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Achievements of Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe happens to be a very successful person from the United States and has been on the first line pursuing success. She is always committed to pursuing great things in life and has always been motivated by her desire to achieve in life. In fact, her name is very famous in the dating world. All those people who have ever used these dating apps have at one time or another learned about Bumble.

Whitney happens to be a co-founder of the famous dating app called Tinder.It has been a very rough journey for her until she launched her favorite Bumble app. She has been able to prove to the other world that one can achieve despite many challenges.She has worked towards making sure that she achieves in technology and have worked with the intention of improving the situation status squo. Her motive has been able to make the company the leading in the industry. Currently the app is at position four among the most popular apps in the industry. She is passionate about success in the industry.

Whitney Wolfe happens to have a very proud life in the Salt Lake City, Utah. That is where she was able to grow up and spend her life. Her father was a famous property developer in the country while the mother happened to be an awesome housewife. She was proud of her mom who used to stay at home and made her have a very healthy life. Her parents always made sure that she achieves in terms of success and have always dedicated their time to success. Whitney after completing high school was lucky to get a chance to join Southern Methodist University. She was able to specialize in international studies in her career. This made her develop a lot of passion in the marketing career.

Whitney Wolfe was able to join the business industry at just age 19 while still on campus. BP oil spill introduced her to business at only 19 years. She wanted to help the people who had been affected. It was a great motivation and worked with a celeb who helped her launch a serious project which she used to raise a lot of funds in the sector. The company became so successful and they were able to assist so many people to get the bags. They were able to change the lives of so many people achieve their dreams in life.

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