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The Change One CEO (Clay Siegall) Can Make To The World

The world of genetic research is fueled by gifted researchers with visions and raw skill. One of the leaders in this industry, Miran Therapeutics, made big news when they appointed Dr. Clay B. Siegall as their CEO and Chairman of the Board. At the time, Dr. Paul Lammers, then CEO of the company, said:

“We are excited to have Dr. Siegall join our distinguished group of directors, as his broad pharmaceutical industry experience and achievements in building a successful oncology company will be invaluable to the Mirna team…”

Dr. Siegall said “I am pleased to join the Mirna Board of Directors, given the company’s early involvement in the miRNA field, and I look forward to working with the team to advance its promising programs for patients in need.”

Since then the company has continued to grow under his steady leadership. But just who is Mirna and what did Dr. Siegall bring to the company that helped it expand?

Who Is Mirna Therapeutics?
Mirna Therapeutics is a company focused on researching biotechnology in the field of microRNA or miRNA technologies. They focus on creating a whole new realm of treatments to help suppress cancerous tumors and to create effective and healthy treatment methods.

Under Siegall, they have successfully found ways to block cancer growths in animal test subjects and are currently working on ways to help expand this technology. This is all due to their focus on miRNAs and the ways that they can help combat cancer.

What Are miRNAs?
To understand Mirnas breakthroughs, it is important to understand miRNA. These are a variety of nucleotides that can be used to interact with RNA in your body. RNA is the “communicator” of your genetic code, and when cancer strikes, RNA will transfer it around your body.

The use of miRNA to disrupt this communication cycle is crucial to preventing cancer growth. It will literally correct the malfunctioning cancer cells genetic code and stop the cancerous code from progressing. In this way, tumors can be halted in their tracks.

What Did Dr. Siegall Bring To The Company?
At the time of his hiring in 2013, Dr. Siegall had been working in genetics since 1998. Under his steady leadership, his company, Seattle Genetics, made more than $300 million.

When he left to join Mirnas Therapeutics, Seattle Genetics was worth over $675 million.
What he brought to Mirna was a capacity for hard work, the ability to raise capital that is crucial for research, and a passion for genetics.

This isn’t just a way for Dr. Siegall to make money but an important lifelong goal. With a passionate and dedicated CEO, Mirnas has capably moved to the head of the pack and made breakthroughs that could change the nature of cancer therapy forever.