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Three Major Benefits of Using Dating Apps Such as Bumble

Many people worldwide still use organic dating. Online dating, however, is taking roots with more people and especially the younger generation depending on it. This has prompted developers to come up with more online dating sites and apps such as Bumble by Whitney Wolfe.

Although the two forms of online dating provide a favorable platform for people to mingle and find compatible partners, dating apps tend to be more popular. One can say it is because they are easy to use and offer convenience. However, their benefits span widely than for the two reasons.

Minimizes Pressure

Not all people are courageous when it comes to meeting new people, not to mention the introverts who will shudder at the thought of meeting other people. Online dating apps give such people an opportunity to interact and connect without physically meeting freely. By the time two people decide to meet, they already have a connection and feel like they know each other.

Saves Time

With bills to pay and personal needs to take care of, you might have a tight schedule that you don’t even have free time to meet new people. With a dating app installed on your phone, you can look for people you share interest while on the bus headed for work or when on a quick lunch break.

Offers Variety of Options

Once you create a profile, you are matched with several people depending on your specifications. From these, you can choose to connect with the one that interests you more. When Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble, for instance, she wanted to give women the power to start a conversation with men. Similarly, there are apps where men have the freedom to strike a conversation first.

About Whitney Wolfe

Born and raised in Salt Lake, Whitney Wolfe founded the popular online dating app, Bumble. The app is majority owned by European dating company, Badoo. She also co-founded another dating app, Tinder but later resigned her shares. Bumble, where she is also the CEO received a lot of appreciation upon launching in 2014, and by 2015, it had reached 15 million users!

Whitney Wolfe majored in International Studies from Southern Methodist University. She dived into business at age 19 while still in college. She used to sell bamboo tote bags. He would donate the gains to people in areas affected by BP oil spills.

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