OSI Food Solution Has Been Running Off An Impressive List Of Accomplishments The Past Two Years:

OSI Food Solutions currently sits in the position of being one of the world’s most successful and internationally successful food processing and distribution firms. The company has been steadily building over the course of more than one-hundred years and has become increasingly prosperous in its fortunes since the 1970s when the company began major growth globally. Though OSI has been steadily growing its business role model since that time, the last couple of years have been noteworthy in their own right in terms of successes that OSI Food Solutions has achieved. The company has seen some truly significant growth since 2016 and has also achieved some impressive awards along the way during that span of time. All of these reasons clearly demonstrate why OSI is one of the one-hundred top food firms in the USA.

In terms of impressive awards that have been won, OSI Food Solutions has won the 2016 Globe of Honour which is a particularly noteworthy accomplishment for the food processing giant. This award signifies a firm’s commitment to environmental sustainability and is presented by an organization known as the British Safety Council.OSI Food Solutions pulled off an impressive accomplishment in its Spanish operation. The company was able to improve the working infrastructure in the Toledo plant and this upgrade has seen the company doubled its chicken production in that location.This is a significant business accomplishment due to the fact that the region’s demand for chicken was dramatically increasing on a yearly basis and this move assures the fact that OSI will be able to meet this demand.

Acquisitions have also come to be symbolic of the success of OSI Food Solutions has accomplished these last two years. The company acquired the old Tyson plant in the area of Chicago, Illinois during the 2016 calendar year which was a great thing for processing strengths in that region. The dual acquisitions of Baho Food and Flagship Europe in the European market was another impressive set of accomplishments that OSI has made a reality during the 2016 campaign. The former is based out of the Netherlands and the latter out of the U.K. Both are the business ideal fits for the kind of business that OSI does.


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