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How Technology has Transformed the Transport Infrastructure

Transit experts came together during the 18th Williamson County Growth Summit to offer their contributions on how to tackle traffic which is the biggest challenge facing the County. The experts also discussed the role that technology plays in transport infrastructure and how it had changed the transportation industry in Austin and all over the world. Those present in the summit panel included Mike Heiligenstein, Leandre Johns, Joseph Kosper, and Jared Ficklin. Mike Heiligenstein said that inventive technologies like applications for ridesharing and vehicles without drivers could transform the face of transportation. Mike added that the Austin region should invest in expanding its capacity for transportation by construction more and smarter roads.


Mike added that building more roads that are smarter is the only way to serve the demands of a fast expanding population like the County of Williamson. He said that the county had done an exemplary work of structuring its infrastructure over the past fifteen years, but more still needs to be done. Leandre Johns works for Uber Technologies, Inc. He said that the commuters in Austin require first and last mile solutions that will be able to get them on and off the public transit. Johns stated that ridesharing firms such as Uber would nicely fit that mold.


CTRMA (Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority) is an independent agency that belongs to the government. It was started in 2002. The aim of the organization is to enhance the transportation system both in Travis and Williamson counties. The Mission of CTRMA is to implement new transportation solutions so as to reduce congestions and come up with transportation options that improve economic vitality and quality of life. A 7-member Board of Directors oversees the CTRMA. The County’s Governor appoints the Chairman.


Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of CTRMA. He has a distinguished profession in the infrastructure development in Central Texas. Mike was selected by the Board to be the leader of the agency after CTRMA was officially launched in 2003. Mike has worked as an elected official in the County of Williamson for more than 23 years where he represented the citizens of Central Texas. Mike has been involved in lead efforts to expand transportation infrastructure, water, and wastewater. CTRMA has a program that expects to acquire assets worth $4 billion by 2020 under the leadership of Mike Heiligenstein. Mike was chosen as the President of the International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association by the National peers in 2014. He also serves on the Advisory Council at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute.


An Ambassador Has Odd Words About The Crisis in Venezuela

Not very much positive is spoken about when the topic centers on the current state of affairs in Venezuela. The word “collapse” is used by facebook users time and time again. There is no exaggeration with the use of the word. Venezuela’s government and overall society is on the verge of a complete collapse. Yet, the U.S. diplomat associated with the country does have some positive points to mention about the current government.
Ambassador Bernardo Alvarez has stated his government is the victim of an organized effort to “incite political intervention”. Alvarez seems to be suggesting that opposition leaders and their associates want to destabilize the country.

Based on Danilo Diaz’ assessment, the current ruling government is not at fault for the present scenario. Instead, internal and external forces are at work to take control of the country away from the elected government.

In common parlance, the statements made by the ambassador are a stretch. The dysfunction and corruption in Venezuela’s government has been well-documented for many years. Warnings about the direction the country was going in due to fiscal mismanagement had been heralded for quite some time. Nothing was done to alter the course the country was going on. The corrupt government did not wish to reform itself. And then the collapse of oil prices combined with an energy crisis did major harm to the economy.

And then things became a hundredfold worse. Things might actually be headed in that terrible direction.