Jason Hope: The Tech Mogul Of Arizona

Thinking Ahead Of His Time
Jason Hope is one of the most prominent entrepreneurs working in the tech industry. Based in Arizona, he has created a vast fortune by building startups and investing in the latest trends in the market. Whenever he sees an idea worth pursuing, Hope goes out of his way to reach it. Now he is setting his eyes on the Internet of Things and the ways he believes it will change our lives in the future

How The Internet Of Things Changes Everything
Essentially, the Internet of Things is the exchange and collection of data by common appliances. An example of this is a television that collects data on your viewing habits or a lighting system that tracks your movement throughout your house. The potential of IoT lies in its ability to automate tedious but important household tasks. Imagine living in a “smart” home that handles just about everything for you. You give it any specific voice command and it immediately executes that task. You will no longer need to take out your trash or vacuum your carpets.

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The Future Of Software
The rise of IoT is expected to change the way software developers create their products. Currently, the software industry is highly competitive as developers seek to create the latest and greatest app. Jason Hope believes this sort of thinking will go away because IoT will force developers to find ways to allow apps to work together in order to share and generate critical data. For example, a mobile device might help a self driving car find the directions it needs to reach its destination. According to Jason Hope, this less competitive environment will foster innovation on a level we have never seen.

The Fountain Of Youth
Outside of IoT Jason Hope sees a lot of hope in the fight against aging. Jason Hope is a major supporter of the Strategies for Engineering Negligible Senescence Institute in its fight to cure aging. Although aging is currently thought of as a disease, Jason Hope believes we can cure aging just like we can cure any other disease.

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