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How Rodrigo Terpin Remains Afloat in the Competitive Brazilian Rally Scene

The news of Rodrigo Terpin qualifying for the next round of Sertoes Rally came to a big reprieve for their Bulls Team. According to him, the 8th edition of the Sertoes Rally was one of the most competitive events he had ever participated in since making debut in the rally scene. He cited the rough terrains, the risky grades, and curves that graced the 2,000-mile mountainous stretch that made the whole event cumbersome while rallying. Scooping the third position in this event was also a no mean feat for him as he acknowledged that the 8th edition of the rally was the real deal. A look at the competitiveness surrounding the event has alluded to the rise of new and dedicated rally drivers who made the competition worthy of breaking his sweat.

The Rise of Rodrigo Terpin

As the rise of Rodrigo Terpin in the Brazilian Rally Motorship Championship is traced back to 2 decades ago when he made his debut as a junior rally driver. As an amateur driver during the 8th edition of the Sertoes Rally in 2002, he surprised many veteran drivers with a top 20 finish at the end of the race. Through his dedication to compete in the Prototype T1 category, Rodrigo has managed to work his way up the rally championship ladder where fortunes have come knocking. Since he teamed up with the FabricioBianchini, who together they formed the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, they have formed one formidable team. Bulls have acquired the T-Rex version of their vintage rally car and went ahead to get sponsorship by the Xarla and utmost support by MEM, the manufacturers of T-Rex. You can visit Odiario to know more.

Rodrigo Terpin’s Accomplishments in Rally Championship

Since 2002, Bulls have remained a household name the rally championship scene in Brazil who despite the hardships witnessed in the rally scene. Aboard their 326, they have managed to win several Sertoes Rally events coupled with the confident and satisfactory finishes in the Brazilian Cross Country Championship where they have never been relegated for all the decades Rodrigo has participated he has turned in as the rally driver.

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