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USHEALTH Group: 50 Years of Providing Incredible Customer Satisfaction

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a company based in Fort Worth, Texas which has more than 50 years of experience in the healthcare and insurance industries, serving over 15 million customers. This company has many subsidiaries, including the National Foundation Life Insurance Company and the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America.

As one of the country’s most trusted choices for healthcare, USHEALTH and its family provides a commitment to giving its customers innovative, custom-made plans geared towards families, small business owners, and self-employed individuals. USHEALTH provides accident and disability insurance, life insurance, specified disease/sickness insurance, in addition to health, dental, and vision plans.

USHEALTH caters to customers who live on a limited budget or have concerns about meeting high annual deductibles. They offer a wide variety of plans and products that give their customers the ability to receive first dollar benefits throughout a wide-ranged network and providers. The company is expertly knowledgeable about giving those customers first dollar protections without losing the coverage of a fully comprehensive plan.

The company also offers a wide range of plans for disease/sickness or accident coverage, understanding that each customer’s needs are different. By providing their customers with choice, they can give tailor-made plans to cover their unique needs, while still giving them a reliable, affordable, and flexible plan. In the midst of a healthcare world where low customer loyalty reigns, USHEALTH is determined to give each and every customer ultimate happiness in their choices. Their customer commitment has earned them a spot on the Top 50 North American Call Center list and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

USHEALTH is run by a team of highly trained and knowledgeable executives that always take the company’s mission and vision to heart. The President and CEO of USHEALTH is Troy McQuagge, a man who has been in the industry for more than 30 years and has been with the company since 2010. Sitting by his side is Executive Vice Presidents Konrad Kober, Patrick O’Neill and Cynthia Koenig, Senior Vice President Virgil Meier, and Chief Marketing Officer Brian Clark.


Alternate to Medicare: Medicare Advantage Plan

The first method of getting health care for the elderly that was founded by Lyndon Baines Johnson as part of The Great Society, was Medicare. It is an entitlement program that was ushered in by the rabid actions of the Progressive Movement to establish as many government, centralized programs as possible with which to entangle the citizens and run up the national debt on This was one of many programs that President Johnson signed into law during his one term presidency, perhaps as a distraction to an increasingly unpopular war, the Viet Nam Conflict. It had become his goal to open up the flood gates to giveaway programs for the people in general on all levels from socialized medicine for the elderly to Welfare for the poor. No longer would anyone in America be poor, according to LBJ.

The majority of elderly still sign up for the Original Medicare like InnovaCare Health and pay a Part B premium monthly, three months prior to their 65th birthday. However, about one third of Medicare eligible recipients sign up for Medicare Advantage Plans that also contract with the federal government. These insurance companies are paid a fixed amount by the government for each individual so they each can get their Medicare plan benefits. These types of plans are HMO’s PPO’s and PFFS. These plans also come in other shapes and sizes such as the SNP, the PSO and the MSA. From Special Needs to Medicare Medical Savings accounts these are a few of the other names for alternate Medicare accounts that can be enrolled in through insurance providers according to Penelope Kokkinides. Medicare is a part of these plans and a subscriber still has that coverage, making Part B premiums and Part A premiums still due on a monthly basis.

The Medicare Advantage Plan of InnovaCare Health also must have a cap to out of pocket maximums for its various plans. What is a nice feature about these plans is that they are very much the same rate as the Original Medicare plans but they often include dental and vision plans to go with them. Medicare Advantage will have its own premium on top of the others mentioned previously. The copayment that most of these plans require is usually around 10% which must be paid north priority. Read more on about Penelope Kokkinides.

No matter where the policy originates, it must pay the premiums or the problem and overdue on the plans and end up charged off. Similarly, these fixed payments are also known as co-payment. There are plans like InnovaCare Health that will only need to charge the cost of each service provision and the dental plan. The subscribers will always be responsible for the co pay whether it comes in a Medicare part A and B. Residence must be in the service area according to Rick Shinto. No one with end stage Renal Failure is eligible for Medicare Advantage Plans.

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