Challenges That GoBuySide Can Help You Overcome

There are many challenges that are involved in the hiring and recruiting of qualified candidates in the finance and investment industries. GoBuySide has helped many New York companies overcome these challenges and land for themselves highly qualified individuals who have taken their company to the next level. Here are a few challenges that are common in the investment management industry when it comes to hiring new candidates. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

The first challenge is that there is just so much competition when it comes to hiring new candidates. So many people are vying for these new candidates. There are job positions in so many industries that these candidates can go for. In today’s world of highly developed technological advances, there is often a cross over between different industries, which leads to people having a variety of choices.

In addition, there is a problem when it comes to networking. Although some people think that social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter would make for great networking platforms, the reality is that they do not. Oftentimes, they are just a waste of time. Networking on Facebook is hard. Arjun Kapur, who is the founder of GoBuySide, says that he avoids Facebook and similar social media platforms. He believes that a recruitment agency should not have to rely on such platforms in order to draw in quality talent. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

Oftentimes, another challenge is building a team that is diverse. There is a need for more diversity in the workplace. Especially when it comes to the investment management industry, there is room for improvement in this regard.

The solution to all of these challenges is to find a recruitment agency that does specialized research for the investment management industry. This company should also do in depth research in order to find the best candidates that are out there. GoBuySide is one example of such a company. Arjun Kapur, the founder, has years of experience with matching highly qualified individuals to good job positions. Many companies have benefited from his ability to find people who make a perfect fit for their open positions.


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