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Alex Pall, The Converging Of

The Chainsmokers are a band comprised of electronic pop beats which make up a majority of their ever influenced genre. Alex Pall used to go gigging in the streets of New York where he generated an additional revenue by doing what gave him the most joy in life, which was performing as a DJ. He hadn’t thoroughly concluded that writing music was going to be a fixed arrangement until enlightenment dawned upon him inside of an artistry exhibit that he must execute this adventure.

His musical administrator informed him that a guy was at hand to reconstitute the former band mate of The Chainsmokers who left. His name was Andrew Taggart, and prior to the debut of their duo Andrew was bustling about in the halls of knowledge with an enthusiasm for electronic music. He was snickered at for his affinity in the category of pleasant noises, but the second he fled the institution the bias of the style changed dramatically. He was consistently making songs already, but when he caught information of disc jockeys being employed in New York, he brought legitimate songs into existence on Soundcloud.

He also achieved shows in the area he was at which inspired him to trudge forward as an artisan. Soon enough Andrew Taggart gathered counsel thus prompting him to apply himself to The Chainsmokers crew. It was an employee of Alex Pall’s Boss who slipped the memo under the table to Andrew, and he did not abdicate the treasured fighting chance to succeed in the music business. He then seized a transport to New York where he chanced on Alex Pall face to face, where they co-produced aims in Alex’s apartment for forty eight months carrying out zilch except the construction of organized sound.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart persist in physically developing their music close at hand rather than growing stagnant in their exertions.

The Chainsmokers Wax Philosophical on New Sound of ‘Sick Boy’ Single.

If you’ve spent any measure of time with your hands on the dial of your car radio you likely have heard The Chainsmokers at least a couple of times. The Chainsmokers are a DJ/Pop duo comprised of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. Pall is the primary producer of the bunch while Taggart has picked up vocals for their work since the two became mainstream. The Chainsmokers first launched into musical fame back in 2015 when they released their hit single ‘Roses’. Ever since then, life has been coming up roses for both Pall and Taggart. This past year The Chainsmokers have found immense success with tracks ‘Paris’, ‘Closer’, ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ and finally a collaboration with Coldplay, ‘Something Just Like This’. The Chainsmokers are doing things differently than any other pop duo around and for that reason, we are going to dig into their work a little bit.

The Chainsmokers are currently preparing the world for consumption of their next single, ‘Sick Boy’, which has already landed in some serious charting territory. ‘Sick Boy’ manages to fit right in between EDM and traditional pop radio but there is something distinctively different about the track. ‘Sick Boy’ has a darkness to it that prior Chainsmoker vehicles simply haven’t had. The reason, as it turns out, was completely intentional. Taggart said of the darkness in ‘Sick Boy’ that much of their inspiration came from anger and the thirst for reinvention. Taggart said, “Watching yourself become a caricature of who you are’ was one of the driving forces behind their continued musical evolution.

For The Chainsmokers, ‘Sick Boy’ breaks a nine-month layoff from releasing a new single of their own. It isn’t traditional for the group to take so much time off. In their own minds, they like to stay as current as possible with pop culture and the world around them. However, the break seems to have served as a much-needed reinvention. With ‘Sick Boy’ climbing the charts we can tell that it won’t be much longer unto the EDM/Pop duo are back on top with another hit record.

Norka Luque: Voice of Reason

Venezuelan native Norka Luque is a talented musical artist who delivers the message of belief, miracles, and positive outlook through song. She made her debut in 2011 and is on a fast pace to becoming an international superstar.

With encouragement and support from her parents, Norka Luque began taking piano and voice lessons at the age of eight. Subsequently, she was cast to perform in one of Luis Miguel’s musicals featuring music by Shakira. Thus, the seed for greatness was planted. Later, she moved to France, where she studied business administration and worked in the banking industry. On weekends, she performed at nightclubs singing lead vocals for the band “Bad Moon Rising.” These performances served to fuel her desire to become an international singer.

As Norka’s passion for music grew, she decided to move to Miami. The decision proved to be one of her best. Once in the U.S., she started singing in dance clubs. Word of Norka’s melodic voice traveled to Grammy-award-winner/producer Emilio Estefan, Jr., who had to check it out for himself. Pleased with what he heard, he took the singer under his wing produce her music.

Luque’s company, Norka Music Production LLC released her first single, “Can I do it Tu”, earning her a nomination for the Lo Nuestro Award for Female Pop Artist of the Year. Her second single “Milagro,” (which translates in English to miracle) remained number one in Venezuela for 14 weeks. Afterward, DJ Ralphi Rosario and El Cata remixed the song helping to reach a larger audience and earn the number 11 spot on the Latin Music Billboard.

Luque’s inspiration comes from an assortment of musical genres, but she credits her attendance at a 2007 Ricky Martin concert for solidifying her choice to pursue her dream. Other musical influences include Shakira, Beyonce, Aerosmith, Nirvana, George Michael, Alesso, Bob Sinclair Sia, Jay-Z, and Queen. Luque describes her music as a “fusion of rhythms, with some R&B, ballads, tropical, rock and pop.”

In 2014, Norka took a break from the stage. Now, she is ready to return with her latest single, “Tomorrowland,” produced by Fito Blanko. “Tomorrowland is not only the launch of a new topic, it is the re-launch of my career, my health, my optimism, and positivity, she said. “Tomorrowland is my new land, [or put differently] land the tomorrow.”

Twitter: @norkaluque