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IAP Worldwide Services is a Leader in Global Logistics Management

IAP Worldwide Services is a leading logistics and facilities management company based in the United States. The company works with a number of government organizations including the United States military. For nearly three decades, IAP Worldwide Services has been able to help its clients develop and establish infrastructure in a number of different locations throughout the world. With IAP Worldwide Services, clients will be able to get a number of very important tasks done such as road construction, facilities construction and management, communications and energy systems installation and also technology management. As a result, many government and private sector organizations can count on IAP Worldwide Services to help them settle into unfamiliar areas more efficiently at any given time.

This company has a history dating back three decades. It was originally known as IAP Worldwide Services which specialized in procurement and logistics services to clients. The company would often transport materials to varying locations on a regular basis. However, its fortunes would change for the better when they were noticed by the United States Army. During Operation Desert Storm, IAP would work with the Army by transporting generators to personnel and bases in Saudi Arabia. After providing this assistance to the Army, IAP became the most trusted partner of the entire United States military. It would then help the military with a number of tasks over the next decade.

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After working with the military during Desert Storm, IAP Worldwide Services would acquire another similar company called Johnson Controls Worldwide Services. With this acquisition, IAP would become IAP Worldwide Services and offer a number of other ways to assist organizations establish infrastructure in remote areas around the world. It would expand its services to technical services, communications services and also developing roads and buildings. Over the next several years, IAP Worldwide Services would continue to assist the military in future operations as well as acquire a British engineering company. As of today, IAP Worldwide Services holds and estimated $370 million in government contracts.

One of the best things about IAP Worldwide Services is that it offers a number of employment opportunities that people can take advantage of. Individuals who are interested in working for IAP Worldwide Services can pursue jobs in air traffic control. They can also look into applying for jobs as a contract administrator and an information technology administrator as well. Anyone in the finance industry can also take advantage of job openings such as finance analyst. Therefore, IAP Worldwide Services offers a number of jobs in a variety of industries.

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The services of IAP Worldwide in disaster management

IAP Worldwide is a world leader company in providing logistics, facility management, and technical experts. The company has been offering these services to a broad international market that covers over 25 countries. Customers in the private and public sectors get to enjoy the services provided by will trained and experienced technicians of this company. The goal of offering these services is to leave customers fully satisfied. All problems are in the capacity to manage since the firm is well prepared for disasters and other calamities.

Being in the forefront to provide reliable services is not easy without competent and dedicated workers. The selection and employment plan used by IAP Worldwide is unique. The team of experts is made up of many individuals who have their best areas of expertise.

All put together to form one perfect team that finds solutions to any problem that the customers are looking for professional help. Further training is done to keep up the best practices and skills that suit this market. The team practices professional skills while at work.

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IAP Worldwide has enjoyed many years of success since its establishment over 60 years ago. The initial project that led to the formation of this logistics company was to supply the US Army in Saudi Arabia with military equipment. After showing exceptional competency and reliability, the military entered into the partnership with the business to do all supplies and procurement works. The contracts paid have amounted to over $247 million.

Besides the role in military supplies, the firm has other side activities that are mean for all customers. During emergencies, the company has facilities used to generate electricity during the mission. They offer transport vehicles to humanitarians when visiting disaster-stricken countries. The corporate responsibility has ensured that many rescue missions turn up to be successful since supplies are sufficient during the whole mission.

More developments have taken place within IAP Worldwide in efforts to expand their market and meet more customer needs. The company has acquired DRS Technologies Inc., which deals with telecommunication and aircraft maintenance.

The two units that were purchased are expected to bring success in military rescue operations. The state and other security organs are planned to benefit from these expansions that are taking place. IAP will use the unique and superior expertise from the acquired units to improve their service delivery. Customers will enjoy better and reliable services in their international markets.

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