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End Citizens United Finds Hope in Texas

Beto O’Rourke challenges Senator Ted Cruz for the Senate seat in the November election in Texas. O’Rourke supports the policy of ending the campaign finance rules that came from the Supreme Court decision in the Citizen’s United Case. O’Rourke does not accept Political Action Committee funds and his success to this point has been both surprising and a tribute to grassroots fundraising.

The contrast between the candidates in the Texas Senate race mirrors the broader question of the voice of the people in US politics. O’Rourke is the challenger, a relative newcomer with progressive ideas. He does not accept PAC funds and appeals to small donors for his support.

Senator Cruz is a model of the big money establishment candidate and politician. He reaches out to PACs and other dark money sources and has amassed a large amount of funds from the so-called mega-donors and PACs. Cruz promotes the influence of money in elections that campaign reform advocates oppose. Senator Cruz has low personal popularity polling numbers in Texas and across the country; he supports policies that benefit big business along with conservative ideals. Read more about End Citizens United at

– A Trail of Polling

The early polls in the Texas race showed large percentage leads for Senator Cruz. The trend in the polls have shown a steady increase in support for O’Rourke to the current time when the race is close, and in some polls, statistically even. End Citizens United’s polling agrees that the lead has shrunk, and the momentum favors Mr. O’Rourke and his grassroots organizing and fundraising.

– The November Elections

The outcome is uncertain, and the uncertainty represents a victory for grassroots fundraising and organizing. Unlike early predictions, political experts agree that the race will be close and that Mr. Cruz is in a tough re-election battle. The experts also agree that this is a battle of the impact of political funding. Organizations like End Citizens United play an important role when endorsing candidates and funding grassroots campaigns. The test of popular participation versus corporate-type funding is on display in the Cruz – O’Rourke Senate contest. Many observers agree that there is already a victory for the policy of ending soft money in politics.