Sentient AI – Multi-variate Testing

The applications of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing and website experience are widely discussed in the recent years due to the revolution the technology could create in the sectors. Though not all works in digital marketing can be improved or automated using AI technology, a significant proportion and efficiency of the total work can be enhanced by it. Similarly, website experience is another area that got a great boost with the introduction of the technology. Interestingly, multi-variate testing is an area in both digital marketing and website experience sees tremendous changes with the implementation of AI technology.

Multi-variate testing is a type of multiple A/B tests conducted on a particular web page or campaign at the same time to arrive better content variations. It uses multiple variables to find the most suitable combination. It is widely used to improve the performance of websites as the tests would help the site owners to identify what options or changes can help the site to perform optimum. It can even be tested to find out the options for maximizing the conversion rates. The option is also helping the site masters to come up with the most responsive website design with proper layouts, texts, landing pages, background colors, and more.

It is increasingly used in digital marketing areas such as pay per click campaigns and search engine optimization. Multi-variate testing helps the digital campaigners to set effective campaigns based on the proved results for better conversion rates. The campaigners are also helped by the system to ensure that each of its customers is getting the right offers and content to convert them to sale easily. While coming to AI into the testing, it helps the marketers even to test the user-generated data or content and find out which content drives the best customer engagement.

Some E-commerce platforms have even started including user-generated contents to product pages based on the test results. The AI systems have significantly reduced the period of multi-variate testing. Instead of months, campaigners can complete the tests in few days and make the changes in their digital campaigning or apply the website improvements more efficiently and quickly. It can also help the marketers to improve the site copy and ensure a personalization for maximum input. It is also estimated that the technology would significantly reduce the workload of all the marketers and streamline the process for more targeted results.

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