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Deirdre Baggot Focuses Her Time And Energy On Her Life’s Work In The Healthcare Industry

Deirdre Baggot has been working as a hospital executive and clinician for many years, and she been a large part of payment reform in the healthcare industry. As a healthcare business strategist, she attends meetings and conferences where she adds her knowledge and experience to the conversation about improving healthcare. Baggot studied at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville and earned her Bachelor’s degree in nursing while there. She also attended Loyola University’s Quinlan School of Business in Chicago, Illinois, where she received her MBA. After finishing off these degrees, she decided to go further and eventually earned her Ph.D. at the University of Colorado in Denver. Visit on her twitter for more updates.

Deirdre Baggot started out working at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and served as a staff nurse and resource coordinator while there. She also served as the manager of the hospital administration group and eventually went to work for the University of Michigan Health System. She earned awards for her leadership abilities while working at the hospital and received her Lean/Six Sigma certification. She later on went to work for the Cardiac and Vascular Institute as a senior administrator and then worked at GE Healthcare Partners in Los Angeles, California, where she served as Senior Vice President.

Deirdre Baggot has been featured on many different shows including Morning Edition, Planet Money, and All Things Considered. She has been recognized on a national level for her work with bundled payments and admits that she spends a lot of time in meetings during her workdays but that she likes to only be present when needed. When she comes up with ideas, she writes them down and then brings them to a team that helps her to better formulate the idea. While many entrepreneurs or business people waste a lot of their time by chasing down ideas in areas they are not experts in, she doesn’t waste her energy on these kinds of efforts. Instead, she spends the majority of her time focusing on the field of healthcare, which is her passion. She feels that their is plenty of room for reform in the healthcare industry and will most likely be a large part of positive changes in the field for years to come.


Eric Lefkofsky Idea That Can Help Us Win the Battle against Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus. He is a self-made billionaire. Eric Lefkofsky grew up Southfield, Michigan. He was the son of a structural engineer Bill Lefkofsky and Sandy Lefkofsky as schoolteacher. Upon graduating high school, he attended the University of Michigan in the year 1987. He later graduated in the year 1991, with top honors. However, he continued his education in University of Michigan School of law where he obtained his Juris Doctor in 1993. After completing his studies, he and his campus friend, decided to purchase Bradon Apparel with the capital they had borrowed from their relatives.

However, he love for technology led him to create Tempus. Tempus is a health-technology company that is in the process of building the world’s largest infrastructure to help modernize the treatment of cancer. The company was founded in 2015, to help consolidate, merge, clean up, and digitize cancer patients’ clinical information. The consolidation of this information will help physicians learn more about cancer for the data and help more people in the future. To ensure the aim of Tempus is accomplished they include molecular data through DNA sequencing. Tempus has established a sequence of data pipelines that help cleanse, collect, and analyze the molecular and clinical data.

Their efforts will help usher in the use of precision medicine. The aim of the entire process Tempus undertakes is to ensure that every cancer patient’s molecular and clinical data is in one place. Having the data in one place will assist the physicians to make data-driven and real-time decisions with their clients. The data will also help physicians learn more about cancer from the patient’s information. It will also give physicians a clue on how to manage it with the treatment options available.

With the strides Tempus has taken to ensure the success of their work, it has earned them a spot on the top ten health technology in Chicago. Tempus has also established various partnerships with several academic and health institutions. The information they offer the institutions especially the health institutions proves helpful when it comes to assisting cancer patients.

About Eric Lefkofsky:

Jim Tananbaum: STEM Enthusiast Turned Venture Capitalist

Summary about Jim and Recap of interview with Ideasmench:

Every career path is unique and personal, but few are quite as impressive as Jim Tananbaum’s. Jim himself majored at Yale University in math, electrical engineering and computer science and then obtained his M.S. from MIT in 1989. If that wasn’t enough, he subsequently obtained his M.D. and MBA from Harvard University. Despite all of this and his many professional achievements, Jim tells Ideasmench that if he could do it all again, he would have believed in himself more and made fewer compromises. Jim is passionate about making opportunities for interdisciplinary hard sciences and computer science to intersect with healthcare. More than a decade before founding Foresite, he began incubating the idea that a large dedicated healthcare fund would be more competitive, but he was more risk averse at the time. During his interview with Ideasmench, Jim shared that one of his failures as an entrepreneur was a catalyst for founding Foresite. He was a senior partner at a fund and missed more than a few opportunities to invest in companies he felt good about, despite having the resources to do so – all because of fear of the current financial market. So in 2011, Jim founded Foresite Capital – a private equity firm that provides capital and support to help companies with transformative products and services become healthcare leaders. Jim tells Ideasmench that what he learned from his experiences is that you have to take risks and go with your gut, “It’s about disruption, not convention.”

Then, write a couple paragraphs about Jim Tananbaum and his professional life in general.

After attending higher education for a decade, Jim co-founded and ran GelTex, a pharmaceutical company focused on developing non-systemic drugs and within 2 years it was acquired by Genzyme for $1.6B. Jim remained a Board Member for the company for another 4 years. During that time he joined Sierra Ventures as a Partner, where he built their Healthcare Service Investment Practice. After 4 years with Sierra, Jim co-founded and led another biopharmaceutical company – Theravance. In 2001, Jim Tananbaum returned to the venture capital field and co-founded Prospect Venture Partners. After leading this firm for 9 years, he founded Foresite Capital Management, where he has been the CEO for 7 years.

Not only is Jim Tananbaum a successful entrepreneur, is on Yale University’s President’s Advisory Board and an Advisor at Harvard, and is highly educated across a variety of STEM fields, but he somehow makes time for family, friends, and remaining physically fit. He is also very down to earth and is always willing to share from his experiences and encourage other entrepreneurs. You can visit Business profile for more info.

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