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Jeremy Goldstein explains why he believes the knockout options will soon gain Popularity

Jeremy Goldstein is a business lawyer. He majorly deals with employee compensation cases. He provides legal advice at a fee to CEOs and compensation committees. He is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC., a law firm he founded in 2014. Before then, he worked at another company specializing in the same field. He boasts of over 15 years’ experience. He has a degree in Arts History from Cornell University. Mr. Goldstein also has a Masters in Art History from the University of Chicago. Furthermore, Goldstein is also an alumnus of New York University’s Law School.


He has had a very active career, even getting involved in significant corporate dealings. He was part of the deal when UTC acquired Goodrich. He has also participated in transactions involving big companies like Goldman Sachs, ALLTEL Corporation, The Dow Chemical Company, Rohm and Haas Company among others. Jeremy Goldstein also serves as a Voluntary Director at Fountain House. Furthermore, he also sits on the board of top business and law journal.


He also writes articles on compensation strategies. In a recent blog, he wrote an article supporting the use of knockout options. In the blog, Jeremy Goldstein outlines the benefits of using knockout options. With stock options, employees reap benefits only when the company performs well, meaning they are likely to work extra hard to sustain high share prices.


He goes on to explain that with this strategy, employees only lose their options if share prices drop tremendously beyond a particular limit and then fail to rise again within a week. This is likely to be accepted by a majority of employees as they know their stock options are safe. Shareholders who are non-employees also do not have to fear about their ownership shares declining because the knockout strategy minimizes possibilities of over-hang when applied to stock options.


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