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Misconceptions and Truths About George Soros

With the advent of social media and the flood of information that comes along with the Age of Information that we live in now, the boundaries between facts and the absurd are getting blurred.

A frequent favorite victim of fake news is George Soros.

The name George Soros has been slandered and maligned and has often been demonized, mostly by people from the far right. For them, George Soros is the ‘boogeyman’ who uses his billions to push liberal agendas and meddle in politics. Some have even hinted that George Soros is a puppet master that controls the strings attached to American presidents. These claims, of course, are part of the absurd.

The fact is George Soros started from the bottom and it took him years of studying and developing a strong sense of understanding investments to reach the top. With that, once the investor was able to reach the top by investing in successful ideas and becoming one of the most impressive investors in the whole world, he used and continued to use his wealth to give back to the people. The man is a philanthropist and someone who is continuously dealing with charity and donations through is philanthropic work and fund groups that fight for civil, migrant, human rights, as well as freedom of speech.

George Soros has generously given more than $12 billion to support these groups in recent donations, and has given $18 billion to Open Society Foundations, an organization that fights for the rule of law and accountability of government officials who abuse their power. However, the total sum of the money that George Soros has already given to these Open Society Foundations is much higher, as it is a big chunk of the net-worth that the investor has today. All in all, George Soros fights for the marginalized people who are victims of corruption and tyranny.

George wasn’t born with a silver spoon. He faced many challenges in order to arrive to where he’s at now and that’s why he understands the feeling of the small people who are often marginalized by their own governments that was supposed to protect them.

George knows this feeling too well because he was born to a Jewish family in Hungary, in 1930, and he has first-hand experienced the Nazi oppression when the forces of Hitler invaded the Hungarian territory and Budapest, George Soros’ homeland. After the war, George was able to move to London where he waited tables to fund his education. He went to the London School of Economics where he learned how to make a fortune in investments and finance.

Nowadays, George Soros is a retired investor, but he continues to invest in new ideas every now and then, mainly to keep his wealth high enough to be able to constantly donate to the Open Society Foundations and keep funding organizations that support people in needs.

The main targets of the donations of George Soros, for some time, where the Jewish communities, mainly at the critical times when they were facing a lot of censure, but he has supported all sorts of causes and goals and to know more