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Jacob Gottlieb’s New Company Altium Looking To Change Diabetes Management

Jacob Gottlieb is getting back into the world of hedge funds after finishing up the liquidation process with his old firm Visium. Stuck in the middle of a scandal that involved insider-trading, Jacob Gottlieb didn’t want to give up on the world of investing because of someone else’s mistakes and bad decisions. The new fund he is working on involves a former business partner Stuart Weisbrod. While the 2 have been apart for 2 decades, they are already making the moves to once again work under the same roof.

The 2 worked together at Merlin, a company that was co-founded by Weisbrod in 1998. merlin largely focused on the healthcare sector and Jacob Gottlieb primarily plans to focus most of their new fund in a similar area. After all, the 2 both have extensive experience in the field so it seems natural to go with what they already know.

In 2000, Jacob Gottlieb began working for Merlin as a portfolio manager. During the height of the biotech revolution, Merlin saw 100% returns on their investments among. Due to this success, Jacob Gottlieb and other portfolio managers were able to attract some impressive clients to the company such as major pension funds and family offices.

The new hedge fund from Jacob Gottlieb is going to be called Altium Capital. While he is still busy performing the final acts in winding down his old company, he has a lot of hope for his investing future. The scandal that rocked Visium was found to involve only a small group of employees and Jacob Gottlieb was cleared of all charges as he was not aware of what had been occurring at the time.

Jacob Gottlieb is already investing in an impressive product that will allow diabetic patients to take their insulin orally as opposed to injection. For years, scientists and doctors have been trying to find ways to allow insulin to remain effective when ingested orally to no avail. This new capsule shows a lot of promise and is expected to help reduce the number of infections related with taking insulin through a syringe or pump.


The aeronautics industry mainly serves the defense and aerospace fields. Many companies and individuals that influence the industry have a profound impact on how the government allocates funding for their respective countries. In today’s article, we will recap a recent interview with one such influencer in the aeronautics field, Louis R. Chenevert, former chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). The article will give some basic background about Mr. Chenevert’s career paths but will mainly focus on his time at UTC. We will also recap some of Louis’ perspectives on the industries that he has served in the past.


Louis worked with United Technologies Corporation (UTC), a military and aerospace company based out of Farmington, Connecticut for eight years. He had also served as Director of Technology and President during his tenure at UTC. He has also worked for Pratt and Whitney and General Motors along with Goldman Sachs as a financial advisor. Prior to his work, Mr. Chenevert studied in Montreal, Canada, and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Production Management. We will now focus on the article that relate to his time at UTC.


After being asked about where the idea for UTC came from Louis stated that the name primarily came from the company’s core product base which includes military engines, parts from commercial aircraft and helicopter technology. He seems to stress the importance in working with small teams and when asked about his product ideas, he mentions that operations and engineering play a key role in the development of these products upon his time at UTC. When asked about the latest trends, Louis replies that “…technology and the speed of change created truly profound opportunities…” for his company. He appears to be an individual that has a “go-getter” attitude and likes to push others in order to drive success. After being asked about what he would do differently in his career path, he answered that political agendas need to be observed and to not waste time on others who do not have the same focus as the company or product.

Paul Mampilly On Bubbles And Cryptocurrency

Most of the time when a stock or commodity finds its value going up in the market, it’s a good thing which is why you want to catch that wave before it gets big. But there also is a bubble effect that happens if that stock or commodity gets too popular and bought by everyone, and that’s what former hedge fund manager and investor Paul Mampilly warns about. The bubble he’s looking at is cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and ethereum because these investments took off in 2017, but they reached unsustainable levels that will be driving their values down very far. Visit the website to learn more.

Mampilly certainly applauds the development of Bitcoin because it allows for digitizing money without going through government agencies and central banks. He even sees a good future for cryptocurrency and has several stocks in companies who do use blockchain technology and other big data and internet of things assets. But for now he tells his newsletter readers not to buy Bitcoin because it has a long drop to the bottom before it might finally go back up.

Paul Mampilly shares his knowledge with investors through newsletters because he can give his honest opinion without having to answer to an executive board or PR department. He used to be a professional advisor and portfolio manager for several big banks after getting his bachelor’s degree in finance. He was an executive director for Kinetics International Fund, one of the top-performing hedge funds featured in Barron’s magazine where he attracted in new clients growing its AUM to $25 billion. He also won a competition for growing $50 million to $88 million, and he also made a major stock grab at Sarepta Therapeutics which gained over 1,200℅.


Paul Mampilly decided he no longer wanted to just serve millionaires and billionaires with his investment advice, and he wanted to leave the routine of spending long hours in the office every day. Banyan Hill was a place where much of the rest of the editing team also left Wall Street and agreed with Mampilly on making stock trading easy for layman readers easy to understand. He began writing “Profits Unlimited,” his first newsletter in 2016 and then published “Extreme Fortunes” and “True Momentum” after that picked up subscribers. Subscribers enjoy an over-the-shoulder look at his investments, and even those who’ve been skeptical about Mampilly’s advice will often later write reviews reporting on terrific gains their portfolios have made. Learn more about Paul Mampilly at Crunbchbase.