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Creating A New Soap opera Drives “Queens Of Drama”

Seeing behind the scenes into just how a new daytime drama is created may not seem like a gripping idea, but adding some of the most famous women ever to appear in soap operas makes “Queens Of Drama” must see TV. The idea behind the show may seem simple, but it provides some of the most gripping television in the scripted reality genre. The all woman production company sets themselves the target in the first season of developing and filming a pilot that will lead them to a deal for a new drama with a major U.S. network.

One of the most famous faces in the show is that of Crystal Hunt, who is well known for her roles in some of the top soap operas and movies of the 21st century. Hunt was born in Clearwater, Florida and has largely remained located in the area ever since; the career of Crystal Hunt has seen her appear as one of the most famous soap opera characters in U.S TV history, Stacy Morasco of “One Life To Live”.

Over the course of her career Crystal Hunt has never sought to stand still in her life or work, which has seen her appear in some iconic roles in and out of the soap opera genre. Stretching herself into different areas saw the popular actress appear in a number of movies early in her career, and recently look to develop her career as the executive producer for the movie “Talbot County”.  Crystal’s acting reel really needs to be seen to be believed.

Her Instagram shows that Crystal is joined by many of the most famous faces ever to appear in U.S. soap operas, including former “Knot’s Landing” star Donna Mills. Both Donna Mills and Crystal Hunt bring to the “Queens Of Drama” a version of themselves that stretches the view of themselves to include a little of the characters they become famous portraying in their respective soap operas.

The current situation in daytime TV in the U.S. has seen many of the traditional soap operas canceled in recent times, which makes the need for a new show more important than ever before. The arrival of the “Queens Of Drama” production company headed by Donna Mills reflects the importance of soap operas to the public and the acting community. Even though most of those appearing on the “Queens Of Drama” show have developed strong careers since leaving a show the need to create new drama shows how much they love and appreciate the genre that made their name.