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Norka Luque: Voice of Reason

Venezuelan native Norka Luque is a talented musical artist who delivers the message of belief, miracles, and positive outlook through song. She made her debut in 2011 and is on a fast pace to becoming an international superstar.

With encouragement and support from her parents, Norka Luque began taking piano and voice lessons at the age of eight. Subsequently, she was cast to perform in one of Luis Miguel’s musicals featuring music by Shakira. Thus, the seed for greatness was planted. Later, she moved to France, where she studied business administration and worked in the banking industry. On weekends, she performed at nightclubs singing lead vocals for the band “Bad Moon Rising.” These performances served to fuel her desire to become an international singer.

As Norka’s passion for music grew, she decided to move to Miami. The decision proved to be one of her best. Once in the U.S., she started singing in dance clubs. Word of Norka’s melodic voice traveled to Grammy-award-winner/producer Emilio Estefan, Jr., who had to check it out for himself. Pleased with what he heard, he took the singer under his wing produce her music.

Luque’s company, Norka Music Production LLC released her first single, “Can I do it Tu”, earning her a nomination for the Lo Nuestro Award for Female Pop Artist of the Year. Her second single “Milagro,” (which translates in English to miracle) remained number one in Venezuela for 14 weeks. Afterward, DJ Ralphi Rosario and El Cata remixed the song helping to reach a larger audience and earn the number 11 spot on the Latin Music Billboard.

Luque’s inspiration comes from an assortment of musical genres, but she credits her attendance at a 2007 Ricky Martin concert for solidifying her choice to pursue her dream. Other musical influences include Shakira, Beyonce, Aerosmith, Nirvana, George Michael, Alesso, Bob Sinclair Sia, Jay-Z, and Queen. Luque describes her music as a “fusion of rhythms, with some R&B, ballads, tropical, rock and pop.”

In 2014, Norka took a break from the stage. Now, she is ready to return with her latest single, “Tomorrowland,” produced by Fito Blanko. “Tomorrowland is not only the launch of a new topic, it is the re-launch of my career, my health, my optimism, and positivity, she said. “Tomorrowland is my new land, [or put differently] land the tomorrow.”

Twitter: @norkaluque