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More Than 1 Million Bookings Per Week: Handy Inc. Grows

On Thursday, you get a call from your husband – he has invited an important business client over to your condo for dinner on Friday night. But, the home is a mess, “Who are you gonna call?” Call Handy Inc. on-demand home cleaning.

“Get Home Cleaned Fast”

The process is fast, just type in your information on the Handy Inc. website and within 60 seconds, you are good to go. The cleaning professionals can be at your apartment as early as Friday. That means, you will be able to host your husband’s clients properly.

This is not only an amazing way to handle emergencies, but a great way to help you deal with regular cleaning requirements. If someone is in the hospital, call Handy Inc. If you want to simply hit the spa, call Handy Inc.

“Replace Old Sofa”

How is your home décor? Do you want to replace those 1950s plaid sofas with something a little more modern from Ikea? Who is gonna deliver and assemble the furniture? How about Handy Inc?

It is quite easy, just visit the website for furniture delivery. The handy technicians will even assemble it for you. You can have them move it around, until it looks just right.

“One Million Bookings”

By satisfying all of their client’s needs, Handy Inc. has surpassed 1 million bookings per week. This startup is growing and quickly advancing towards profitability. Who you gonna call? Handy Inc.

Handy Inc. continues to grow, by making the right decisions. Now, it has a good cash flow due to its repeat customers. You can give em a call, when you are in a jam.