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Effective Operations Management Boosts Fortress Investment Group

Asked to name the leading international investment managers, Fortress Investment Group would appear on top of any honest person’s list. This investment firm was started as a private equity firm in 1998. Later on, Fortress grew into an alternative asset strategy firm after diversifying its investment strategies to manage hedge funds, credit funds, and permanent capital vehicles. The leadership at Fortress is also a success pillar for the organization, under its three competent principals; Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger.The operations of Fortress Investment Group are currently categorized into three distinct segments namely; permanent capital vehicles, private equity, and credit sections. The first one to be launched was the private equity division. This was the one formed during the foundation or the company with the aim of generating cash flow from control-oriented investments in North America, Western Europe, and the Caribbean. The operations of this segment are grounded on the experience of Fortress’ personnel who have extensive experience in asset management from all the specific economic sectors.

The second division is the credit segment. This was launched later in 2002 after the arrival of Peter Briger at Fortress Investment Group, and he still leads the division to date. It consists of Fortress Japan Opportunity Funds, Fortress Credit Opportunities Funds, Fortress Real Estate Opportunities Funds, Drawbridge Special Opportunities Funds, Fortress Secured Lending Fund, Drawbridge Long Dated Value Funds, and the Drawbridge Real Assets Funds. The investments in this division have a global nature and are more concentrated on undervalued assets, illiquid credit investments and distressed assets. Alongside Briger is Dean Dakolias, who also leads the division after joining Fortress in 2001. The third division is permanent capital vehicle segment. It mainly focuses on management of permanent investment vehicles that are traded publicly. They include New Senior Investment Group, Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC, Eurocastle Investment Limited, the New Media Investment Group and New Residential Investment Corp. The main focus of these entities is on transportation infrastructure, local media assets, residential real estate, and senior housing in the United States.

About Fortress

Fortress is currently proud of having employed more than 1,100 members of staff who help the company run its operations globally. Out of the large number of personnel at Fortress, over 200 are investment professionals who have vast and specialized skills to manage investments from all the sectors of the economy. Fortress Investment group manages investments for over 1750 clients who are both individual and institutional investors from all over the world.

Smart Homes the New Venture in Real Estate Industry

Smart homes make life easier as they have features which include adjusting lighting and even detect walking patterns of the occupants of the home. Other smart homes have sophisticated high tech features such as toilets which can notice a health defect of the user and relay the data to a doctor. Today, smart homes do not make buyers and real estate agents bat an eye as their futuristic ideas and concepts have now become a norm.

There are more features to be discovered and developed despite the already existing ones. Tech innovators and investors are therefore in a competitive market which needs new systems or technologies. Several companies are always marketing new inventions as they are striving to be number one in the market and this increases the level of developments and improvements of the devices.

When home builders build new houses, they make connected homes with standard features which include:

  • Ring motion-detecting doorbells
  • Caseta Wireless smart lighting
  • Nest thermostats
  • Lutron automatic window shades

Todd Lubar’s Education Background and Career Journey

Todd Lubar started his education in Washington DC at the Sidwell Friends School. He attended his high school education at Peddie School in Hightstown, NJ. He the then transitioned to Syracuse University and attained a B.A degree in speech communication. Todd Lubar took up his first job after graduation in 1995 at Crestar Mortgage Corporation and went on to work there for four years.

During his time working at the firm, Todd realised that his passion lay in the real estate and finance industry. In 1999, he got an opportunity to extend his skills by joining Legacy Financial Group. He lent loans as a direct mortgage bank and also broker loans to external investors. For more details visit Ideamensch.

Presently, Todd Lubar is a real estate entrepreneur and has a strong passion for smart homes. He is the vice president of Legendary Investments and serves as the president of Global Ventures, LLC. Todd Lubar was ranked among the top 25 mortgage pioneers in the United States as he has experience of over twenty years in the real estate industry. Lubar has also been involved in several industries from mortgage banking and entertainment to construction.Check out his page

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Richard Blair provides investments and solutions to Austin Texas

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions believes that everyone should be able to pursue their own personal financial goals, and to accomplish this, everyone needs a good financial plan. So he has decided to provide sound investments and wealth solution and management services to Austin Texas. Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory firm (operating as a RIA firm) based in the same location.


Richard Blair, the founder of Wealth Solutions, has the goal of making a positive change in the lives of many people from families, to individual people, to small business owners. Growing up in a family of teachers (Mother, Wife, and grandmother) he has seen first hand just how far education can help people grow and prosper in the world. He realized that he could do the same with his own knowledge, financial services, provide professional yet also very personal help to many people. Over the years he’s grown his craft and his teachings are a big help to many.


Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory firm that’s simple and easy for clients to use. It was established back in 1994 along with his love of finance and passion for helping and educating others. in Austin Texas and has a current annual revenue of 401861. Unlike many other, investment firms of a similar nature, Richard Blair takes a far more active role in the activities of his company and the lives of his clients as well. The firm can quickly figure out the client’s situation and needs through a simple “three pillar” system.



Pillar 1: Help clients lay out their financial roadmap. Learn their strengths, weaknesses and goals and opportunities. Using this pillar, we can find out what our clients need and how best to help them achieve their goals.


Pillar 2: This is where a long-term strategy is developed for the client tailored to their liquidity and investment goals. Richard manages assets to ensure excellent quality of the portfolio and reducing potentially negative impacts to the client during negative market periods.


Pillar 3: This is where the client’s insurance needs are met including long-term care and life insurance.


Richard Blair will be there to help walk all of his clients through this three-step processs to find the best approach.


To this day, the firm continues to provide advice and assistance to all future clients thanks to Richard’s years of experience and expertise on the subject, clients can rest easy knowing that they’re in good hands.




Madison Street Capital Recap

Anthony Marsala, Madison Street Capital’s Chief Operating Officer, received The Annual M& A Advisor Emerging Leaders Award

The Annual M&A Advisor Emerging Leaders Award began in 2010 as a way of honoring those individuals under the age of 40 who have been recognized as achieving high levels of success and making important contributions within their industry as well as for their contributions to their community. According to the President and Co-CEO of The M& A Advisor, David Fergusson, the award began including nominees in 2016 to include the best young leaders in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Marsala was chosen for the award by a group of independent judges comprised of business leaders who have made their own achievements in their industries. Marsala was recognized for his achievements and contributions that he has made within his industry. Not only was Marsala thrilled to receive such recognition among the competitive field, he gives credit to the professional team that surrounds him for all their dedication and hard work.

Marsala’s company, Madison Street Capital, is an international banking firm that has offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. Their goal is to provide the best financial options to help companies succeed in a global market. Though they provide these services to large, major businesses, they tend to focus more on firms in the middle range. They provide these firms with the expertise needed to navigate through financial decisions. They believe that taking the time to understand each firm’s individual needs and then take the appropriate action to insure a successful outcome is what has made them such an entrusted leader in the financial industry.

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