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Depression can be perhaps one of the most destructive emotions that a person can face. Depression affects many people form kids, teens, adults and our elders. This emotion can stem from work, a childhood trauma or a past incident that affected the way we see the world.

However, depression is an emotion that is created by the brain and what we have learned in the last few years as it pertains to neurology and the brains structure is that the brain can change. Visit to know more about Neurocore.


Here at Neurocore we have created and designed many tests that all help a person to change their minds and shift their things in a positive direction. The brain is an ever-evolving manufacturing machine that can produce what we tell it to produce.

Depression and the negative thoughts that many people tell themselves on a daily basis is a result of the negative feelings they keep telling themselves.


The Neurofeedback test that we give to our patients are rewards that reward our patient for thinking good thoughts and having better control of their thoughts. This test is designed to help those who want to change their negative thoughts and how they feel about themselves in a more positive direction.

This test is designed to build repetition. Continually thinking negative and learning how to shift those thoughts will become a part of the way you believe now. This method that we use is based on something that neurologist call neuroplasticity.

Meaning that the mind is very malleable and hence can change, and function in a way that is much more efficacious to us in the long term. Read more at about Neurocore.


To learn more about our other services, as we not only focus on depression but there emotive states that are damaging, visit our website to learn more about our services.

A mind is a tool that we can use to build a better life it is not us who are the tools. Change the way you think and the way you see life and experience life will also change and change for the better.


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