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Kamil Idris: President Trump and Trade

Kamil Idris is known to have served at the World Intellectual Property Organization as the director between 1997 and 2008. In one of his articles, Kamil Idris gives a detailed information concerning trade in China this follows an announcement that President Trump made over the stiff tariffs against the community of China. According to the announcement, the China market would be challenged by the new tariffs. According to Trump, these tariffs are as a result of the unfair and harmful technology acquisitions by China to the United States. The theft of the American IP has incurred the United States an approximate of $225 million to $600 million. Chinese are behind this huge stealing.

As a way of solving the issues, the American community has become enlightened and imposed heavy tariffs on the Chinese goods that would be worth $50 billion and more. This is a high penalty for theft. It was announced by President Trump and would take effect on all the imports from the China market that adds up to around $50 billion. As a way of punishing the unlawful acts of stealing the American Intellectual property, China will be faced with the tariffs if they have been authorized for reasons pertaining to national security. China is said to have engaged in the violation of intellectual property rules and regulations through the theft of such matters as trade secrets, exerting of pressure on the business, and production of counterfeit consumer items from popular brands among others.

Following the events keenly, the competitors in the international market have been complaining about the violation of the intellectual properties of China. long ago, few companies would do trade with China and for some time they kept avoiding interacting with them at business level due to such reasons. However, the China economy never stopped growing and expanding until it reached the international space causing it necessary for other economies to partner with them in trade. Trump has found out that this may be dangerous if it continues and the necessity to exert such measures is inevitable to protect his economy of his country. Intellectual property is majorly all about images, brands, and names of businesses, logos, symbols, designs, literary work, artistic work, and inventions.