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Fine Hair and the WEN Trial Run

WEN is well known and seen all over the YouTube and in magazine ads. No wonder so many are curious about it and wonder if it’s even worth trying. Anyone can read the reviews online but that wasn’t enough for a young lady that decided that the only way to see if it’s any good or not was to try it on herself. Her hair texture is fine and her hair challenges are like most with fine hair. People with fine hair lose volume as the day progresses and by nightfall, all volume seems lost. Anytime we put products in our hair, it adds some weight to each strand. And that is a big no no to people with fine textured hair.

She stated that by the end of each day her hair was left looking oily and flat. No one wants to have hair like that. Women want that clean, healthy, vibrant hair that doesn’t lose that pizzazz by the end of the day. So her 7 day journey begins and she was actually relieved at the results on day one. She was skeptical because of the amount of product WEN called for. But that skepticism changed after she saw the changes in one wash. Her hair felt so much better. She even noted that her hair felt thicker. Now she knows that sounds farfetched but that is how her hair felt after one cleansing. By the end of her journey she found that if she washed her hair every morning, the results are just as states.

WEN was a vision in Chaz Dean’s eyes as he soared through the ranks in the upscale salon world. Shortly after the success of his own studio and impeccable celebrity roster, he took it one step further by developing WEN. WEN is a 5 in 1 product that leaves the hair feeling healthier just after one washing.

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