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A true founder: Randal Nardone

True beginnings

Randal Nardone co-founded Fortress Investment Group (one of the world’s largest alternative asset managers) in 1998. His story is an inspiring one, he is someone who came from the bottom and rose to the top. Of course, with the help of some equally talented and intelligent colleagues. This company’s growth was exponential. Ronald Nardone is connected to multiple different board members and eight different organizations across 20 distinct Industries. Fortress Investment Group was sold for 3.3 billion USD, but despite this, Nardone reprised his role as one of the three principles at Fortress Investment Group. He is also the current CEO and has been in this position since 2013, he has other leadership positions; including multiple organizations. Randal Nardone is a pioneer, taking part in one of the best startup success stories in my research experience. The level of commitment that Nardone displays for his company is immeasurable.

Randal Nardone is a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group


Randal Nardone currently holds the 557th spot on the billionaire list. Nardone holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Connecticut, as well as having his J.D. at Boston University. He is a bright mind of our time; showing us no signs of quit within him. Before he decided to start this business he realized that the industry was going to bring him a lot of competition. No matter the odds, he decided to continue with his dream. He also had relative experience with finance as well as working with clients in the past, helping him even further. With all of this, he had an abundance of confidence in the end result he wanted to achieve. He helped create Fortress Investment Group to be a well-respected name in his field. Making FIG the first Asset Investing Group with multiple options to choose from instead of being without choices. Since then, the company he helped build from the ground up has developed a very respected reputation among its peers as well as its clients. Randal Nardone contribution to this cause cannot be ignored nor non-established.


Randal Nardone has proven himself to be a very intelligent individual with a lot of skill. He shows no fear in the world of finances and business, making him a worthy adversary in the war of money. Although already having had experience before starting this group, years have shown his incredible achievement of additional experience on top of what he already had. He is a visionary.

A Dentistry Firm With a Positive Impact Globally

MB2 Dental Solutions

MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization owned by dentists for dental management and practice development enabling them to center their services around what is best for patients and providers due to challenges and needs of dentists.

This organization acts as a partner to the associated dentists and practice owners anywhere. It provides services to dentists to help them do their practices efficiently, and with confidence so that they do not give up on standards of care as well as control of patients when practicing.

Opportunities in MB2 Dental Firm

MB2 Dental Solution as an organization, the team of experts supports the practicing dentist in every area when running their practice leaving them with full clinical autonomy, giving them the energy and time required when focusing on patient care.

Due to high demanding roles in the office for dentists to play that keeps them from not practicing dentistry, the team of experts helps the dentists to learn in areas that they were not formally educated. Examples of these areas are;

• Human Resource issues
• How to deal with legal issues
• How to maintain credential and compliance
• How to handle payroll
• How to market the practice
• Cost-effectiveness on marketing

This organization furthers its services to practicing dentists by providing them with complimentary dental practice assessment platform.

In this organization of MB2 Dental Solution, the team of experts is concerned in giving the dentists a right of stepping stones in their career growth, to achieve their own generated ideas of success in the whole industry. Practicing dentists are also helped to realize that there are no limits whatsoever on their potential earning.


MB2 Dental offices share values connected to the maintenance of integrity in dental profession by creating a support space for dentists to grow their career. These include;

• Clinical independence
• Supportive community of colleagues and mentors
• Compensation transparency
• Growth in ownership opportunities

Mission of MB2 Dental Firm

Its mission is to provide the associated members with a competency team to offer guidance, scholarship and create awareness for successful practice for the associated dentists and strategically make business and patient care decisions.

Vision of MB2 Dental Organization

A community where the best is acquired and done by dentists, providing dental care to their clients and helping them with their aspects of practice to look at the needs of their clients.

The Many Facets of Cassio Audi

Brazilian Investment Management is a company that specializes in numerous securities(bonds, shares, and other securities) as well as other assets, like real estate. Their main purpose is to meet the goals and advantages of their investors. An Investment Manager is a person / company that makes funds in portfolios of various securities on behalf of their clients. Cassio Audi is a famous and renown Brazilian Investment Manager who works extensively on the client’s behalf. His dedication and hard work for the good of others has made him a prominent figure in the Brazilian Investment market.

Aside from being a prominent Brazilian Investment Manager, Cassio Audi has many other talents as well. For example, .Cassio also had a career as a musician. He was the drummer of the Brazilian heavy metal band, Viper. Viper was formed in 1985 and was influenced by an English heavy metal band, Iron Maiden, which was formed by their bassist and songwriter, Steve Harris, in 1975. Additionally, the new wave of British heavy metal also has been an influence on Viper which has helped to develop a particular and unique sound. While Cassio was with the group, they produced their first demo: The Killera Sword (1985) as well as their first album: Soldiers of Sunrise (1987). This album was re-released by Massacre Records in 1992 and re-released again in 1997 by Paradoxx Music in a 2 in 1 Edition with the Theater of Fate album. According to an interview, Andre Mateos, a member of Viper, stated that the entire album was completed in a week.
Cassio Audi was the drummer of Viper from 1985-1987.

A documentary DVD about the band Viper “20 Years Living For The Night” was released in 2005.