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OSI Group McDonalds In The Food Industry

The largest food processing company in the world is the OSI Group. OSI Group has grown ever since it was founded and is now a multinational company that offers food, custom and farm solutions to its customers around the globe. OSI Group produces a vast number of food products such as meat patties, hot dogs, pastries and sandwiches.

OSI Group has always partnered with other food retailers around the world to create quality food products and services for their customers. The McDonalds franchise is one of the companies that OSI Group has worked with from the minute it was founded. Both companies have now grown to become world food retailers with franchises in almost every state. McDonalds franchise was opened in 1995 by Roy Kroc who was just an entrepreneur at the time. Roy Kroc at the time made an unofficial agreement with Harry and Arthur to supply the franchise with meat products. Harry and Arthur were the sons of the founder of OSI.

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This gave birth to OSI Group McDonalds. Roy Kroc was finally able to purchase McDonalds to belong to him, and he became its chief executive officer. Roy Kroc finally made the OSI Group McDonalds agreement official, and OSI Group became the official supplier to McDonalds. McDonalds was already opening chains of restaurants around America and OSI Group McDonalds was tasked with the responsibility of delivering meat products to all the chains. McDonalds wanted consistency in the delivery of products and sufficiency. OSI Group McDonalds, on the other hand, had to consider the long-distance travel that was involved in the delivery of food and how it affected the food products. They had to ensure that the food products reached McDonalds while they were fresh.

Once the technology was advanced, OSI Group was able to incorporate flash-freezing into its delivery system to ensure the products reached the McDonalds chain while they were still fresh. This new technology also helped OSI Group grow its relationship with McDonalds and expand into the newer market. OSI Group was made the official core supplier of the McDonalds franchise, and they have their warehouse that produces products for McDonalds.

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InnovaCare Health: Meet Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a top provider of healthcare products. The company currently has more than 200,000 registered members and 7,500 network providers. The company offers healthcare plans through two divisions that are Medicare Advantage Plans and Provider Networks.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides is the chief administrative officer at InnovaCare Health. She previously served with the company as the chief operating officer. She is qualified to work with government programs that include Medicaid and Medicare, and she has years of experience developing and managing healthcare and clinical programs. She was the chief management officer at Centerlight HealthCare and the head of operations at Touchstone Health. She also worked at AmeriChoice as the corporate vice president who was in charge of the care management and disease management division. At Aveta Inc., she was the vice president and chief operating officer.

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is the current president and chief executive officer at InnovaCare Health. He started his career in the healthcare industry as a specialist of internal medicine and pulmonologist. Mr. Shinto then worked at MedPartners as the vice president. At MedPartners, he was tasked with medical management, and he also worked at Cal Optimal Health as the senior medical officer. During his time at Pathways Management Company, he was the operations manager and CMO. He worked at North American Medical Management of California as the senior officer who was responsible for medical management. In 2008, he started working at Aveta Inc. as a member of the management team. He was later promoted to president of the company and remained at this position until it was acquired in 2012. Mr. Shinto is on the board of directors at America’s Physician Groups and America’s Health Insurance Plans. He previously served on the Financial Solvency Standards Board for the California Department of Managed Care.

Mr. Shinto was educated at the University of California at Irvine, which is where he obtained his bachelor’s of science degree, and he earned his medical degree from the State University of New York in Stony Brook. At the University of Redlands, he got his M.B.A.

Mr. Shinto has been granted a number of awards for his dedication to making healthcare more affordable and attainable. He was given the Access to Caring Award and named a Top Minority Executive in 2018. He was also named the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012.

Southridge Capital offering you Financial Solutions

According to PR Newswire, Southridge Capital has changed thousands of lives if not hundreds of businesses. Southridge Investment Group is a private equity firm that is based on the East Coast Connecticut. The Company was founded in 1996 and currently has more than 40 employees who have been charged with the responsibility of assuring clients with securities and better investment options.




Over the years, Southridge Capital have helped businesses overcome financial hurdles at the time when they need it most as well as individuals overcome their financial crisis. If you need to start up your business or sort out a personal issue but you are experiencing financial difficulties you no longer need to worry or overwork yourself anymore.




Southridge was formed for the sole purpose of helping those who are in financial problems. Not only does Southridge Capital offer financial solutions to individuals but also to established businesses and companies. Those companies that facing financial strains or rather firms who need to expand their investment options but short of capital can now quickly get the amount of money they need for Southridge Capital.




The exemplary performance of Southridge Investment Company is mainly attributed to this one incredible man Stephen M. Hicks. Mr Hicks is the founder and the CEO of Southridge Capital. For more than 30 years now, Stephen Hicks has been responsible for the overall development and business execution of the company, which also includes the strategic direction which is beneficial for the company.




His determination and resilience are just the least of the qualities of this man. Hick who is also a big fan of cryptocurrency advice young people in business to focus more on cash rather than their returns. Southridge capital is also committed to making the world a better place this is evident through their various foundations most notably the Daystar Foundation that is aimed at improving people’s lives. The company’s growth is only expected to rise even higher in the next five years as more companies continue to come for financial assistance. Over 250 companies have benefited from Southridge Capital services and have invested more than $1.8 billion companies both locally and overseas. You can visit their Facebook page for more.


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With Youth Enhancement System, Jeunesse Global helps people stay feeling and looking young

Jeunesse Global ranks among the fastest-growing businesses in the health and beauty industry today. Founded in 2009, in just 9 years, the company has gone from a garage-based hobby business to being one of the most important global distributors and manufacturers of health and beauty products in the world.

The company’s founders, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, had long been well-known stalwarts of the North American direct-marketing business. They had been behind the formation of some of the most successful companies in the industry, making them millionaires by the time they were 30. But as the couple approached their 70s, they decided that they wanted to spend more time with their grandkids and with each other. They thought they would try the retired life.

But reality quickly asserted itself. Ray and Lewis simply weren’t cut out for hours of boredom and not having a concrete purpose to wake up to in the morning. They quickly started selling a few products out of their sprawling Florida home as a way to pass the time. Soon, their fledgling new company, which they were now calling Jeunesse Global, had taken off. Just a few weeks after taking the plunge into retirement, Ray and Lewis were once again spending 70 hours per week building a business.

From the start, Jeunesse was focused on finding niche markets and creating both messaging and branding that was highly differentiated from competing brands. One of the ways in which they have accomplished this is through the creation of the Youth Enhancement System, a basket of more than a dozen of the company’s finest and most groundbreaking products.

The Youth Enhancement System is a cohesive lineup of products that allows customers to get all of their health and beauty requirements taken care of in one comprehensive package. The Youth Enhancement System contains groundbreaking products, like the company’s Luminesce anti-aging lotion and its AM PM Essentials productivity-enhancing multivitamin. It can help nearly anyone start feeling younger and healthier within just a few minutes.

Through the Youth Enhancement System, Jeunesse Global is helping bring about Generation Young, the first generation in history with the tools to stave off aging indefinitely.

Southridge Capital Operations

Southridge Capital is a private company that is dedicated to offering financial advice to other firms. The company has a broad client base who are ever engaging them in their day to day financial operations. The company is one of the most sought-after advisory institutions in the country. This is primarily due to their expert executive advisors who are always up to date with the current financial situation in the different markets. The staff works tirelessly to ensure that the will of the client is always fulfilled. They believe that their customers are their most significant assets. In respect to this, the client’s demands are always put first.

Southridge Capital has also been active in making investments. The company has invested in numerous growth companies since its creation. They have also financed over 250 companies. Most of these institutions have grown to become huge reputable firms. Having been actively involved in the management of other firms has helped Southridge Capital to know the problems that encounter businesses. This has also enabled them to devise working methods to counter the problems before they escalate further to uncontrollable levels. Helping corporates have been their primary task, and they have indeed executed it successfully.

One of the major services that they offer to other institutions is financial analysis. In this task, Southridge Capital comes up with a detailed way of projecting how an institution can improve its financial status. They use projected financial statements to elaborate on the means to effect this. Another crucial service in the business operation that they offer is balance sheet optimization. Many companies these days are dragging themselves into debt due to a lack of balance between debt and equity. Southridge Capital enables a firm to establish the right balance between the two parameters, and the results are amazing. With the guidance of Southridge Capital, companies can operate without the fear of running into receivership.

Southridge Capital also gives companies advice on forming an effective merger with others that have a similar model. They thoroughly research on the viability of the two institutions before encouraging them to operate as a single entity. Other services offered by this reputable financial advisory firm include bankruptcy advice details and legal settlement services. You ca visit their Facebook page.

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Bob Reina and Never Surrendering

Bicycle lessons can sometimes be pretty tough. It doesn’t matter if you rely on training wheels, elbow pads, helmets and the whole nine yards. Bicycle lessons can teach you all about the worlds of tenacity and determination. They can teach you about the power of not neglecting your wishes as well. If you find yourself on the ground, you have to learn that that’s life. You have to learn to get your focus again, too.


Life lessons can do a lot for youngsters. They can be a little harder to come across for their more mature counterparts, though. It can be harder for adults to deal with setbacks any time they go after their objectives. It can be wonderful to be young. Peoples’ younger years are all about hope and big ideas. People who are older can learn a lot by emulating younger folks. If you want to do well in this competitive and often brutal society, you have to be the type of person who can manage all kinds of unpleasant and taxing life scenarios. The people who do the best are usually the ones who don’t let things get in the way of their aims. Winning and weak behavior nowadays honestly do not go hand in hand. Surrendering should never be on the table for people. It shouldn’t even be a last resort. If you want to reap rewards, you have to be 100 percent willing to put in the required effort and care. People who don’t work hard and who don’t try are hardly candidates for achievement. People should never succumb to the concept of forsaking the things that matter so much to them. They should never try to take the easy path. If you want to be among the planet’s most impressive, capable and industrious individuals, you have to be someone who is willing to do anything and everything it takes to achieve your objectives.


Bob Reina is Talk Fusion’s dedicated Chief Executive and Founder. He’s also a businessman who works happily. He’s not an individual who likes to surrender. That’s why he never does it. Talk Fusion is a celebrated video marketing firm that’s in Florida. Reina created it in 2007. Reina has a good background in both direct sales and marketing. He aims to make Talk Fusion a big player in all different parts of the planet. He’s also a person who supports charitable groups for animals. Learn more:

Bob Reinas’ Success at Talk Fusion is good news for charities.

Bon Reina has always been an animal lover. In fact, between his eleven rescue dogs and five cats, he has to hire two housekeepers just to help manage the pet hair. However, Reinas’ generosity to rescue animals is not limited to his home; he is well known for his generous donations to various animal charities. Renia has made a generous contribution to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay of 1 million dollars. This significant gift allowed the Humane Society to build a low-cost clinic for families to bring their pets for care. The clinic was a fitting as Renia is well known for picking up other families vet bills when they are struggling to come up with the funds for lifesaving care.


After graduating the University of South Florida, Bob Reina served as a Tampa Police officer, but after getting his feet wet in the direct marketing industry, he knew he had to give it was his calling. Bob founded his company Talk Fusion in 2007 which is now a global powerhouse for video marketing with products in over 140 countries. It is the success of Talk Fusion that Reina credits his ability to make generous donations to the causes close to his heart such as the Humane Society and Indonesian Orphanages. Learn more:


Bob Reina has also incorporated his charitable giving into the operations of Talk Fusion. Renias started a program that allows each associate to pick a nonprofit that is important to them and provide that charity with a free Talk Fusion account. It is clear that as Talk Fusion continues to grow in the private sector, Bob Reina will continue to grow his impact on the nonprofit sector as well.