board certified plastic surgeon located in the Dallas area. He graduated from the University of Michigan medical school and has been practicing cosmetic surgery for over 10 years. He is affiliated with Texas Health Presbyterian hospital, Pine Creek Medical Center, and Dallas Medical center. He is a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

As an experienced plastic surgeon Dr Sameer Jejurikar focuses on cosmetic surgery of the face, eyes, nose, body, and breast. With years of experience and training he guides his patients down the most effective path best suited for their desires. He always makes sure they are comfortable and well informed before making any decisions.

Dr Jejurikar was ranked one of the top physicians in the nation under patient reviews and was awarded the Compassionate Doctor Certification in 2012. This award is a very prestigious honor. Receiving this honor means that his patients voted for him because of his compassionate bedside manner and his desire to show his patients that he really cares. There are many different reasons for plastic surgery, sometimes it’s elective and other times it’s necessary. No matter which reason it is, Dr Sameer Jejurikar always strives to make his patients feel important, heard, and understood.

His office is located at the Dallas Plastic Surgery institute and has top of the line products and state of the art equipment. He and his staff are always there to make sure their patients feel at ease and accommodate their every need. They offer financing when needed and go out of their way to accommodate out of town patients. His patients always come first!

NewsWatch T.V. Review of and, a security company, helps make sure you are protected when using the internet using something called Provision, which is a customizable security tool that you can use to help protect your company. helps with cyber security compliance against foreign entities that may place attacks on your network by stopping the attack before any breach has actually occurred. helps add functionality to the iPhone by including an audio jack (since some versions of the iPhone don’t have one) as well as a full battery charger so you don’t end up in an awkward situation where your phone dies.

NewsWatch TV is a great television program that focuses on consumer news, new apps, mobile app reviews, and entertainment news. They have worked with various non-profits and business around the world, as well as Fortune 500 companies. The Biz report on their website often grants breaking insight into the world of cybersecurity and business technology. NewsWatch TV even includes an archive on their old news posts, so you can go back and see old technology and make fascinating comparisons between the old and new.

NewsWatch TV has a section on their website called AppWatch, where they review the latest apps, iOS games, and android games. One of the newest articles on the page is called Parken, which is advertised to be the Airbnb of reserving parking lots and hosting parking lots. Below that is a new app called Black Survival, which features a real-time PvP survival game with a gorgeous design and over 20 different areas to explore, including forests and hospitals.

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Malcolm Casselle: A Gaming Mastermind

Malcolm Casselle is the CIO of OPSkins. OPSkins is the global leader in the selling of virtual assets in the gaming industry. Mostly, the virtual transactions are done with bitcoin. OPSkins fans are worldwide and make cross border payments constantly. While this company does lead the marketplace for virtual assets in the online gaming industry, there are improvements that could be better to advance the company. The company has a goal to create a centralized technology which would lead to an ultimate and supreme progression of how transactions are handled in gaming.

Malcolm Casselle is leading his company in a new direction. Their goal of improving their technology and advancing the gaming industry will not be made possible without an introduction to a new product. The company is working to create a blockchain platform which will handle all of the virtual asset trading done on the platform. This product will be called the Worldwide Asset eXchange or WAX. The blockchain technology foundation of WAX will allow for transactions to be carried out more efficiently. WAX will revolutionize the way virtual buying and selling is done in the gaming industry due to how this blockchain product will eliminate two of the biggest problems in the industry. WAX will solve fragmentation and fraud that is easily done with virtual buying and selling. A blockchain enabled widget will allow users to make virtual transactions without turning off their game.

Malcolm Caselle is very proud and confident in the platform his team at OPSkins has created. The president of the technology company knows that his company’s products will change the gaming and cryptocurrency industries forever. Ultimately, the WAX product will bridge together cryptocurrency and gaming. This technology will bring virtual transactions to mainstream online gaming. The president and CIO attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He went onto to earn a graduate degree from Stanford University. The computer science major has put his education and training to good use. He has been able to work with this company and evolve them into being a dominant company in the market by creating revolutionizing technology products.

Guide To Finding Jobs Online

Talented freelancers are turning to the Internet to find jobs that pay a good salary for their skills. Often, those freelance job opportunities are very sparse and do not pay much money. Frequently, the pay is below minimum wage. However, Upwork is a real game changer. It provides a way for new freelancers to earn a decent amount of money by providing a platform to connect the freelancers with clients looking for the type of services that the freelancer provides.

About Upwork

Of course, there are quite a few sites that promise the new freelancer jobs. However, many never deliver on their promise. Upwork is different. They provide a platform to connect new freelancers with paying clients. Generally, the site attracts people involved with writing, web development, and graphic design. New freelancers have the opportunity to find work on the site and add to their portfolio. However, it is important to remember that competition for work is high on the site. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that you stand out among a crowd of hundreds or even thousands that are looking to earn money and build their portfolio.

Creating An Upwork Profile

Your outstanding profile at Upwork will get attention and more jobs. Start by completing a profile with accurate information. Add a professional head shot, background information, experience, education. Fill out rates for your work and other requested information. After approval by Upwork, start earning money by connecting with clients on the site that are looking for someone with your skills.


Upwork is one of the Internet’s largest freelance website’s attracting people that are looking to find clients. The Upwork platform makes it possible for freelancers and clients to get together. Freelancers find short term work that pays, while the client finds a skilled freelancer that is able to perform the required tasks.

OSI Group Relishes a Top-Notch Brand in The Food Processing Industry

Rising from an idea to a global corporate business is a dream held by many business-starts-ups from any parts of the world. OSI has expanded to live the dream of many such companies that admire to reach that world-class status and to have a more significant share of the American Economy. The company has always recorded an upward trend in their profit margins owing to the hard work and dedication of its well-qualified employees.

OSI Group is a food processing company that has skyrocketed in the food industry due to its dynamism the use of technology and consistently advancing to take care of their customer demands and needs. OSI Group took the challenge to manufacture a consistent, affordable and customer-driven product that could withstand the long-distance transportation. Thanks to the inventor of flash freezing-cryogenic food processing, a technology that freezes food through the use of liquid nitrogen.

History of OSI Group

OSI Group started as neighborhood butcher shop in Chicago in the early 20th century operated by a German immigrant. In the mid-century Ray Kroc, the mastermind of McDonald’s restaurant signed an agreement with the sons of Otto Kolschowsky, Arthur and Harry to be the supplier of fresh ground beef to their chain of business. The tender for meet supply boosted the company’s growth curve and its marketability.

A global Growth

Owing to the great services and quality meat offered by the company, they managed to gain the trust of McDonald’s Restaurant which then became their primary and loyal customers. With the consistency of quality supply and the ever-widening range of MacDonald’s restaurants, it opened new ventures in the United States and the international markets like China and Europe.

Value addition in their protein products has landed them an additional mileage in the industry. That is the transition from sausage to pizza and hamburger patties. Merges and acquisitions have also been its order of the day evidenced by the recent addition of an affiliate of Tyson foods in Chicago that operated as a food processing firm and a storage warehouse in 2016.

More About OSI Group

OSI is one of the largest global food processing company that provided the best for client base internationally. It has created employment for 20, 000 personnel at their 65 branches in 17 countries. The company ranked at number 58 in the Forbes list of largest private companies with sales of $6.1 billion.

Freedom Checks Are Waiting For You To Invest In

Did you know the US is well on its way to ending dependence on foreign oil and also looking to see mass production in natural gas and shale drilling? Part of this is thanks to President Trump’s tax cuts and plans to lower regulations on energy and natural resource companies, and both the companies and their investors are looking to take advantage of over $30 billion in projected profits. This is particularly good for those own freedom checks which are really poised to take off with some people telling financial newsletter and investment strategy advice company Banyan Hill that some could receive payments from these checks of greater than $100,000. Even better is that there’s no age restriction on these. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

Banyan Hill, the leading publication site on freedom checks wants everyone to understand first that they are not scams unlike most other so-called money-making programs that try to sell people on promises of getting rich quick. They got their name from Banyan Hill editor Matt Badiali who took note of gaining freedom from foreign oil, and the fact you can have the dividends of these investments mailed to you in the form of checks.

Basically, freedom checks are like most regular securities that you buy into or trade on exchanges, but there are a few important distinctions they have. The first is that they are based in master limited partnership (MLP) companies. These are natural resource companies that have special registration requirements, but among other things they pay investors very high dividends. As explained earlier, MLPs are in a strong position in the market right now because of the tax cuts and profit margins expected to go way up. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

But the second distinction of freedom checks is that they have a tax exempt status due to their functioning as a return on capital and not income. So when you receive returns on these checks in the mail, you can take joy knowing that money is all yours. Finding freedom checks is usually not too hard so long as you know what they’re listed as on the various trade websites, and Matt Badiali has more information on that on Banyan Hill’s website.



Whitney Wolfe’s Latest New Feature for Bumbled

Whitney Wolfe is the woman behind the app that is changing the world of the dating industry. There are countless apps out there that provides a way for women to feel empowered once again. Wolfe has been working on making Bumble the app that’s going to change the dating world. The women who are tired of dealing with seriously crazy men on dating apps can use Bumble and not have to deal with this problem. Bumble makes it possible for women to be the first person to send the message instead of the man. Visit on her twitter for latest updates.

The match must be made first, and in order for the match to be saved, the woman must send the message within 24 hours. The man must then send a message to keep the conversation going. From here, a conversation and a possible date can come forward. Having the woman be the first person to send a message helps eliminate the chances of the man thinking it’s alright to send a derogatory message.

Whitney Wolfe has recently made a big change to the way the app operates. The new Snooze feature provides users the chance to save matches without having to be on the app. The Snooze feature allows for users to send messages to their matches saying they aren’t using the app at the moment. Whitney Wolfe wanted to make this a possibility because she knows that some people have a certain set of dates already and some don’t plan on swiping for a whole lot longer for awhile. If you are looking to use an app that gives you the option to give it a rest after some time, Bumble is just what you need. Their newest features make it worthwhile.

Some people thought of this app’s new feature to be considerate of those who don’t want to be on the app but also judged the idea, but the truth is that Wolfe wants you to keep using it and get the breaks from it when you need it the most. Whitney Wolfe wants you to feel comfortable enough to take a break when you need to.

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