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PSI-Pay Gives Business Customers A New Alternative to Banking

In today’s day in age, they way everything is revolutionizing when it comes to finances, people not only in the United States, but all around the world are looking for alternatives to banking. This is where a company known as PSI-Pay comes in, one of UK’s leading regulated Fintech companies that enable businesses to have a new solution for payments regarding, receiving approvals, activity, settlement and reporting with a Mastercard. What PSI-Pay does is manage all the activities that involves the Mastercard regulated by the FCA, and makes doing transactions online secure and easy for each business. Business customers are able to have complete control over the company’s expenses, at the same time not having the worry that their information will be at risk for identity theft.

How it works is, business partners have access to PSI-Pay’s Virtual Account for their employees and customers to deposit, transfer, and withdraw funds with online merchants online instantly, for those merchants who can support their Virtual Account in real time. This allows Finance Directors to keep account of all department expenditures, and are able to manage the company’s current budget.

Utilizing PSI-Pay’s Virtual Account, this gives business customers a unique advantage being aware that they are able to have sub accounts, while PSI-Pay is operating as their main account. Some of their benefits include, making sure the business customers that choose PSI-Pay, have all spending authorised, real time management, reduced bank fees, and risk reduction, at the same time saving money on printing, distribution and mailing cost. Additionally, in case a business customer is spending an excessive amount on replacing checks for their employees, when they decide to choose PSI-Pay, it will reduce the cost in replacing those checks as well.

Their products range from virtual payment cards, online payment accounts, a physical payment card, and also contactless payments, which Kerv, the world’s first payment ring partnered up with PSI-Pay creating their very own first payment ring that is actually released to the global market. In 38 million locations worldwide, customers who use Kerv will be able to use a credit card, debit card, bank transfer, and PayPal to fund their account. Flexibility is one of the main components any business is focused on, and this is exactly what PSI-Pay provides. Their best financial year was only just 3 years, and they continue to keep achieving success in the financial industry today.

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What Has Dallas Gained By Being Federal Reserve Branch?

In 1914, Dallas was chosen as one of the Federal Reserve branches. This increased the city’s prestige, economic activity and allowed it to influence both national and international monetary policy. How did this fit in with the November 2016 Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference?

Federal Reserve Note Dallas

Dallas residents can be quite proud because their city is proudly displayed on 1 out of every 12 American dollars. The City of Dallas represents the Eleventh Federal District, which includes Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas. This is considered to be the energy center of production in the United States.

The Texas Bankers Association (TBA) was instrumental in encouraging the Fed to choose Dallas over New Orleans. The truth is that New Orleans had been very important as a primary port for cotton export and refining. The TBA encouraged the dredging of Houston for international transport and it has replaced New Orleans over time.

Dallas gains prestige, Federal Reserve workers, influence and access to capital as a branch. It is not only involved in important economic decisions for the nation, but for the world. Many nations depend on the Fed for guidance on monetary policy.

Treasury Notes Management

The Fed and US Treasury have a very close relationship. In fact, the US Treasury officially has the authority to determine which currency will circulate in the country. Over time, the Fed has gradually gained more influence. If you examine your dollar, you will see the Fed seal on one side and the US Treasury seal on the other side.

NexBank can assist with institutional services, like US Treasury Notes. US Treasury Notes are a form of currency for the largest organizations. You can work with NexBank representatives to buy or sell these securities. Dallas has gained global prestige as a Fed branch.