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Ricardo Tosto: The lawyer to pick in for representation

The legal profession in Brazil is one that attracts the attention of a high number of young scholars. Lawyers are viewed as top class professionals who attract a very good pay rate. While this is true, it takes effort to become a lawyer. The Brazilian legal industry is regulated, and people have no option but to follow the set-out procedure of becoming a lawyer. It is not a profession where you can just wake up one day and decide to join. Yes, you can join but through the set-out conditions. Brazil has a huge number of lawyers and to get your name out there takes efforts.

Brazil has the highest number of lawyers in the world. It also has the highest number of law schools. It is estimated that over one million lawyers have graduated from various universities. However, not all of these laws graduates have had a chance to go to the law school. Any graduate who has not gone through the law school does not deserve to be called a lawyer. A qualified lawyer must sit and pass the bar examination. After the examination, anyone is at liberty to represent clients in a field they specialized on or just any other as long as a client feels that such a lawyer can handle their case.

Only serious individuals get a chance to go through the whole process. Anyone who is not willing to dedicate their time to the process cannot become a lawyer. Lawyers who have gone through the whole process will be keen to uphold their reputation. No one will take all the years involved just to end up messing up the profession. The good thing is that the regulatory body does not stop following up on clients after graduation. One good lawyer that clients can consult is Ricardo Tosto.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a leading lawyer in business related litigations in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto specializes in commercial law, civil law, and bankruptcy and election law among many other fields.

Ricardo Tosto gained his degree from Mackenzie University. Ricardo Tosto then proceeded to law school and later interned in a number of law firms.

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Karl Heideck Redefines The Process Of Litigation

Karl Heideck Redefines The Process Of Litigation

Karl Heideck Redefines The Process Of Litigation

Litigation refers to a contest or a controversy in courts that entails sorting legal rights to be enforced and determined. It is defined as civil deeds as opposed to the administrative process or criminal. In litigation, an objective or early issues evaluation, as well as the probability of success, reflects on the responsible governance. Thus, the process involves fully developing the documents, history, competent witnesses, and prior context beginning down the path of litigation.

About Karl
Karl Heideck is well-known as a skilled litigator and attorney specializing in compliance practices and risk management. Karl has other elements that make him stand-out from other litigators. Additionally, Karl has skills in other areas such as employment law, legal writing, legal research, corporate law, commercial litigation and product liability. Karl Heideck has exercised all these practices for more than ten years.

His educational credentials explain further on his skills and experience in various areas. Karl first studied English and Literature at the Swarthmore College. He later graduated with honors after joining the Law School of Tempe University Beasley.

Litigation process
Attorneys and law firms have offered their services on an hourly basis since very few things that exceed litigation’s uncertainty exist. Due to the various responses and outcomes to every strategic move taken by lawsuit parties, it is hard to foretell at the first consultation the amount of work needed or the duration the case will consume. A law firms’ minority have enforced alternatives to the billable hour. These companies allow various alternative models of billing that allow the clients to select the one they prefer most. Also, other models of billing are divided five different phases of litigation whereby a flat fee is charged for every phase.

Litigation can be further broken down into five stages:
• Preliminary assessment and development of the case
• Pleadings
• Discovery
• Summary judgment
• Trial

Litigation, in federal courts, is governed by various federal rules such as the Federal Rules of Evidence, Civil Procedure, Bankruptcy Procedure, Criminal Procedure as well as Appellate Procedure. To most people, understanding these rules might be quite difficult, and that’s why you need to hire a professional litigator to help you in law-based matters. You will find several litigators; however, you need to choose an experienced litigator.

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Human Rights Foundation Founder Thor Halvorssen Brings His Skills to Many Different Campaigns

Thor Halvorssen has spent a large amount of his adult life campaigning for the rights of others around the world who are not permitted to live a free and democratic life. Born in Venezuela into an important political family, Thor initially became involved with Amnesty International when his own father was illegally imprisoned in his native Venezuela for 74 days; Thor has not limited his activism career to campaigns he has a personal interest in, but has instead looked to develop campaigns that will have the biggest effect on as many people as possible.11)

After working with Amnesty International to head the campaign that secured the freedom of his father, Thor Halvorssen began working to help as many people as he could in being awarded their basic human rights. Halvorssen came to the attention of the public and his fellow human rights activists when he staged a protest during a shareholder meeting for Lucent Technologies, a company Thor and his fellow protestors believed were using Chinese slave labor to produce their range of products.

In his work in the human rights field Thor worked with many of the world’s best known activism groups, such as the Foundation for Human Rights In Education in a bid to make an impact on the lives of the majority of people in the world. Thor has praised the work completed by many of the world’s top groups and also been critical of a growing focus on human rights in democratic countries, which he believes allows his own Human Rights Foundation to work on abuses committed in closed societies around the world. Pointing to the work completed by human rights groups in the U.S. and western Europe into conditions in prison systems Thor explains this is important research that must be completed; however, Thor also believes the plight of people in closed societies, such as North Korea should be the focus of the majority of human rights activists around the world. Halvorssen keeps the pressure on tyrants around the world by working with dissidents crossing closed borders to bring news both in and out of countries across the globe.


SEC Has Provided The Chance For Whistleblowers To Report Securities Violations

The world has recently witnessed rampant corporate scandals. Law enforcement authorities have not been able to efficiently and effectively regulate markets. There has been an increase in the Financials and Corporate Disclosures complaints this year alone. Manipulation and Fraud complaints have been the largest. They have risen to fifteen percent more than last year. FCPA allegations also rose to two hundred and thirty-eight. This is a twenty-eight percent margin increase.


President Barack Obama signed the former Dodd-Frank Wall Street Consumer Protection and Reform Act into law on 21st July 2010 establishing the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission whistleblower program. Christopher C. Ehrman runs this program. Christopher is a former senior SEC enforcement lawyer. This program is meant to reward the group of people who submit possible corruption at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and other contravenes to the Commodity Exchange Act. SEC usually avails ten to thirty percent rewards on the rescued collected corruption money. These funds are paid through the SEC’s Investor Protection Funds. SEC whistleblowers have the commitment to facilitating the establishment of responsible organizations. The commission has the desire of generating courageous and honest whistleblowers able to testify against potential securities contravention.


The Congress aimed to overhaul the leaking U.S. financial regulation agencies since the Great Depression during this 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Consumer Protection Reform Act. The law is also the platform through which individuals can report probable federal securities laws infringements. The Dodd-Frank Act also rules out employer retaliation against the whistleblowers that report federal securities laws violations. Individuals may also decide to report probable securities violations secretly through an attorney.


Labaton Sucharow is a leading whistleblower’s attorney firm

Labaton Sucharow is the first American company to institute methods specifically made to protect and advocate for the individuals that report federal securities law violations. The Company’s Whistleblower Representation Practice doubled to its market-leading securities litigation platforms affords the industry excellence. The firm offers forensic accountants, a team of investigators financial analysts, and other experienced state and federal law officers who present the most excellent whistleblower protection. The whistleblower protection program is led by Assistant Chief Litigation and Director of the SEC Enforcement Counsel Division. Jordan A. Thomas currently holds this post. He has been critical in the Whistleblower Program development. He has helped in the implementation and drafting of proposed final rules and legislations.



New Zealand a Model of Tax Transparency

The current media coverage about foreign trusts in New Zealand makes it sound unrealistic to say the least. However, there is some truth in the news expose.


First, many people wrongly assume that New Zealand is a tax haven. New Zealand does not appear in the OECD’s record of tax havens and does not seem likely to be on that list in the near future. Tax havens are jurisdictions that impose no or very insignificant taxes. Furthermore, tax havens are not transparent but rather have laws that prevent them from exchanging information with foreign countries. New Zealand does not meet these conditions nor does it have a secretive private banking policy. Learn more:


Standard of Transparency


The standard for transparency is laid out in the 2002 OECD Model Agreement regarding the exchange of information on tax matters, whereby countries are encouraged to exchange information with each other in order to enforce or administer domestic tax laws. New Zealand is among the first nations to feature in OECD’s white list for enforcing the OECD standard on transparency.


One of the ways that New Zealand has demonstrated tax transparency can be seen in the manner in which it deals with foreign trusts and the conditions it requires trustees to meet. All of these efforts help other governments to secure relevant information.


In 2006, Michael Cullen introduced these new rules after wide consultation with other stakeholders. According to these new standards, the IRD requires that a New Zealand trustee submit an IR607 Foreign Trust Disclosure form and to maintain records to help the government in its taxing endeavors.


These records include details of distributions and settlements including a recipient’s address and name, trust deed, details of the trust’s liabilities and assets, and cash spent and received by the trustee. If the trust is involved in a business, the trustee is required to maintain information regarding the charts, codes of account and the accounting system.


All the records should be reserved in New Zealand and recorded in English, failing to do so subjects the defaulter to huge penalties. In 2011, these powers were reinforced by the introduction of the world standard money laundering legislation.


About Geoffrey Cone


Geoffrey Cone is a graduate of the University of Otago, New Zealand. Cone has a postgraduate diploma in trust and tax law. He started practicing law in 1980 in Auckland New Zealand before moving to Christchurch and joining a renowned law firm as a partner. Cone practiced commercial litigation in Christchurch and dealt with trust and tax advisory work.


After working for two years as a litigator in British West Indies, he returned to Auckland and established his own practice. Cone’s firm, Marshall Limited, is the only firm in New Zealand that specializes in tax and trust planning and provides trust and trustee management services.

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Reporting Violations To The SEC Is A Whistleblowers Job And It Keeps People Safe.

Nobody wants to be a tattletale, however, when we are talking about security violations that are significant and could hurt consumers, someone needs to blow the whistle and alert the SEC. Keeping consumers protected from harmful acts is the duty of everyone, not just the consumer protection agencies. Perhaps that is why Dodd- Frank Wall Street Reform act got an overhaul. This act helped to establish a new program tat helps whistleblowers stay protected and even get incentives for helping to report violations of the federal laws.

The Securities and Exchange Commission or the SEC as they are often known, have a program that will let people report violations by using an attorney. This SEC whistleblower lawyer helps to keep the whistleblower’s identity safe and allows them to feel good about turning the tables on the people who are violating the laws. The attorney helps the whistleblower get what they are entitled to and, because the whistleblower is not out in the front waving a red flag, he or she does not have a target on their back by the company they are blowing the whistle on.

Look at it in this light, every big company has countless attorneys working for them. When you report a violation on your own, you don’t have the money to have a big team of lawyers on your side. As a result, the company attorneys can make a case against you and try to get the infraction removed. When you have a SEC whistleblower lawyer on your side, that lawyer knows what to say and how to say it in a way to make your case against them stick.

The SEC depends on whistleblowers for valuable information about people and companies who are not living up to the ethics standard and more. These people that might not be on the up and up are putting people at risk and the SEC needs to know about it. This new whistleblower program helps to make is much easier for the whistleblower to come forward, without standing in the lime light and putting himself or herself in harms way.

Let’s face it, you need the service of an SEC whistleblower attorney to help keep you protected. If you have information that the SEC needs to hear about a security violation, it is finally safe for you to get an attorney and speak your mind and take a stand. The community can stay protected thanks to whistlblowers and this new act.

Labaton Sucharow is committed to protecting whistleblowers

Whistleblowers offer a vital service to society. They expose cheaters from around the corporate world and keep their actions from harming the world as a whole. Congress recently passed several laws that help corporate whistleblowers.

In 2010, Congress passed both the Consumer Protection Act and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act. These acts were the largest overhaul of financial regulation in the United States since the Great Depression. The Dodd-Frank Act created a new whistleblower program. The program offers several employment protections and great financial incentives for whistleblowers. Whistleblowers that report on violations of federal securities laws to the SEC will receive significant financial incentives.

Labaton Sucharow was the first firm in the country to open an office that focused exclusively on SEC whistleblower cases. They know that whistleblowers play an amazing role in society, and they want to help protect them. The firm was already known for their amazing work on securities litigation. Their SEC Whistleblower Lawyers Practice will utilize an amazing team of investigators, forensic accountants, and financial analysts. The team is committed to representing whistleblowers in the best way possible, and that requires the firm to confirm every whistleblower report.

The firm will work with state and local law enforcement from the moment you walk in their door. By working with the proper authorities they ensure that their clients receive the best possible protection.

The SEC program offers amazing rewards to whistleblowers. People that step forward are entitled to as much as 30% of the SEC sanctions. This legislation makes being an SEC whistleblower incredibly lucrative. Whistleblowers are also entitled to a cut of all the sanctions placed by state and local law enforcement. The Dodd-Frank Act also prohibits employers from retaliating against whistleblowers. Whistleblowers even have the right to report violations anonymously.

These protections are incredible, but whistleblowers need an amazing firm on their side. The team at Labaton Sucharow is committed to ensuring that their clients receive the best possible representation. They know that whistleblowers need a guiding hand through every situation.

Labaton Sucharow has reached the top of the whistleblower representation industry by hiring the best possible team members. The practice is lead by Jordan A. Thomas. Jordan has a great reputation and he once worked with the SEC to catch financial criminals and keep everyone’s money safe. Today, he is proud to work with Labaton Sucharow to protect whistleblowers.

Whistleblowers perform a vital service in society, and Labaton Sucharow is committed to protecting them.