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The Work of Serge Belamant

A native of France, Serge Belamant has been making an impact on the business world for quite some time. Belamant has more than three decades of experience in engineering and technology. Belamant and his family moved to South Africa during his teenage years. The experience changed his life and put him an track to become an extraordinary business man.

Serge Belamant attended Highlands North High School for boys. It was during this time that Belamant was exposed to a new world. He was able to learn to speak and write English. He became active in a variety of activities which include Rugby, chess and athletics. He was so good at chess he represented Southern Transvaal several times finishing as high as 6th in the South African Chess Championships. Soon after high school Serge Belamant made his way to college. He attended Witwatersrand University where he studied a variety of subjects which include engineering, computer science and math.

With his training at Witwatersrand, Belamant was now prepared for the business world. Immediately after college he joined an engineering firm called Matrix. This large civil engineering company gave Belamant the opportunity to work with a variety of computers and develop a number of computer applications. Later Belamant worked with CSIR where he was the head of the computer section of the PWV. Serge Belamant was the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at Net 1 UEPS Technologies, Inc. His experience includes more than thirty years working in security, artificial intelligence and transaction processing systems. He has a number of patents on inventions that he has created. This list of patents includes tools for verifying a a transactor’s identity, financial transactions that require a pin, secure financial transactions. Belamant’s inventions have impacted the financial world in a powerful way. Despite a long career in the industry he appears set for even more impactful moments in the years to come.

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Contributions of Matt Badiali in Mining Sector

Matthew Badiali is currently working as a senior analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing. Matt is a talented geologist who also has various skills in writing, research, business analysis, marketing, finance and also public speaking. His passion and enthusiasm for creating new things have always guided Matthew Badiali in coming up with ideas that have assisted several investors especially those working in the mining industry. He has also worked as a geologist and analyst for Stansberry and Associates for more than a decade. While working at Stansberry Company, he was able to create the Stansberry Resource Report which is one of the most popular natural resource investment publications in the world. The report was focused on finding all the ideas that can earn more profits for investors in the natural resource sector.

Important Concepts of Matt Badiali in the Mining Sector

Through his career, Matt has traveled to several parts of the world. Most of the countries that Matt has visited are those that are rich in natural resources. According to Matt , you can only be sure about the activities going on in a mining site you invest in by being there in person. Matt has a bachelor’s degree in earth science that he attained from the Penn State University. After graduating from the Penn State University, he joined the Florida Atlantic University where he graduated with Master of Science in geology. After attaining his master’s he spends over four years at the University of North Carolina while he was wo9rkimng towards getting his Ph.D. until 2004 when he introduced to finance by a friend. Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Are Real After All.

Since his friend had a Ph.D. in finance and he wanted to develop methods of helping young investors to make superior profits. That is when Matt Badiali joined him in order to place input through all the knowledge he had in science. This also worked perfectly for Matt Badiali has a passion for creating new ideas and working towards making them real. Over the years that Matt Badiali has worked in the mining sector and Banyan Publishing, he has been able to assist several investors.

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Paul Mampilly Says Trade Warfare Is A Golden Opportunity

Investment Guru, Paul Mampilly says to look for the silver lining in the US-China trade warfare. Mampilly points out that Chinese stocks, like Tencent Holdings, China Mobile, and crude oil giant, China National Petroleum Corporation are on the rise, and offer a good opportunity to make a profit.According to an article by Paul Mampilly, published on the Banyan Hill Publishing website, Chinese stocks can be purchased at a discount. A CNBC report confirms that this US-China trade war has already resulted in a loss of one-quarter in major stock values, knocking the country from the stock markets number two spot. During the last six months, Tencent Holdings slipped from $59.75 to the current $40.42, and with this in mind, Mampilly says if you’re searching for a worthwhile investment, at a discount, you can find what you’re looking for in the Chinese stock market.

A Look At President Trump’s Trade War

President Trump has currently set the tariffs at $200 billion, which has weakened the entire Chinese stock market. While this commercial war will probably decrease the spending power and wealth of American consumers, our economic stability will remain intact. However, Mampilly points out, China has a great dependence on trade surplus, so the trade war is diminishing it’s GDP. This is a country that is use to growing at a fast pace, but these tariffs are damaging.The motivation by Trump is the on-going systematic violation of intellectual property rights by Chinese industries.

Despite the sanctions, China reacted by announcing duties of hundreds of American products, whose imports are worth $50 billion dollars a year, such as automobiles, and soybeans.But Paul Mampilly also notes, this discount won’t last forever because China has other irons in the fire. Foreign companies wanting to be active in China can set up a joint ventures with domestic companies. Especially in the auto industry, such joint ventures are common. Additionally, China has the new Yuan oil contracts, which will give rise to their economy.We don’t knows how long this political turmoil will continue, but the experts like Paul Mampilly agree that now is the time to take advantage of China’s golden stock prices.

Michael J. Burwell Is On The Forefront Of The Finance And Professional Services Industry


Michael J. Burwell is the Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson (WTW). Prior to taking on challenges with WTW, Burwell was with Pricewaterhouse Coopers, LLP (PwC) and during his tenure he spent 11 years in assurance practice as a business advisor and then was elected to a partnership and transferred to the Detroit transaction business. He was eventually assigned as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO) for PwC. He took on the role of Vice Chairman of Global and U.S. Transformation and helped to lead the expansion effort for the company.


Burwell likes to start his day early and get in a little exercise. His early morning preference is a stationary bicycle where he can think about what he has to get accomplished by day’s end and strategize how to achieve that goal. He likes to pay particular attention to other people’s ideas and find a way to bring them to life. His belief that technology helps to make good people more productive is a mindset that teaches how to do more with less. Burwell is always willing to share app’s (applications) that help him be more productive.


When offering business advice to others, Michael Burwell offers being a good listener and always work to build your network. He likes to always engage others and understand their side of the coin. He also advises others to always stay positive and be relentless.


Others will often try to undermine your effort and tell you something will not work. Not everyone will experience a win every time out, but a defeat should not be at the hands of a negative attitude. It is important when pursing anything to always keep a watchful eye on the marketplace. Disruption can happen at any time and an unexpected and unanticipated curveball could knock you out of the game very quickly. Refer to This Article for related information.


Michael Burwell is a graduate of Michigan State University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Business Administration. He was also named Alumnus of the Year at Michigan State in 2010. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) by education. He has a wide range of experience in the financial industry and has a tremendous understanding for management and driving results through leadership in a highly competitive industry. His strong focus on clients and customer service has served him well. His collaborative and team approach has brought a high level of efficiency , as well as effectiveness to the business at hand.