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Precise Medicine, Precise Investor: Mr. Paul Mampilly

Known as the world’s savviest investor, Paul Mampilly has continued to show just why he is the go-to person for investment advice. Besides retiring before the age of 45, he was able to grow hedge funds with knowledge of the markets. Recently, Mr. Mampilly has given another gem of advice by stating that it is time to invest in precision medicine.

Paul Mampilly gives out free investment advice on the Banyan Hill Publishing website, and this is where most investors glean investment ideas from. In a recent edition, Paul labeled precision medicine as one of the biggest breakthroughs in history. By stating this, many understand that Paul Mampilly has done his due diligence before making such a bold statement. Statements like these are what has led him to such high regard within the world of investing. In this recent edition, Paul says that precision medicine will change how doctors treat Parkinson’s disease and cancer, among other ailments.

By recognizing the fact that the approaches to how treatments will be altered, Paul Mampilly has shown how with the advancement of treatment methods that precision medicine offers, doctors will be able to analyze a patient’s genetic profile and apply treatments quickly. By understanding who the leaders in precision medicine are, it is simply a matter of investing that will lead to gains in the market. Precision medicine is soon to be the industry standard with continued research and application by various medical institutions. Paul Mampilly has made his claim. Precision medicine is the way to go.

With a massive Wall Street presence and being highly regarded as the leader in investing, Paul has made returns in the hedge fund world. With his critical acclaim, The Templeton Foundation invited him to participate in their famous investment competition. As expected, he blew the competition away with his methods of investing.

Paul Mampilly switched things up by allowing average Americans the opportunity to gain wealth through the same methods he once kept hidden for wealthy individuals in the investment arena. Being featured on many networks and contributing to mainstream investing through publications, Paul knows what it means to serve and help others make wise choices in the markets.

How Sheldon Lavin is Developing OSI Group

Business owners and team executives have different experiences as well as approaches towards effective leadership. Of course, not all situations need the same leadership style. But, great leaders will often adapt to the environment they work in and empower their teams to invest in the company. One such leader is Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Group.

Background Information

OSI Group is the world’s leading food supplier. Not only is it situated in America but China, Europe, and other neighboring states. Perhaps one of the most important things to note is that the company has about 65 manufacturing companies. These companies were acquired in different years.

OSI’s Foundation

OSI Group was established in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky who ran it as a small family business. He partnered with McDonald’s and was appointed to supply meat products to the fast food restaurant. A few years later, he employed Sheldon Lavin to help manage the finance department. That marked the beginning of Lavin’s career in the meat industry. He helped Otto rebrand the company from Otto & Sons to OSI Group. Otto Kolschowsky sold the firm’s controlling shares to him. Lavin then assumed the CEO position and took over the firm’s main leadership docket.

Leading OSI Group

Corporate sustainability is an approach in business that creates a long-term stakeholder relationship between clients and employees by implementing viable strategies. Since Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group, he has been utilizing corporate sustainability to grow the business. At first, he helped the company manage its financial obligations, risks, in addition to opportunities. Then, he oversaw the three Ps, (people, profits, and the planet). Through these strategies, Lavin has brought more clients on board. Some of the clients include;

  • Baho Food

Baho Food is a Dutch company capitalizing in the manufacture of deli meats in addition to snacks. With the help of Sheldon Lavin, the corporation was purchased by OSI Group in 2016. This move contributed to OSI Group’s expansion.

  • Tyson Food

Tyson Food is a food manufacturing firm based in Chicago. OSI Group acquired it in the summer of 2016. This was an additional portfolio expansion project thanks to Sheldon Lavin’s contribution.

Getting to Know Barbara Stokes

Barbara Stokes is a well appreciated leader, serving within Green Structures Home of Alabama, LLC. She leads an incredible team towards a common goal of supporting victims of natural disasters of our world and providing these individuals with a new life, with a dash of hope in the process. Through commercial and residential modular homes built throughout the United States, victims are renewed. Green Structures Homes of Alabama proudly supports FEMA on many of its efforts. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara Stokes has been a valued leader in two important companies in her career: Pisces Corporation and the Boeing Company. Throughout her tenors at these companies she has held managerial roles that has allowed her to take these companies to new levels it hadn’t seen before. She has been a true executor of efforts that has allowed these companies to stand out extensively among its competitors.

Since 2008, Ms. Stokes has been a force with Green Structures Home of Alabama, LLC as its CEO. She is the co-founder as well, putting together a business that successfully designs, engineers and manufacturers some of the most incredulous modern day modular homes on the market today. Her business has been a life savior for many and has helped businesses expand their operations in a professional, yet classy manner.


Barbara Stokes graduated from Mercer University in 2000 with a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical/Medical Engineering. Throughout her time at the university, she would also study thermodynamics, technical communication, manufacturing and management, among other pursuits as well. Barbara has always been a brightly shining highlight in her classes, a student with great intentions and a bright future who has influenced her peers to do the same.

Beside Barbara Stokes efforts on the education and professional end, she is also an avid supporter of her Huntsville, Alabama community. She donates money consistently to charities within and she donates her time to volunteering as well. Ms. Stokes has always been a great hearted professional who cares for her community.

Barbara Stokes has much to offer as a professional and a donor within her Huntsville, Alabama community. For more information on Ms. Stokes, visit her GSH of Alabama website for further details. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.