Fabletics is Taking the Online Shopping Experience to New Heights

While Amazon has enjoyed being the top dog for many years in the online retail world, Fabletics is starting to command a space once owned by the retail giant. The reason Fabletics has climbed so far so fast in the women’s workout apparel niche is simple, they are taking the road less traveled. To better understand why women are raving about their online shopping experiences, let’s take a closer look at what makes Fabletics so different.


Before we even discuss why this company is exploding in popularity this year, we need to start with co-founder of Fabletics, Kate Hudson. When her name became associated with the clothing at Fabletics, women took notice. To get people excited, the company offered first time buyers their choice of anything at the site for $25 and it shipped free.


Soon after those women received their merchandise, they rushed back to the website to take advantage of a VIP member ship offer. To achieve this status, you need only fill out a Lifestyle Quiz, and then you are considered a VIP of Fabletics. Now unlike Amazon, who only reward their members with 2-day shipping at the cost of $70 annually, all VIP members of Fabletics get free shipping on all orders.


To sweeten the deal, all VIP members at Fabletics are locked into a price-point of $49.95 on future orders. It doesn’t matter if the yoga pants sell for $101 or the workout sets for $150, they pay only $49.95 per item. Each VIP member will also be assigned a Fabletics shopper who matches your quiz results to new apparel in the store, and loads one piece in your cart each month. If you like the selection, have it shipped. If not, nothing ships or you can shop on your own.


Fabletics has mastered the art of reverse showrooming. What that means is that they welcome women to shop the retail shops, and if you see something you like but don’t make the buy at that location, it gets added to your online cart for future consideration. Fabletics isn’t hung up on your buying at either location, they just want to improve the overall shopping experience. Now you can try stuff on at the retail setting, then go home that night and browse colors and styles exclusively online based on the selection you made in the store.


Don’t just take our word how great this company is, here are some third-party impartial reviews left by women across the web.


Kimberly at Krazy Lady coupon, “I was getting tired of having to renew my Prime membership at Amazon each year. At Fabletics I am treated like a real VIP with free shipping for life. That’s how you treat a lady!”


Donna at Trust Pilot, “The selection and quality are incredible. I only will shop at Fabletics any time I need workout apparel.”


Wendy at A Foodie Stays Fit, “I must have saved a few hundred in shipping over the last few months. I love the ease and functionality of the website.”

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