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End Citizens United Sets Its List Of Targets For The 2018 Mid-term Elections

End Citizens United has confirmed a list of 20 political “targets” for the upcoming 2018 mid-term elections. The group, a PAC (political action committee) is founded on the principle of eliminating “big-money” from wielding influence in elections.

With the release of its Senators and Congressional Representatives who have previously benefited through special interest funding, End Citizens United has singled out those termed “the worst of the worst in Congress” by executive director Tiffany Muller.

With the subsequent announcement by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan that he would not seek re-election the list of names is presently reduced to 19. Listed below are the incumbents dubbed “Big Money 20” by End Citizens United. They are considered to have favored big money special interests over their own constituents. This may have been in one or more ways — by accepting large donations, by supporting legislation that favored their big-money benefactors, or by opposing campaign reform.

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Leaving Speaker Ryan off the list, these are the 19 Republican incumbents who End Citizens United will work to defeat in the upcoming elections:

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas
Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada
Rep. Mike Bishop of Michigan
Rep. Rod Blum of Iowa
Rep. Mike Bost of Illinois
Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado
Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen of New Jersey
Rep. Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania
Rep. Duncan Hunter of California
Rep. Will Hurd of Texas
Rep. Darrell Issa of California
Rep. Tom MacArthur of New Jersey
Rep. Pat Meehan of Pennsylvania
Rep. Erik Paulsen of Minnesota
Rep. Rob Pittenger of North Carolina
Rep. Dana Rohrbacher of California
Rep. Peter Roskam of Illinois
Rep. Claudia Tenney of New York
Rep. Mimi Walters of California

To support opposition candidates End Citizens United is estimating it will need to raise $35 million. Adhering to the strictures of a traditional political action committee, no donation will not exceed $5,000.


End Citizen United’s Activism Lays Bare The Political Campaign Manipulation

The United State’s 2016 presidential campaign raised so many eyebrows among the concerned diplomats who champion for fairness and equal opportunities for all. This means that candidates as to a particular political seat should not in any way corrupt, compromise or manipulate the electorate in whichever manner. End Citizen United has been at the forefront to ensure that there is control use of electoral money so that the big wings do not allure the electorate’s decision based on monetary terms. They should rather access eligibility based on value, performance, and capability.

End Citizen United lays liable the Russian Government for alleged involvement in the 2016 election to fabricate the end outcome of the presidential race. This revelation followed the inquiry of the aftermath with Donald Trump having lost the popular vote with a hooping well over 3 million votes. End Citizen United strongly feels that the Huffington Article which uncovered the purported odds is not just any other publication but has material facts about the whole electoral process right from the campaigning period.

A certain Russian Company had been exposed to alteration leading to illegal and unethical financing and expenditure of some campaign trails. The very close relationship had also been noted to some high profiled lawmakers and politician linked to a particular candidate. In addition, the Kremlin political and gave many leads since it was somewhat in favor of Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton was hence left at a disadvantaged position. For these reasons, End Citizen United pick pointed biased political involvement to direct outcomes.


About End Citizen United
End Citizen United is a Political Action Committee whose aim is to advocate for fairness and equality in a free and favorable environment. It was initially founded to restrict the financing and spending during the US Elections. It is multifaceted in approach since it also looks into account issues of government/corporate manipulation of elections, campaign, and electoral reforms and the controlled use of guns or other firearms.

It is more popular for is firm stand on social issues. End Citizens United has been boldly opposing ideas and bills doomed to be unlawful or oppressing. In the past, it has challenged some decisions of the Supreme Court and the Federal Electoral Commission. The sweet part about End Citizens United is that it has unearthed evils, brought to attention contentious issue and foremost restores integrity in high offices. Interestingly, End Citizen United is funded by Grassroots members and do not accept political in their membership because they carry a capacity to influence decisions through their money.

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