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How Officers are Using Securus Technologies to Find Drugs

One of the more alarming things that me and my fellow corrections officers heard inmates saying was that they were able to get drugs into the jail easier than when they were out on the streets. That means that I am failing at my job if these inmates have the chance to get illegal contraband into their cells, and we have been working harder each day to try and eliminate this problem at the source.


A few of the things that we do each day to fight the flow of drugs is to meet visitors when they come to the jail to see inmates. This is when we do several body searches before they meet, to make sure nothing is coming inside the jail. We even take dogs to the cells while the inmates are in the yard and search for anything that may be hidden just out of our sight.


When Securus Technologies installed the inmate call monitoring system in our jail, we knew that we had yet another valuable resource that we could be using to stop the flow of drugs into our jail. The company is headed by Richard Smith, and he talks about how his 1,000 employees all are dedicating themselves to the objective of making the world safer. That dedication is what inspires my team to make sure we get the most of this valuable resource when we put it to the test.


Once we understood how the LBS software worked, we were astounded how quickly the monitoring system was picking up on chatter pertaining to drugs. One call revealed the hiding place of heroin in the yard. One call gave us the identity of visitors bringing drugs to the jail. We even discovered who was using drugs when the prison was dark and the inmates should have been asleep.


Accessibility Done Right With Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies provides essential communication technologies that bring individuals together and help them to communicate through the use of highly developed peer to peer technology. This technology operates utilizing phone and video services to bring individuals together and allow them to communicate in situations in which it would be difficult. One of the best ways these services are utilized is through the use of jail member communications. Individuals within a jail are able to easily and safely communicate with their family members via webcam or phone utilizing Securus Technologies’s advanced communication services.


Fees that Matter

The fees for Securus vary state to state. While this may seem like an inconvenience the fees, themselves sit merely at $.21 to $.25 a minute and thus are incredibly affordable for families looking to communicate with one another or for simple individual to individual communications. The payment system also offers players an option to invest in a prepaid alternative accordingly simply utilizing money that has been effectively stored on a prepaid card. Part of Securus’s goal has been to establish a system in which people are capable to invest in the services made available without having to jump through hoops in order to make a secured call. These services provide users with a unique experience that looks out to make sure they are able to afford calls and video services no matter what form they are encountered.


Accessibility Done Right

Securus Technologies continues to offer life changing one on one interactions via their technologies in the form of video and phone. Their services offer individuals with unique opportunities to be more personable without the hassle of other over complicated and expensive communication services. Through the Securus video chat app users are able to communicate with each other no matter where the other individual may be. Securus continues to innovate to allow these technologies to flourish and be highly accessible!


Inaccuracies With Global Tel-Link Initiates Free Calling Features

Securus Technologies is an inmate communications network provider that regulates, monitors, and provides technical support to other provider’s. They work closely with the Public Utility Commission to ensure that integrity and state mandated regulations are met. More recently, PRN Newswire reported inaccuracies that were associated with Global Tel-Link, through a Securus fourth quarter audit. As a good faith gesture for their clients, Global Tel-Link is offering limited free calling features for their Louisiana customers. You can now talk more and pay less with innovative features that secures your inmate calling to your loved ones.


Vimeo is now a subsidiary of Securus Technologies. They offer intricate video chat features that puts your loved ones in complete control of the video and audio quality. Just a few clicks of your mouse gives you control with zoom in and out features or volume control. Video chatting eliminates the need to commute to a correctional institution. You can talk to your loved ones from any location and video chatting is compatible with most devices. Securus is committed to the highest standard of customer service excellence and is dedicated to saving their customers time and money.


Securus Technology Features


Inmate Voicemail Features


Do you want to leave a message for a loved one in a correctional facility? Now you can access their personalized account and leave them a message at your convenience. Thousands of inmate’s rely on their inmate voicemail feature for transitioning beyond the facility.


Telephone Debit Features


You can access Securus features from their 800 number or their website. You never have to leave home with a valid debit or check card, to complete your inmate services. You no longer have the need for a third party authorized agent.


Join Securus Technologies today for more ways to save on inmate calling.


Securus Technologies Mobile Visitation App

Securus Technologies have been a leading inmate communication brand and company, servicing the prison system for years. They have literally been the lifeline for inmates to the outside world. Securus Technologies is a well-known private equity telecommunications firm. The company’s primary focus is welcoming new and innovative ways for incarcerated individuals to stay connected with family and friends.

Securus saw a need of the people and met it by offering the new, Securus Video Visit mobile application. Securus understood that traveling can sometimes be inconvenient. This app allows family and friends on the outside, the opportunity to save gas on trips to the penitentiary, avoid possible inclement weather and save time going through the long line of security checkpoints once arriving for visitation. It also offers the option to schedule a video visitation beforehand, so that it fits your own schedule. No wonder the Securus Video Visit app has been already downloaded over 65,000 times, in less than a 6 month launch period.

Bringing mobility and technology to the corrections facility was the most brilliant idea. It redefines the idea of the “hard” prison system concept, and brings a sense of growth and transformation. The Securus Video Visit mobile application is free to download on GooglePlay. It is also available on all Apple and Android devices.

Note: Securus Technologies is not the same thing as the Securus America agency nor is it affiliated with the health supplement Securus.

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