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The contribution of Securus technology to its industry

The ability to spot a niche in the market and exploit it is probably what makes most companies great. Securus Technologies are one such company. In 1986, the owner of the might company saw the need to provide services in the criminal and justice department in the United States through technology. He, therefore, started the company although it wasn’t called Securus Technologies then. The corrections technological industry got its first taste of having a big technological brand coming in. The company slowly picked up and in 2004, merged with another company in the industry to form Securus technologies. The two companies that formed the technological giant are Evercom and T-Netix. Watch this video on Youtube.

Securus technology came into the limelight when there was a controversy with the mobile telephone issues it had in 2015. The idea they had was to provide US inmates with telephone services at slightly higher rates that the public. Issues arose when there were claims that the security of their lines had been compromised with close to 80% of the conversations they had recorded having been breached. The company, however, stayed clear of these claims and even went ahead to earn a BBB accreditation in less than a year after the incident had occurred. A BBB accreditation implies that everything the company says or prints is honest and should be trusted by the company.

Currently, Securus technologies provides employment to over 1000 people each year and has so far managed to work with close to 3000 correctional facilities around the United States. According to reviews by customers and even the BBB (Better Business Bureau), the company has so far managed to meet the expected standards. Its contribution in biometric analysis, emergency response, incident management and inmate self-service among much more cannot be underestimated. The technological company is surely a force to reckon.