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Dr. Saad Saad in medical practice

Dr. Saad Saad is a accomplished and inventive pediatric surgeon who has spent all his career serving his patients with great care. He appreciates that his role is to ensure that the patients live a life free of medical conditions which hinder their activities. As a pediatric surgeon, he deals with children and young adults. His career spans over 40 years. He started practice when he moved into the United States 47 years ago. He first sought certification as a board certified doctor. He received the certification a few years later, and now he started practicing as a fully approved doctor. This approval opened doors of opportunities for him. He got job offers from all over the world.




In the 1980s he accepted an offer to work as a private doctor for the Saudi Royal Family at the King Faisal Hospital. They had chosen him because he exhibited all the qualities they would have wished for in a doctor serving in Saudi Arabia. He was an American board-certified doctor and was fluent in both English and Arabic.




In the Middle East, Dr. Saad Saad served for four and a half years. He helped in treating many medical conditions that required surgeries. He had the opportunity of also serving people of diverse economic statuses while at this facility. The poor people who had complex medical conditions were brought to this facility to receive treatment from him. His reputation as a doctor was boosted by the opportunity he had while serving in the Middle East. The royal family only go for the best practitioners, and this was proof that Dr. Saad was exceptionally knowledgeable in his field.




After his tenure in the Middle East, he came back to New Jersey where he went on with practice. Apart from the people he has treated in the facilities he has been working for, Dr. Saad Saad has provided medical services in various medical missions supported by humanitarian groups. He has been to missions in Palestine and United States. He has attended eight missions in Palestine.




Palestine is the birthplace of Dr. Saad. His family immigrated Kuwait where he spent his childhood. He attended Cairo University in Egypt where he graduated with honors in medical studies. He attended internship in England and then sought residence in the United States.




Dr. Saad has served all patients who have been brought to him with dignity. He has never discriminated against anyone because they belong to a different community as him. He has upheld the highest standards of medical practice throughout his career. He acknowledges that all human beings are equal and they deserve to be treated equally. The lesson about equality was taught to him by his mentor in medical practice. Learn more :