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How Roberto Santiago Has Successfully Led Two Brazilian Malls

As a Brazilian entrepreneur, Roberto Santiago has had a number of successes in his professional life. He holds a business administration degree earned at the University Center of Joao Pessoa in his hometown. The first professional job he held was at Café Santa Rosa which was a company that created home accessories. He then established his own company, Cartonnage Company. His company designed cardboard boxes and supplied them to other companies that used them as product packaging. He was very successful at this and expanded the company to also produce decorative consumer products.

In the mid-1980s, Roberto Santiago decided to build a mall in Joao Pessoa. To this end, he bought a large section of land in the city in 1987 and over the course of the next two years he had Manaira Shopping Mall built. The mall now has 280 stores that cater to every type of person and budget. In addition to shopping, there are a great many other numbers of things to do at Manaira Shopping Mall. Roberto Santiago has added a host of food options in the food court at his mall over the years and family entertainment options such as an arcade, bowling alley, and movie theater. It also includes a gym for working out as well as banks. There is also a college at Manaira Shopping Mall which means you can often see university staff and students at the mall.

A few year’s ago Roberto Santiago added Domus Hall to his mall which can be used for a variety of events as it was built to be customizable. It has held concerts of some of Brazil’s biggest musical acts as well as theatrical plays. It has also hosted conventions as well as art exhibits. It can fit 8,000 people in its main air-conditioned area.

Building on the success of Manaira Shopping Mall, Roberto Santiago developed another mall in Joao Pessoa. This mall, Mangeira, opened its doors in 2013. It also includes a wealth of different stores and entertainment options meant to make it a part of many people’s daily lives.

It was in 2015 that Brazil had a financial crisis start to occur. One of the bright spots in the economy is shopping malls with showed growth of about 6.5%. One of the reasons they credit Roberto Santiago’s malls with growth even during that trying time was his willingness to continuously develop his malls in order to meet the needs of his customers. He is a very versatile businessman and as such he will add on to or remodel the malls in order to keep pace with competition and what customers desire out of a mall.