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FreedomPop Is The Popular Acquisition Rumor Of Today

The staff at FreedomPop are willing to help customers save money on all their cell phone plans, and they have created a better wifi network for all home and office customers. This FreedomPop review is a look at how the company is now the target of many acquisition rumors. They are the popular company that young people wish to use, and they have a business model that is far beyond what others are willing to do.


#1: What Does FreedomPop Offer?


The company is a cell phone and wifi provider that is building a large network in America and abroad. They have moved into Europe, and they are searching for ways to move farther. The company offers free cell phone plans to their customers, and they are looking for ways to help their customers acquire proper phones for their needs. The company sells smartphones to match their services, and they are willing to give customers a cheaper paid plan where necessary.


#2: How Does Their Business Model Work?


The business model at FreedomPop helps keep costs low by growing a volume business with better service. The services that are offered through the company are much cheaper than others, and they are often free as the firm understands customers are not always able to pay. They have created a simpler form off communication for the disenfranchised,


#3: How Would Another Company Use Their Services?


Other firms in the industry are hoping FreedomPop may become their cheaper partner. There are many people who are using their service today because it is cheaper, and those who are most-interested in offering a cheaper option through their own company may want FreedomPop as their partner. The network that has been grown by the company is valuable in its own right, and many companies may improve their own service given how strong the FreedomPop network.


#4: The Company Is Expanding Rapidly


Global cell phone companies are interested to see the company grow at astounding rates, and they will find it quite possible to use the network from FreedomPop to expand. They will have more places to go with their customers, and they may move to markets that only FreedomPop was considering.


Every cell phone company in the world must use FreedomPop as an example. They are willing to help customers lower costs, and they are seen as a fine option for those who are mot willing to spend much.


FreedomPop Has Some Great Services That Are Hard To Beat

Any FreedomPop review will most likely list the most popular services from FreedomPop but may not list them all. Those who want all the information about FreedomPop and their services will want to know everything that the company offers, including the Internet services and cell phone services. The cell phone services will cover CDMA phones as well as any GSM phones. Although standard flip phones or straight phones can be used with FreedomPop services, most users will purchase a smartphone or will bring one to FreedomPop for usage. CDMA phones that can be used with FreedomPop must come from Sprint.

Any GSM phones that can be used on the FreedomPop network can be from any carrier as long as the network lock has been removed from the phone. Those that have sim card phones will need FreedomPop’s sim card to use it in the phone. Since FreedomPop sells a 3-in-1 sim card that has three different sizes, purchasing the sim card is all that’s needed to get service because it will go into any size sim card slot. The sim card is also available for use in 25 different countries that FreedomPop has service.

With the different cell phone plans that are available, many are still choosing the unlimited plan that costs only $19.99. The unlimited plan offers unlimited data, text messages, and talk time. A lower-priced plan is also available, as well as a free service plan, which can be put on a cell phone or a tablet that has phone capabilities. FreedomPop also has a unique type of Wi-Fi service that’s available in millions of different hotspots that dot the USA. These hotspots will offer up to 4G LTE speeds and is available through the Wi-Fi application from FreedomPop.

For only five dollars each month, any user can get the Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop. Home Internet service is available through a modem that comes directly from FreedomPop and comes with 1 GB of free data. The modem has Wi-Fi that connects up to eight people at any given time. The portable mini hotspots are also available from FreedomPop and will receive 500 MB of data for free that is added to any plan that the user chooses. Also, don’t forget that FreedomPop sells their own phones as well as tablets, which is important information for those who want to buy a FreedomPop compatible phone.

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FreedomPop Expanding Services Internationally

FreedomPop is proving to be one of the most outgoing mobile phone service providers in the United States. While the company is just over three years old, it has proven to be extremely desirable, with over a million customers now using the services it offers. As the company does not maintain its own networks but instead buys data at wholesale prices from Sprint, it can offer the wireless services to customers for far less. Many times, customers are able to receive the data for free, depending on their monthly usage. In order to continue its expanded nature, the company has set its eyes on Europe, in order to not only provide European residents with less expensive mobile phone services but also to create an international SIM and mobile service for travelers to save money while away from home.

FreedomPop is initially offering its services in 25 nations, most of which are located in Europe. This is going to include a $10 SIM card which provides 200 MB worth of data every single month for free. This way, after buying the SIM card, customers don’t actually need to maintain a monthly service fee to keep it active.  Currently, this is good in the 25 different nations, but FreedomPop believes it can have the access expanded outwards to 40 different nations by the end of the year (and maybe even more in years to follow).

On top of the international SIM card, FreedomPop is offering a global hotspot service. This is a Wi-Fi network that can be accessed once an individual pays $49. From there, they can have unlimited access to the hotspot.