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We have all experienced the shock of an unexpected high energy bill in the mail. This can be frustrating to most especially when certain efforts have been implemented to ensure proper energy conservation has been executed throughout the month. Many appliances that are still plugged into electrical outlets still consume a small amount of energy even when not in use. As mediocre as this sounds, these small unnecessary additional expenses will add up quickly. A small coffee pot can cost you a dollar per year just by being plugged into the wall. Your DVR, TV, and printer all use energy when plugged into an electrical outlet.


You could be saving hundreds of dollars annually by limiting power usage. Gather all of your electronics and plug them into a power strip ( When you’re not using that certain appliance simply turn off the power strip. Keep a close eye on your energy spending using monitoring tools. Your Weekly Energy Report can have data sent directly to your inbox. Texas residents have an option of a great tool called Smart Meter Texas, putting you back in control of your energy bill again.


Stream Energy, Founded in 2005′, has been offering its services for retail electricity and natural gas for over a decade now. Located in Dallas, Texas, Stream Energy has created thousands of new jobs with its multi-level marketing sales approach. Stream Energy gives the opportunity for individuals to create revenue by helping others. Everyone wants to save money and Stream Energy takes pride in doing just that.


With thousands of satisfied customers, Stream Energy continues to stay innovative. Stream Energy believes theirs more to business than trading money for goods or services (BizJournals). Stream Energy has first-class wireless plans and protective services covering a wide range of areas. Each year hundreds of man hours are put towards researching better ways to serve their loyal customers. Stream Energy is a company that truly has your back.

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